Saturday, February 6, 2021

FTA NEWS: 5 Twitch DJs to Follow

I've been recently highlighting anew set of 5 DJs I follow on my Twitch page every week. However, I figure spotlighting them here might be a better venue.

Here are the next 5 DJs I follow on Twitch (and you should too):


[Team D&B]

Hobbyist DJ and computer programmer, mixing you vibes around the Drum and Bass genres. I DJ mostly every Sunday/Wednesday, @7:30 PM Central.


[Team D&B]

Austria | Drum&Bass


[Team D&B]

My name is Viniels and I'm a dutch Drum and Bass DJ. I got a big collection of DnB tunes, (over 1000 records) from the smoothest liquid to the hardest neuro (and even some crossbreed). So if you are in the mood for some nice beats you are in the right place! Have got some cdj's as well but am mostly spinning vinyl.


Hey guys, I'm Etown Junglists aka DJ Celcius. I've helped pioneer the Jungle / Drum and Bass scene in Western Canada since its infancy. I got my DJ chops on a weekly radio show alongside DJ Producer Tryptomene on CJSR FM88 starting back in 1993. My first big DJ experience outside of the radio station was headlining a rave in another city. I play mostly raves, large parties, clubs and radio and have held down residencies in Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Regina and Edmonton. I've played some of the biggest festivals and events including Shambhala Music Festival, Frightnight, Motion Notion and Astral Harvest to name a few.


Gamer - DnB Enthusiast

FTA Music: Tunage Takeover Mix with The Librarian [02.05.2021]

Tunage Presents: The Librarian (USA) Takeover (Mix A)

The Librarian [DC, USA]

Founder of From the Annex, a DC DnB focused blog ( and weekly live stream ( 

The Librarian's journey started in the American midwest but it was on a yearly trip to Edinburgh Scotland in the summer of 97 when was exposed to Jungle music. That tape just laid the foundation on what would be a 24-year love affair with the sound. From designing label graphics to hauling speakers, Djing, and dabbling in production The Librarian has worn many hats in the scene. Where the future will take him who knows that's half the fun of life.

Shouts out to Underground Solu'shn and Europa Music for helping me to find my sound and the hours of digging. Big Ups to the Tunage family next time I make it over the pond, I can't wait to throw down on the dance floor with all of you.

Much respect.


  1. Welcome to the Stateside (feat. Anthony Kasper & MC Astro) (Maverick Soul Remix) - MC Astro, T.r.a.c., Anthony Kasper
  2. Purple Haze (Ed Solo Remix) Jimi Hendrix
  3. Soundsystem (Benny Page Remix) - Brother Culture, Reggae Roast
  4. Everyman (Drumsound & Bassline Smith Remix) - Kenny Ken, Drumsound & Bassline Smith
  5. MOP'D - Smash & Grab
  6. Israelites - JFB, Dancefloor Outlaws
  7. 007 (Shanty Town) (Ed Solo Remix) - The Aces, Desmond Dekker
  8. Gallist (Sigma Remix) - Top Cat, DJ Nut Nut
  9. Bloodclot War ft Future Fambo & Congo Natty - Jacky Murda
  10. Chase The Devil  - Gunmen
  11. Sitargazer (Mo' Horizons Freestyle Remix) - International Velvet
  12. Feel Like Jumpin (Ed Solo Jungle Remix) - Krafty Kuts
  13. D.T.A. (Stickybuds Remix) - Nappy Riddem
  14. Pressure - Beat Assassins, Ragga Twins
  15. LockDown - L Plus
  16. Junglist (Deekline & Aries Remix) - Ed Solo, Deekline, General Levy
  17. Liquidator (Ed Solo Remix) - Harry J All Stars
  18. This is New (The Librarian VIP) - Red Lion Sound

Support the artist we love here is the (most of) the playlist for you to buy on Beatport:

Till next Monday, keep smiling fam.

The Librarian

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DC Spotlight Session: Andy "2Tuff" Cerutti

Here is the first of a series of interview sessions we are hosting to talk about the past, present, and future of the DC DnB scene. 

I recently had a moment to sit down with one of the early founders of the DnB scene here in DC. Andy Cerutti or Andy 2Tuff as he is commonly known. Promoter, Manager, Teacher, and lover of the music. We delved into the history of the man who helped DC be such a massive juggernaut for the American DnB scene. Sit back, grab a beverage and get ready for a musical journey into the life of Andy 2Tuff.

