Sunday, March 22, 2020

FTA NEWS: We opened up a merch store

From the Annex has finally gone out and opened up an online clothing store. [Here]

Here are a few samples of what I've got cooking. More in the hopper so stay tuned.

The Librarian Logo (Men's & Women's cuts)

Coronavirus Sucks (Unisex)

Junglist Massive (Men's & Women's cuts)

Junglist Beanie

DC Junglist Massive Beanie

As always fam thanks for checking in. I hope your all safe and sound. Till next time keep smiling

The Librarian

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

FTA MUSIC: From The Annex #63 with the Librarian [3.5 hours of Ragga Jungle]

Last night was special. Three and a half hours of ragga jungle. Not only that but I did my best to wear 3 different DJ hats. The opener, the middle man and the closer.

Tracks 01-19: The Opener is slower (83bpm), dubby, older classics and experimental.
Tracks 20-38: The Middle Man bringing up the tempo and starting to play a wider variety of tunes
Tracks 39-55: The Closer upbeat temp & drive, heavier bassline, pulling out the heavyweights

I got inspired by an old friend of mine DJ B-Funk how tweeted recently.

 "Creating an opener set is one of the most rewarding and crucial skills a dj can do. Did you know many “bangers” from 3-5 years ago are now acceptable for an opening set? It’s true! They don’t always carry the same energy they used to." - @djbfunk

I totally feel this is one of these "more you know moments".  ba ha. But I could not agree more. Those older classics might just be the perfect thing for your crowd. Or maybe it's full of old heads that want to hear something out there and new that's, not main time. Skylarking by London Elektricity comes to mind.

Each one of these timeslots has different responsibilities, that change depending on your crowd. On that note much love and respect to the Jungle / Drum & Bass community on Twitch. It's always a treat to have you all in the chat, for your comments, questions, and fanfare. Thank you.

As for the rest of you, if you don't know about the DnB community on the Twitch platform check out the  DnB Discord for a crash course. From The Annex also is spinning up a Discord server [HERE].

Big ups to the producers, DJs, and labels that make the music that I love. Without your creative output the world would be a less exciting place. Respect

001 - Music Is the Girl I Love (Original Mix) - Gentleman's Dub Club
002 - Babylon - Splash
003 - Toonz Raga - Joakuim                                                               
004 - Strictly DNB (Original Mix) - Digital                                                               
005 - 90's Dub - Aries and Gold Dubs                                                                                                
006 - Give Me A Dubplate - Rude & Deadly                                                         
007 - Junglist Soldiers - La La & the Boo Ya
008 - Roll The Dice (feat. Stamina MC & Lily Allen) (Original Mix) - Shy FX, Lily Allen, Stamina MC
009 - Definition Of A Roller MASTER - Jaybee
010 - Anything & Everything (Original Mix) - Brian Brainstorm
011 - Dancehall Time - Spexion
012 - Witchdoctor Featuring Ornette Hawkins - Rude Operator
013 - Screwface - Brain Killers
014 - Arrowhead - Rude Operator
015 - Dead Dred - Dred Bass
016 - Conversations (Feat. MC Fats & Cleaveland Watkiss) - Break
017 - Understanding (Madcap Remix) - Creative Wax Recordings
018 - Ruling Dub Featuring Junior Dread & Skelli Skell - Bukkha
019 - Super Ape In A Good Shape (2008 jungle remix) - HoT ft. Lee Perry
020 - Fire We A Blaze - Brian Brainstorm
021 - Hearing Is Believing (Serum Remix) - MA2
022 - Stranger In Town - Riddim Punks ft Exco Levi
023 - Ganja Killer - DJ Heretic
024 - Alibaba (Original Mix) - Deekline
025 - I Shot The Sheriff (Roni Size Remix) - Bob Marley & The Wailers
026 - Foundation Special (Original Mix) - Liondub
027 - Ghost Town (Featuring DJ Concept) - Ed Solo & Deekline
028 - Badboy (Kartoon remix) - DJ Hybrid
029 - Who's Gonna Make The Dance Ram (Serial Killaz Remix) - Andrew Paul
030 - Original Foundation (Marcus Visionary Remix) - ARIES
031 - The Coming Storm (Ed Solo Remix) - Freestylers, Stereo:Type, Takura
032 - Tribal Natty (Aphrodite Remix) - Tribe of Issachar
033 - Feel Like Jumpin (Ed Solo Jungle Remix) - Krafty Kuts
034 - Strictly Roots (Original Mix) - Wickaman, Mavrik
036 - The HitMan (Bladerunner Remix) - Bladerunner, Marvellous Cain
037 - Smoke The Weed - Ed Solo & Stickybuds
038 - Come Around (D&B mix) - DJ DEFKLINE/RED POLO
039 - Born In '94 feat. MC Conrad (Original Mix) - MC Conrad, Unglued
040 - Highest Respect feat. Spyda (Original Mix) - Sub Zero, Spyda, DJ Limited
041 - Remember The Roller (Bladerunner Remix) - Bladerunner, DR S Gachet
042 - Fall In Love - Dope Ammo & Marvellous Cain Remix - ARIES
044 - Die Tonight (Original Mix) - Taxman
045 - Anglo Saxxon (VIP) - Jayline
046 - Dubplate Danger (original mix) - THE DREAM TEAM
047 - One Amen A Day (DJ Hybrid Remix) - DJ Hybrid, Bassflexx
048 - Don't Smoke (Deekline & Ed Solo vs System Mix) - Deekline
049 - Walk Like A Champion - Serial Killaz
050 - Incredible (Galvatron Remix) - M Beat feat. General Levy
051 - Salute feat. MC GQ (Original Mix) - Danny Byrd
052 - Push Up ft. MC Trigger - Capital J
053 - Maximum Style Vol 2 (DJ Vapour Remix) - Tom & Jerry
054 - Soundboy Love feat. Rony Blue, Mr Williamz (Toronto Is Broken Remix) - King Yoof
055 - Living in Jungles - Bedouin Soundclash


