Monday, November 28, 2011

FTA Music: Edward the Librarian: Rusty Junglist: V014


The Rusty Junglist Show is Jungle in its purest form. DMV beltway massive turn your bass up to stun as we are going on a musical throw down.


Edward The Librarian


Podcast Link:



Track List:
01) Co Rok Stuff - The Joker
02) Ghost Town Feat. DJ Concept - Ed Solo & Deekline
03) LK (Remixed By M.I.S.T) - DJ Marky & XRS
04) Love & Happiness - Tommy Boy
05) Bomber Style - Aphrodite
06) MA2 (Kenny Ken & Mace Remix) - DJ SS
07) The Jungle - Sigma
08) The Boogiee - The Prisoners Of Technology
09) The Rhythm the Rhythm - D.E.D
10) All That Jazz Feat. MC Darrison (Mosquito Remix) - DJ Fresh
11) Code Red (Serial Killaz VIP Remix) - Conquering Lion
12) The Force is Electric - Ed Rush

Thank you for downloading the Rusty Junglist into your life I hope you enjoy this musical adventure.

I would like to pay some respects to the DMV Junglist that fuel the scene. Blaze One, TRA 35, Jungle Jesse, DJ Stress, Mr. Rodgers, Eternal, VA Pressure, and a big beautiful shout out to Turnstyle down in Richmond, VA. For EDM records, clothing, equipment repair and more. Turnstyle got what you need, made love for that store.


Saturday, November 26, 2011

Edward the Librarian: Drum & Bass - 10 Minute Mix: 001

This is not fully a 10 minute mix as the camera I was using to record it only allowed me to record for 7 minutes. But its my first attempt to make a 10 minute mix.

Why do a 10 minute mix? Well while trolling YouTube for cat videos I kept running it to these 10 minute mix videos. They have been around forever from what I can tell. Even DJ Tutor has a part of their site dedicated to 10 minute mix competitions [here]. So I was curious to see what all the fuss was about.

First off as someone that plays long format style a couple of hours at a time, 10 minutes is freakishly short. But 10 minutes is the goal so about 4 songs, the top of the evening / the climax of your set. Ok I think I've got this.

MA2 (Kenny Ken & Mace Remix) - DJ SS
Lights Lock Off - Mickey Finn & Dub vs D.Bo General (Limited Edition Promo)
The Jungle - Sigma
Bunn The Sensi (Heretic Remix) - Top Cat

Well for the first go around it was not bad. A little weird juggling a video camera, a audio recorder and then Serato. But its all part of the new territory I guess. ba ha.

Respect to:
Friends & Family, VA Pressure, DJ Ravine, ellaskins & DJ Tutor, Ohio Hardcore, Headroom, Universal Groove, 3D Productions, TurnStyleOnline, WRIR FM, NOVA Massive & Junglist world wide.

Thanks for watching & happy Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


LIONDUB INTERNATIONAL: LIONDUB OFFERS HI-QUALITY CUSTOM ANALOG DUB SIREN ...: Liondub International is now offering Custom printed Analog Dub Siren Boxes at an affordable rate all inclusive of shipping, handling and custom full color printing. Please email : for order inquiries.

Analog toys! Got to love them
-The Librarian

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Edward the Librarian joins up with VA Pressure

Been meaning to announce this for a second. As for a few weeks ago I joined the rank and file of VA Pressure. I've been watching VA Pressure over the last year and have been very impressed with not only what they put on but what they stand for.

VA Pressure is a collective of DJs who spin all styles of EDM who promote each other/ throw events/ and bring quality music to the scene in the VA area! We stay moving to keep you moving!

Thanks Patrick Currier for inviting me on to the team. I look forward to what the future will bring.

- The Librarian

OTHER EVENTS: (Follow Up ) Aphrodite presented by 3D Productions At Ultra Bar

Before I talk about the event and how much fun it was. I want to take a second and recognize the power and the responsibility of the warm up DJ. As its an art and a craft all to its own with its own set of rules and nomenclatures. This is a note for both DJs and promoters alike.

DJ JUNGLE JESSIE & BLAZE ONE my hats off to you both. You rocked a solid classic ragga set. The tempo was good, the vibe was right, it looked like you has some technical issues but you both played them off well. I look forward to seeing you both play out again. It also helps that both of you were wicked nice and personable. Blaze One I hope you enjoy the demo I passed to you.