Shouts out to all those in the Twitch chat, asking questions, bring up memories, and just sending love. Big ups. 

Here are some additional fliers we did not get to share in the interview but I figured you all would appericate.

Sound Clash: DJ Trace, Karl K, Slant, DJ Stress, MC Dub 2 

2Tuff 10-year party with Shy FX

SoundClash2: See-i, Slant, Jahwei, Bjoo, Peter H
Doc Scott, DJ Slant, Stress, Bjoo & MC Mecha

Give Thanks: DJ Slant VS Bjoo, Ray Casil VS Dan Soda, Harry Ransom VS IllEffect, Version Sound VS Blaze One & MC Mecha

10 years of 2Tuff: DJ Friction

Urban Space: DJSS, Eshin, Diggadee MC, Slant, Deinfamous, Joel Transit & Steve Eternal, Seven, Eastcoast boodiemen, Ink house, Charles Martin, Vanniety Kills, Zuzuka Poderosa, Empersarios, DJ Underdog, Maracuyeah

20 years of 2Tuff: Slant, T.R.A.C., Bjoo, Freefall
DJ Slant

Cadence: Bailey, T.R.A.C, Slant, Seany Ranks, Joel Transit VS Seven, Rex Riddem, QDup, Jey One

The Legends of Drum & Bass: Jumping Jack Frost VS Bailey, Slant, Ken Lazee

Cadence:  Goldie, Seany Ranks VS Vannity Kills, Keenan Orr, Oso Fresh, Slant

Goldie, Bailey, Slant

The Rudebwoy Shuffle

The Big Boom: See-i, Nappy Riddem, Fort Knox Five

Forward DC: Rob Paine, Jahkey Chalice & Papa FZ

Rockers International: See-i 

Rockers International: See-i, Dub Traffik Control, Eddie Turbo, Gematria

Rockers International: See-i

Jungle Fever: DH Hype, Trace, MC Daddy Earl, Homemade Weapons, Slant, Donvega

Jungle Business: The Insiders, Joanna O, Slant, High Tolerance, DJ Seven

The Rudebwoy Shuffle:  Bailey, Flight, Slant

The Rudebwoy Shuffle: Slant & Jahwei

The Rudebwoy Shuffle: 

The Rudebwoy Shuffle: 

A Sides, Diggadee MC, Slant, Brothers Brau, Rogue State, IllEffect, Julez

Urban Space

Friday, January 22, 2021

Indelible B-Side: 3

Hello 2021!

Happy 2021!  There seems to be a lot of pressure on 2021 and if we are in the business of personifying years, I would feel a little sorry this one.  I cannot even fathom a realistic way for the year to come close to achieving the mountain of expectations we have.  It would almost be easier if 2021 came out as the ne’er-do-well child of the devil and 2020, ala the Match commercials of 2020, or 2021 was the Drug Free America commercial from the 80s; the tagline was, “I learned it from watching you.”  

While this is all tongue and cheek, I do sincerely wish you a happy new year and may your new year bring positive aspirations and at least a crate of new records.  There rest will take care of itself.  

Hello (Prince of) Darkness!

Leading up to the turn of the year, I found myself digging through a few rabbit-holes.  The more interesting path continued from last month’s modern jazz/soul/fusion playlist.  In my attempt to continue digging and discovering more music, new and old, the November 2020, Record Store Day, self-titled release by Jazz Sabbath, popped into one of my feeds.  One listen and so begun the downward spiral.      

At first, I assumed, it’s a cover.  It was just interesting version of a song I had not heard in a very long time, Fairies Wear Boots.  But then I was listening the original, by Black Sabbath.  In this case, Black Sabbath is like a potato chip, you cannot have just one.  For an album that is more than 50-year-old, it is still amazing.    

After Fairies, then Iron Man, Paranoid, War Pigs, Rat Salad and then the realization/satisfaction that this is an interesting study into a band that has a really good half century old catalog of music, hell an interesting study into the second Black Sabbath album alone.  Of course, as you pull one string, you wind up with I then found jam-band covers, jazz, a variety of metal, electronic dance, and even kid-tune covers of those originals.  It is so interesting to see the perspectives; who are the artists taking liberties with the songs versus who presents straight-forward versions; who just places what the hear versus who is genuinely trying to honor and respect the songs in their original version or even in their newer interpreted version.     