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As always Keep Smiling

The Librarian

Saturday, November 23, 2019

FTA EVENT: From The Annex: BC 9000 TAKEOVER

BC-9000 is a part of the next wave of DMV junglist that are hungry and ready for action.  He will be rolling into the studio hauling some heavyweight crates of D&B vinyl. This man has taste for days with his selection that can be hard and fast or roller vocal classics that will have the heads singing along. He will have a little something for everyone in the stream.

Make sure not to miss this special event.

Now I might step in and tag with BC-9000 we will have to see. If he is rolling and on fire, I'm not one to step in and break the spell. So we will see.

Monday night at 9pm-Midnight EST on Twitch

Till then keep smiling

Friday, November 22, 2019

FTA Music: FTA MUSIC: From The Annex #62 with the Librarian

Normally on a Monday night but sickness caused a delay.

However, it was recorded on a Tuesday.

Much love and respect to the Jungle / Drum & Bass community on Twitch. If you don't know about the DnB community on the Twitch platform check out the  DnB Discord for a crash course.

Now for the big question should we bring a separate live show to YouTube? Let us know in the comments?

001) Can You Fix It - Rob The Builder
002) Ain't No Love (Original Mix) - DJ Limited    
003) Salvador Diaspora feat. Carlos Scorpiao (Thunderball DnB Dub) - Rex Riddem                        
004) Elephant Boogie (Original Mix) - Euphorics, Funkware
005) Mission To The Sitars (Thunderball Remix) - Fort Knox Five
006) Here We Go (Original Mix) - Bassnectar          
007) Highest Respect feat. Spyda (Original Mix) - Sub Zero, Spyda, DJ Limited                
008) Original Jungle Sound (Marcus Visionary Remix) (Visionary Vocal Mix) - Daddy Freddy, Isaac Maya
009) Stand Up feat. Dynamite MC - Original Mix - Dynamite MC, Camo, Friction, Krooked
010) Uptown Tricks feat. Mustafa Akbar (Shimon's Trix Mix) - Fort Knox Five
011) Valley of the Shadows (Chase & Status Remix) - Origin Unknown
012) Special Dedication (Sigma Remix) - Top Cat, DJ Nut Nut
013) Israelites (Original Mix) - JFB, Dancefloor Outlaws
014) Jungle General (Original Vocal Mix) - Ranking Joe, Marcus Visionary
015) Raver (Original Mix) - Aries, Stivs 
016) Always There (Original Mix) - Ed Solo, Skool Of Thought
017) See The Vibe (Ed Solo Remix) - Gardna, Tiffani Juno
018) Jungle Skanking (Original Mix) - Johnny Osbourne, Marcus Visionary
019) Tempo (Tribute Mix by Tenor Fly) - Ed Solo, Deekline
020) Born In '94 feat. MC Conrad (Original Mix) - MC Conrad, Unglued
021) Funkopolis (Original Mix) - London Elektricity
022) It's A Big Up Thing (Utah Jazz Remix) - Roni Size, Die=
023) Serious Time feat. YT (Run Tingz Cru & Breakah Remix) - Mungo's Hi Fi          
024) Tribal Natty (Aphrodite Remix) - Tribe of Issachar        
025) Consequence (Original Mix) - DuoScience           
026) Dub With Me Remix (Jaybee Remix) - Jaybee, Deeper Connection, Scott Allen
027) Original Nuttah 25 (feat. IRAH) (Chase & Status Remix) - Shy FX, UK Apache, Irah                  
028) Ghost Town (Featuring DJ Concept) - Ed Solo & Deekline
029) Champion (Chopstick Dubplate Remix) - Rukus, Ward 21, Chopstick Dubplate
030) Super Sharp Shooter (Remix) - DJ Zinc
031) Dubplate Massive feat. Navigator (Original Mix) - Aries, Kelvin 373
032) Get Da Funk! (Original Mix) - Bl4ck Owlz
033) Kill Sound (Original Mix) - Benny Page
034) Pow Pow (Original Mix) - Conrad Subs          
035) It's Not Techno (Original Mix) - Gridlok
036) Wonderfull (Original Mix) - Aries, Stivs
037) Freaky Fly Gal (Original Mix) - Lion uk
038) Buss It Up (Turn Up The Bass VIP Mix) - Top Cat, Wizard, Daddy Freddy, Manoo, Lady Chann
039) Everybody On The Floor (Original Mix) - Featurecast
040) Let The Music Play (Benny Page Remix) - Benny Page, Blackout Ja, Timbali
041) Midnite Classic (Original Mix) - Break, Cleveland Watkiss, MC Fats