Props given. On to the main event...

The God Father of Jungle

Photo Caption: Beatplantation @ Druckluft Oberhausen Germany August 2011
Photo Source: []

♛ DJ Aphrodite ♛
aka Gavin King's career in DJing and production has spanned 16 years and under various guises, 'Godfather of jungle', 'King of the Beats' and more is responsible for introducing, entertaining and moving millions of Drum and Bass fans across the globe...

It was a friend of mind that commented "well we will see how the night goes he [Aphrodite] can be hit of miss".

That reminder took me down a notch and reminded me to never meet my hero's. BA HA. So when he dropped his first track and it was not what I expected in sound, style or tempo I just rolled with the punches. His set was new, upbeat with sprinkling reminders of the classic tunes we have all grown up with wrapped up in a Drumstep beat pattern. Any disappointment I (or anyone else) had is purely our own fault for now seeking out his newer recorded sets, this morning I spent a few hours checking out his new work. Its good but admittedly when I rolled to Ultra Bar last night, I kept Aphrodite in a time capsule of the mid to late 1990's. A friend of mine Mr. Rodgers once commented that "Drum & Bass is all about the future thats why he couldn't play old school tunes all night."

All and all, mad props to 3D Productions, Ultra Bar, Jungle Jessie, Blaze One, Kying of Thievez, & Aphrodite. It was a night I will not soon forget.

Photo Caption: Ultrabar going off during Aphrodite's set. Can you spot the Librarian? Photo by Raf from 3D Productions
Photo Source: []

Special Shout out to "Mamma" the Mighty Dancer, & the New Zealanders who were wicked fun to talk to.

Blaze One Facebook
Jungle Jessie Facebook

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

RANDOMNESS: Technics Official Statement... End of an Era

Well its not like i did not see this coming but its still pain full.

I got my first set of Technics 1200's in the summer of 1997, since then turntable has been the hart of my DJ medium of choice. Even when I started exploring Serato & Traktor I always used the turntable as a controller.

Oh well anyone selling their decks I may hord a pair for back up? LOL. No serious.


Monday, November 14, 2011

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

FTA MUSIC: Edward the Librarian : Junglist Co-Op Demo

So for anyone thats bumped in to me recently I've been passing out a demo called "Junglist Co-Op". Now if your running a itunes / of have a player that does not read CD-Text here is the play list.

Play List:
Ganga Farmer - Aries
BM Funkster - Aphrodite
Promised Land - Rebel MC & Serial Killaz
Junglist - Rebel MC (Serial Killaz Remix)
It's a Pitty - Tanya Stephens (Unknown Remix)
Tribal Natty - Tribe of Issachar (Aphrodite Remix)
Mash You Down - Serial Killaz
Everyman has a Right (vocal Mix) - UK Apache & Mir Crew
Bunn The Sensi - Top Cat (Serial Killaz Remix)
Poison Dart - DJ Probe & Sylo
Da Hitman - Marvellous Caine (Serial Killaz Dance Floor Remix)
Sweet Harmony - Danny Byrd

Hope you all enjoy. Burn it, and feel free to pass it on.
- The Librarian

OTHER EVENTS: RAVE. Washington, DC 11.11.11

B.A.D.ASS presents... "RAVE."

$20 tix on sale until Nov 5 // $25 thereafter
18+ to RAVE
located in Washington DC
(email badassraves at yahoo dot com with "rave" as subject for details)
9:00pm - 4:00am



a second annual November birthday celebration and UV reactive event, featuring:

15 dj's
3 rooms of music
multiple chillout zones
pillow room
multiple UV blast cannons


(wear a white shirt that says "rave" written across the front to join in on the shenanigans!)


(free highlighters will be distributed at the door so you can draw on other people & they will glow under the blacklights)

This is the 2nd annual November birthday celebration hosted by B.A.D.ASS, celebrating for hundreds of our core members/friends/family.

Wanna get in on the fun? Everyone is encouraged to follow suit with what we all did last year:

1) Print the word "RAVE." in black Arial font on a white piece of paper
2) Take said piece of paper and hold it up for a picture
3) Post said picture as your default photo
4) Tag "Badasz Raves" in the aforementioned default photo
5) Win at life.
6) Rave.