Back on topic.  After coming up for air from the rabbit-hole that easily took over a week, I landed on a play list of covers.  Some are straight forward.  Some are interesting twists of what the Prince of Darkness, Tomy Iommi, Bill Ward, and of course, Geezer Butler presented back in the 70s and 80s and beyond.  It is different spin on what is expected but I think that’s what it is about, new perspectives.  From Charles Bradley’s interpretation of Changes (see below), offered as a remembrance of his mother and how life perspective changes, to the thousands of Black Sabbath covers you can find on Youtube, Black Sabbath has permeated beyond that 4 piece from the UK that started back in 1960-something.  

Some of my favorite Black Sabbath covers are from the Swedish rock/pop outfit, the Cardigans.  Nina Persson’s almost playfully jazz-pop version in Iron Man and Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, are always welcome.  But instead of the obvious, I added one of my favorite interpretations, Black Sabbath, repurposed for the song Heartbreaker.  


This month’s playlist is below & on my playlist, here.

001 - Snowblind - Brownout - Brownout Presents Brown Sabbath, Vol II - 2016
002 - Fairies Wear Boots - The Casualties of Jazz - Kind of Black - 2004
003 - Changes -Charles Bradley (feat. The Budos Band) - Changes - 2016
004 - N.I.B. - Brownout (feat. Alex Marrero) - Brownout Presents Brown Sabbath - 2014
005 - Heaven and Hell - Rockabye Baby - Lullaby Renditions of Black Sabbath - 2010
006 - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath - The Lounge Brigade - The Lounge Tribute to Ozzy Osbourne & Black Sabbath - 2002
007 - Never Say Die - Driving Mrs. Satan - Popscotch - 2013
008 - Sweet Leaf - Galactic - We Love'em Tonight (Live at Tipitina's) - 2001
009 - Iron Man - Four Tet - Everything Comes and Goes: A Tribute to Black Sabbath - 2005
010 - Paranoid - Weezer - Weezer (Teal Album - 2019
011 - Children of the Grave - Jazz Sabbath - Jazz Sabbath - 2020
012 - War Pigs - Brass Against (feat. Maya Azucena) - Brass Against II - 2019

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

FTA NEWS: D&B|Q&A with Curly Episode 7: The Librarian (@fromtheannex)

WOW what a night! Thank you to CurlyRoller for having me out for D&B | Q&A. It was a riot digging through all those old memories. Shouts out to the chatroom massive that kept me on my toes and reminded me of some embarrassing youthful moments. Thanks Sis. BA HA. 

Thank you again to Curly and the Twitch D&B community. You have made 2020 tolerable.

Here is the link for the full video (HERE)

Keep Smiling

- The Librarian

FTA MUSIC: From The Annex with The Librarian #137

The Librarian, playing a full bag of new Ragga Jungle vibes live on Twitch. 

Now for you on YouTube. [01.04.2021] 

Big ups to the chatroom massive, mad love to the DC DnB community, and Respect to Junglist World Wide. 