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As always Keep Smiling

The Librarian

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

FTA MUSIC: From The Annex #61 (LIVE RECORDING) at the REMINISCE party in Virginia Beach

The Librarian's live set recorded at REMINISCE in Virginia Beach on 10.18.2019.

001 - Jungle Brother - Jungle Brothers
002 - Shake Ur Body - Shy FX & T-Power
003 - Woman That Rolls - Aladdin
004 - Bring The Danger - DJ Zinc
005 - Junglist (DJ Zinc Remix) - Tribe of Issachar Featuring Peter Bouncer
006 - Hearing is Believing - M.A.2
007 - Ghost Town Featuring DJ Concept - Ed Solo & Deekline
008 - Man Down - Ed Solo & Deekline
009 - No, No, No (Serial Killaz Remix) - Ed Solor & Deekline
010 - Peace, Love & Unity (Hype Remix) - DJ Hype
011 - Tribal Natty (Aphrodite Remix) - Tribe of Issachar
012 - SoundClash (Ed Solo & Deekline) - Rack N Ruin
013 - King of the Bongo - Ed Solo & Deekline
014 - Some Signal - Serial Killaz
015 - Chase The Devil - Gunmen
016 - The Trick of Technology - The Prisoners of Technology
016 - Big, Bad and Heavy (Logistics Remix) - Delano
017 - Aztec Spree Featuring Isaac Maya - Kursive
018 - Someone to Love - Unknown VS Jefferson Airplane
019 - Reach out (Ed Solor & Brookie Remix) - DJ Zinc
020 - Like This - The Riddlers Revenge
021 - Kill Bill - Dope Ammo
022 - All That Jazz (Mosquito Remix) - DJ Fresh
023 - Who's Gonna Make the Dance Ram - Andrew Paul
024 - Sheets Featuring Noel McCoy -  Shy FX & T-Power

The Librarian playing the REMINISCE part in Virginia Beach Virginia

The Librarian playing the REMINISCE part in Virginia Beach Virginia

The Librarian playing the REMINISCE part in Virginia Beach Virginia. What time is it. Oh keep playing till they kick us out.

Ahhh they like me. ba ha

If you were there. Thank you. If you were not there is always next time. Big ups and respect to Elm Imprint for supporting me and the Junglist scene. Support your local scene, Support your local Junglist community, and Support your neighbors if they are in need.

 Music Unites, Politics Divides. Nuf said.

As always Keep Smiling 
The Librarian

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Sunday, October 20, 2019

DIY Reuse DJ Set Up: Record Bin

Just after leaving my dad at the airport he noted: 

"Hey don't buy anything or make any big decisions till 48 hours after you have landed back in the states. Jet lag can do a real number on you."

With this in mind let me tell you how I converted an old DJ coffin into a new record bin. HA!

Here is the coffin in my studio. It was mainly there so I could put synths and noisemakers in my production. However, I'm building a better place for all that to happen in. Thus I have this coffin that is a real pain when I have my record cases on it. So in my jet-lagged brain, I said "I GOT THIS!" and measured out how much room space I had.

3 rows! that's great. I originally thought I would cut and pull out all carpet but that was a pain so I just grabbed the circular saw and went at it.

THANK JAH! I did not clog up my saw with all that carpeting. It actually was pretty smooth sailing to be transparent. All those years of freestyling with a saw on skate ramps paid off.

With my cuts made it became clear the middle strips were not load-bearing. So supports were fashioned as you can see below.

Here is where I have to apologize for the Julia Childs's move, I'm about to pull. TADA! Here is the finished product. What you missed was a week of sourcing old yoga mats, spray paint and a few support nails.

Since the build was completed I have to say I'm pleased as punch with the results. I've been looking at DIY plans for record bins for years. Time and money always kept me from pulling the trigger. This, on the other hand, was a free, and quick build.

So if you have an old DJ coffin floating around in your basement taking up space and you are in need of a record bin. I hope this gives you some ideas.

As always I'm the Librarian and keep smiling kids. I will catch you on the flip.