9pm - Peter Psaltakis (house)
10pm - Steve Bugbee (techno)
11pm - The Octopus (electro)
12am - Malphunktion (house)
1am - DJ Who (house)
2am - DJ 2rip (it's a surprise)
3am - Tavo (trance)


9pm - Jungle Jessie
10pm - Render One
11pm - TriggaHappy
12am - Quannum Logic
1am - Muramasa & Hyx
3am - Kyng of Thieves

9pm - GLock (dubstep)
10pm - Unknown DJ (breaks)
11pm - Sinestro (techno)
12am - Grime Syndicate (dubstep)
1am - Dance Edit (breaks)
2am - Maximilian (dubstep)
3am - Knoxbox (dubstep)


9pm - 12am - Ramz, Dainbramage & Christauff (tech-house)
12am - 1:30am - Ron Delay (deep progressive house & downtempo)
1:30am - 3am - Cosmo (downtempo & chillout)


Source: []

Notes from the Librarian:

Monday, November 7, 2011

RANDOMNESS: Dub to Jungle 2011 Tour Documentary

Kane FM documented and captured the Dub to Jungle tour 2011; the film explores the living history of bass culture with interviews with Channel One Sound System, Congo Natty, Tenor Fly, Klose One, Nanci & Phoebe. We also speak with the stakeholder and Director of Punch Records Ammo Talwar and promoters about the concept behind the tour.

Roots reggae has been cited by many music critics of the 20th century as the mother of many modern music forms. Born from the garrisons of Jamaica this music has given a voice to disaffected peoples of all cultures and all backgrounds around the world. The messages of rebellion and truth seeking that roots provides struck a chord across the globe.

In the 1990′s artists like Ragga Twins, Rebel Mc & Lennie De Ice began to fuse roots reggae with acid house. Jungle techno, or as it was first called, 4beat, was born. Jungle is the child of reggae, conceived by the union of Jamaican sound system culture and British acid house music.

Director / Interviews -- Chris Jones / Producer -- Nick Hayman@ Burningwick / Elliot Seeds @ Motion Graphics / Sound Man -- Alpesh Patel / Camera -- Squeaky Clean, Sophie Akehurst, Ben Cornish.

Thanks to Ammo Talwar, Rachel Bevan, Jack Vagabondz, Gurpreet Bilkhu @ Punch, Anthony @ Kontakt, Gentlemens Dub club, Luke Murray, Jess @ Patchwork, James @ Take the Whole Cake, Channel One Sound System, Congo Natty, Tenor Fly, Nanci & Phoebe, Klose One (Ruairi), NOISE CONTROL AUDIO, Dubkasm & Vibtronics

Source: [YouTube / Junglist Manifesto]

Sunday, November 6, 2011

FOLLOW UP: HEADZ: Friday Nov.4th. @ 9:30 Backstage Bar


You can laugh all you like but thats what it felt like. Imagine being transported 10 plus years with a couple of friends, a bunch of strangers and some of the DC Jungle / DnB veterans. Mix in a small backbar with minimal lighting and Presto you have HEADZ.

Most of the night was dedicated to those old school tunes which only aided in the mental rewind of the times. Sure many of us were older showing some grey and have moved on from the party scene but as we all were rocking out and calling for the rewind, it acted as a reminder that we all have a shared foundation in a not to distant past.

Although you can never relive the past, Friday night acted as a reminder that we all have a role to play in the future of music. Matt Rodgers said it best "...we have to educate the people about where their music came from..." I could not agree more.

To all the DJ's that played DJK, Eternal, Psykofly, Quannum Logic, Harry Ransom, Locks, Stress & Matt Rogers (& MC Mecha). Thank you for reminding me of the amazing wealth of tunes that have come before. I found myself continually running over to the booth to remind myself who wrote a track or what the name of a particular tune was.

On that note Eternal posted up his set from that night! So if you did happen to miss it here is a blast from your past.