001 - Clap Ya Hands Now feat. KWADI (VIP Mix) - K+Lab, Stickybuds                                                 
002 - Double Barrel (Phibes Remix) - Dave & Ansel Collins                                              
003 - Free Your Mind (Feat. MC FATS) - Break                                                             
004 - Jungle Rebel (Ed Solo Remix) - K-Warren, Deemas J, Benny V                                       
005 - Blood & Fire (Selecta J-Man Remix) - Niney The Observer                                                
006 - Reggae From The Ghetto (Serial Killaz & Deekline Remix) - John Holt
007 - As We Enter (Break Remix) - Breakage                                                          
008 - Reality (Fleck Remix) - Rider Shafique, Jinx In Dub, Gigante                              
009 - I'm Still in Love (Kleu Remix) - Marcia Aiken                                                      
010 - Kill That Sound (Original Mix) - Brian Brainstorm, Deekline, Specimen A, Killa P, Sweetie Irie     
011 - What's Goin Down (Original Mix) - Dope Ammo, DJ Hybrid                                              
012 - Started This Fire (Original Mix) - Phibes                                                            
013 - Funky Sound - AK1200                                                            
014 - LockDown (Original Mix) - L Plus                                                            
015 - Phenomenon One (Benny Page Remix) - Lady Chann, Wizard, Rebel MC                                      
016 - Nothing But Styles (Original Mix) - Conrad Subs, Erbman                                               
017 - Time Is Hardcore (Breakage's Hardcore Bubblers Mix) - High Contrast, Anita Blay, Kae Tempest
018 - Liquidator (Ed Solo Remix) - Harry J All Stars                                                 
019 - Run Tings (Original Mix) - Drumsound & Bassline Smith                                        
020 - Uptown Top Ranking (Ben Snow Remix) - Althea & Donna                                                    
021 - Pigeon Funk (Original Mix) - Unglued                                                           
022 - Ganja Day VIP (Original Mix) - Fleck                                                             
023 - I Love Marijuana (Ricky Tuff Remix) - Linval Thompson                                                   
024 - Boss Riddim feat. Dark Angel (FLeCK Remix) - JStar, DJ's Choice                                                
025 - 007(Shanty Town) (Ed Solo Remix) - The Aces, Desmond Dekker                                          
026 - Trigger Finger (Original Mix) - Dope Ammo, DJ Hybrid                                              
027 - Rudeboy (Original Mix) - Java                                                              
028 - The Vibe (Original Mix) - Fleck                                                             
029 - Let Me Be Your Fantasy (Dope Ammo & DJ Hybrid Remix) - Dope Ammo, DJ Hybrid, Baby
030 - Distress Call (Original Mix) - GOLD Dubs                                                         
031 - Word of Jungle (Original Mix) - Benny Page, Blackout Ja, Night Shift                              
032 - The Jungle is Changing (Original Mix) - GOLD Dubs                                                         
033 - Israelites (Original Mix) - JFB, Dancefloor Outlaws                                           
034 - Stranger In Town - Riddim Punks ft Exco Levi                                         
035 - Funky Child (Original Mix) - Deekline                                                          
036 - Murder Soundboy (Original Mix) - Agro, DJ Hybrid                                                   
037 - Warning (Serum remix) - Firefox/4-Tree                                                    
038 - Lightweight (Break Remix) - Total Science                                                     
039 - Thunder & Lightning (Original Mix) - Future Prophecies, Tony Anthun, Richard Thomas
030 - I Need Your Lovin (Original Mix) - Cat Mctigue, Jukebox Jungle                                       
041 - We Hot (Toby Ross Remix) - Charlie Chaplin                                                   
042 - Cool Out Son (Brian Brainstorm Remix) - Junior Murvin                                                     
043 - Jungle Step (Dj Hybrid Remix) - Java, DJ Hybrid                                                   
044 - Heavy Load feat. Prince Alla (Ed Solo Remix) - Stickybuds                                                        
045 - Rise Up (Original Mix) - Fleck, Cheshire Cat, GOLD Dubs                                    
046 - Get Stronger (Nu Elementz remix) - Soulculture, Nu Elementz                                          
047 - Hand Inna Di Air (VIP) - Brian Brainstorm                                                  
048 - Lover (Original Mix) - Fleck                                                             
049 - Israelites (JFB Remix) - The Aces, Desmond Dekker                                          
050 - Sitting and Watching (Aries Remix) - Dennis Brown                                                      
051 - Warn Dem (Original Mix) - Benny Page, Doktor                                                
052 - Bam Bam (Benny Page & Deekline Remix) - Ed Solo, Deekline                                                 
053 - Rolling Heart Ache (Original Mix) - Choppah                                                           
054 - Love Jah (Nick The Lot Remix) - Althea & Donna                                                    
055 - We Never Slow Down (Original Mix) - Eva Lazarus, DC Breaks                                            
056 - Inner City Life (Roni Size 'Instant' Mix 2020 Remaster) - Goldie                                                            

Shouts to all the Labels and Producers that make the music I love. Here is the playlist on Beatport is you want to buy the tunes and support the scene.

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Thank you Junglist till next time Keep Smiling,

The Librarian


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FTA MUSIC: Deck The Halls of DnB with The Librarian & The "BIG" Lioness

The Librarian & The Lioness were stoked to be a part of Deck The Halls with DnB, playing the Ragga Jungle vibes live on Twitch. Now for you on YouTube. [12.18.2020] Big ups to the chatroom massive, mad love to the DC DnB community, and Respect to Junglist World Wide. 
I will be train spotting my own video here and seeing if I can cobble the playlist together. ha
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Thank you & Keep Smiling, 
The Librarian 
From The Annex: 
DC's longest-running weekly Jungle/Drum & Bass show check out: 
or catch the live stream on Twitch every Monday night from 9pm-Midnight