Eternal - HEADZ 9:30 Backbar
1. Dillinja - Muthafucka (Philly Blunt '95)
2. Dillinja - Chronic 13 (1997)
3. DJ Krust - Chronic 5 (1996)
4. Pascal - P-Funk Era (Frontline '95)
5. DJ Trace - By Any Means Necessary (DeeJay '95)
6. Doc Scott - Drums '95 (Metalheadz '95)
7. Krome & Time - The License Rmx (Tearin Vinyl '95)
8. Sappo - Dope Man (Flex '96)

MP3: [Download]

Harry Ransom - HEADZ 9:30 Backbar
1. Basher & Xtrah – “Reflections” (Subtitles)
2. Fierce & S.P.Y. – “Borderline” (Quarantine Recordings)
3. Dose – “Squander” (Human Imprint)
4. Need For Mirrors – “Lofar” (Metalheadz)
5. Emalkay – “The World feat. Lena Cullen (Teebee Remix)” (Dub Police)
6. Enei – “Movin’ Fast” (Critical Recordings)
7. Icicle & Commix – “Ultra Clean” (Shogun Audio)
8. Rido – “Focus” (Metalheadz)
9. Cyantific – “Touch Me” (Ram Records)
10. Break – “Something New” (Symmetry Recordings)
11. Need For Mirrors – “Skip Rope” (Symmetry Recordings)
12. Optiv & BTK – “Get Ready” (Dispatch Recordings)
13. Keaton & Hive – “Resolution” (Renegade Hardware)
14. J Majik & Wickaman – “Old Headz” (Metalheadz)

MP3: [Download]

If you all can't tell I still reeling a bit from the weekend. Props to Steve for inviting me out and playing the old school tunes. Wicked props to Rich & Matt for destroying the dance floor its always great seeing you both. A shout to Dan, I look forward to hearing your feed back on the demo I was handing out.

Finally, to everyone else that made it out. Thank you. You all made the evening an amazing success. We all may have gotten older but I'll be damned if anyone can say the old school can't party hard.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

RANDOMNESS: Capital Ghost Story by Ill Omen

Image Source:[]

Halloween ghost story for those who know: I am staying in DC for work this week. My company booked the hotel late in the game so I am little farther out from the convention center. I thought I recognized the area but it had been a while so I wasn't 100% sure since I came in from a different direction. I decided I wanted a McFlurry last night, since there was little else to satisfy my sweet tooth within walking distance. I exited the Hotel and walked past recently cleared lots and new business and apartment high rise buildings - and walked right past the ghost of Nation (aka Capitol Ballroom). Gave me a slight chill. I stopped for a bit and over the dull rush of nearby 395 traffic, I could hear people standing in 2 separate lines discussing the last time they had seen "DJ So-and-So". Exchanging urban rave legends and bragging about a new mixed tape. The sound of promoters handing out flyers and spreading the word about a nearby up and coming event. Bums asking for some "help" by offering to protect your car from possible vandalism. I caught glimpses of myself and groups of friends dressed to impress, intent on one-upping each other on the dance floor. I stood on that piece of sidewalk for almost 2 minutes before moving on. Best paranormal experience I have had in a looooooong time.
- Ill Omen

Story & Image Source:

Librarian Notes: I felt compelled to re-post this as Capitol Ballroom / Nations had such a huge impact on the DJs & Party goers in this region. Personally was hit pretty hard by this post and how true it resonated with my own memories and emotions. Respect to Ill Omen for this post.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

FTA EVENT (follow up): Edward The Librarian @ WRIR Third Edition 10.22.11

Everytime I roll out of Richmond listening to WRIR 97.3 FM on my way back to NOVA I wish the signal was just a bit stronger.

Big ups to WRIR 97.3 FM for having me out on a chilly Saturday night to warm up the air waves with some old school Jungle tunes!

Turnstyle (Joanna O. & Jesse) Thank you for always treating me like long lost family. I always look forward my monthly record buying sprees because of your hospitality.

Thanks to all those that phoned in asking about tracks or just sending shouts its good to know your all appreciating the tunes I'm digging out.

Edward The Librarian @ WRIR Third Edition 10.22.11 Podcast:

Stream from Source

Download MP3


OTHER EVENTS: HEADZ: Friday Nov.4th. @ 9:30 Backstage Bar

A special 9:30 Backbar DRUM & BASS Session:
Doors Open: 11pm-3am
Age Restrictions: 21+
Dress Code: None

DJ Line Up:
• Stress & Matt Rogers
• Harry Ransom & Locks
• Psykofly & Quannum Logic
• DJK & Eternal

Special guest MC Mecha


Additional Commentary: I've had a delightful few months now getting to know Eternal. Mad props to that cat and his amazing record selection. I can't wait to hit the dance floor and shake my ass to some old school tunes.