Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Red Lion Junglist exclusivly at Turnstyle

Red Lion Junglist shirt will be exclusively available at Turnstyle (Richmond, VA) through March 2013.
Turnstyle has graciously partnered up with From the Annex, to bring the Red Lion Junglist shirt to the masses.

Illustrated by Ocean Eiler for From the Annex.
In 2012, Ocean started this project to illustrate Jungle / Drum & Bass. After many attempts including eagles, bears and classic music hardware he settled on the lion. Strong, caring, fierce and wise these are all characteristics of the scene & the music we love. Also its a strong icon for both England & Jamaica where this music was born & got many of its influences from. The drawing itself had to be complex, simple, bold and calming. He also wanted to give a nod to some of his favorite skateboard illustrators from the early 1990's.

These shirts will be available Friday March 1st, during Richmond's Artwalk. Kicking off this exclusive, come check out live Vinyl DJ's playing Jungle / Drum & Bass and a photography exhibit at Turnstyle.

The Line Up:
Opening set of smooth jazzy jungle from Richmond's first lady of beats & Turnstyle's dnb specialist.
(Jazzy Jungle)

Our favorite Ragga junglist from DC returns with another fun, jump up, ragga style dnb set.
(Ragga Jungle)

Oldschool DC Drum & Bass DJ Rob One debuts on the Artwalk with his dope drum & bass skillz.
(Drum & Bass)


A DJ Photographer from the 757 will be displaying large format prints framed of dance music DJ's & events from her portfolio. On display til April 30th 2013.


All Ages


102 W Broad StRichmond, VA 23220
(804) 643-8876

Normal Store Hours:
Tue-Fri 12 pm - 7 pm
Sat 12 pm - 6 pm

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Junglist Clothing: From the Annex

So just because I love graphic t-shirts and jungle music, I thought I would combine this all in to a lovely little Tumblr blog called... you guessed it Junglist Clothing: From the Annex. While your there you can also follow From The Annex on Tumblr if you like. ba ha

The Librarian


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

RANDONESS: Dubplate Pressure

Dubplates: Dub Pistols - Mucky Weekend (Librarian Remix)
Had a moment today like reaching the finish line of a long term project. For those of you that are more accomplished, this will seem trite and even cute, but for me this was huge.

This afternoon I received the dubplates of a Dub Pistols track I remixed in 2012. This was a labor of love putting my own spin on the Dub Pistols - Mucky Weekend. At this point I need to give a huge shout to Rob One from Surface Noise Productions & Mike "SaintLike" Moxham for working the levels to make the most out of my remix. Also mad props to Turnstyle Records who cut my track in record time.

This is first of a string of projects I'm been crossing off my to do list for 2013. Big things are on the horizon and I'm getting stoked about the future.

The Librarian

Thursday, February 7, 2013

FTA MUSIC: Edward The Librarian & Friends: Social Lubrication V:023

Cross genre music show with a twist. Earlier that day Peaches, Freddy Wills & Edward the Librarian drove to Joe's Record Paradise in Silver Spring Maryland. Armed with $50 dollars each we hit the crates digging for that evenings show. This is random chaos at its best!

Peaches, Freddy Wills & Edward the Librarian
Download Link:

001) Break Beat Era - Bullet Proof
002) F.O.S. Project - Check It!
003) Blaze - Lovelee Dae
004) Jimmy Smith - (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
005) The Wailers - Simmer Down
006) Steel Pulse - Dead End Circuit
007) Parliament - Chocolate City
008) Sebastian Cabot a dynamic reading of Bob Dylan - Like a Rolling Stone
009) Benny Goodman -
010) Preservation Jazz Hall - Just a Closer Walk With Thee (pt. I & II)
011) Joe Cocker - Woman to Woman
012) Marvin Gaye - A Funky Space Reincarnation
013) Tom B. - Vermillion Vibe
014) Thursday Club - A Place Called Acid
015) Max Romeo - Public Enemy #1
016) Dilated Peoples - Worst comes to Worst
017) Derrick Carter - Where U At?
018) The Roots feat Jaguar - What You Want
019) Liam Clancy & Chorus - Finnegan's Wake

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

FTA MUSIC: Edward the Librarian: Rusty Junglist: V021

2013 has been of funky so I went digging in the annex to reflect that fun. Armed with the vision of looking forward & vintage at the same time. I present to you my soul put out on wax. I will however apologize I upgraded my computer and its affected my audio compression tools so I'm sorry for any additional sound artifacts that seem to be sprinkled though out this mix. In the mean time Virginia, DC, Maryland & the world turn your radios up cause its time to get down with this jungle sound.

Edward The Librarian

001) Greg Packer VS. Soul Drop – Hawaiian Groove
002) Heretic – Heads High
003) GFS - Spacefunk
004) Nu/Tone – e.Spresso
005) Rayner – De Funkt
006) Tekniq – Shark Food
007) Juju – The Streets
008) The Untouchables - Western
009) Knowledge & Wisdom – Neguastnegus
010) Mark XTC - Keys
011) Alpha – Access Code #1
012) Nu/Tone – Chupa Meus
013) Dynamic Duo – Same Old Thing
014) JB & DJ Spice – Me Myself + I (Featuring Dark Angel)
015) Rogue Unit – Secret Motion
016) E-Z Rollers – Science Funk
017) Drumagick – Bazuca Do Mal
018) Adam F - 8Ball

If you like what you hear let me know. If your a promoter and you want to book me my schedule is filling in but hit me up I'm sure I can make some room for your gig.
- The Librarian

Monday, February 4, 2013

RANDONESS: Buying vinyl collections – a philosophical dilemma

February 4, 2013 By Mark Settle
Despite being a dedicated advocate of digital DJing, I still and always will find myself completely enamoured with vinyl. Not necessarily from an audio quality perspective (it’s not all brilliantly mastered and pressed), but from the viewpoint of it being real. It’s tangible, and there’s a real process in buying, playing and owning it. And with each piece of vinyl there is a memory – some bad (why in God’s name did I buy that without listening to it?), and some utterly amazing that are burned into my psyche as if they happened just yesterday.

So I find myself with a dilemma. My record collection isn’t that big, partly because I never had huge amounts of cash to buy just any old vinyl, nor the space to store it, but also because I was quite selective about what I bought. I had to like it before I dropped a large percentage of my tiny income on it. But now I have the new studio, and a ridiculous amount of space. Combine this with a renewed desire for tangible real things, I want to buy a lot of vinyl. But I find myself with an internal conflict. I could drop by eBay and bid on all manner of vinyl job lots with the sole intention of very rapidly building an expansive and enviable wall full of vinyl. But for me, this equates to the current malpractice of “collecting” hundreds of thousands of tracks across terabytes of drives for nothing more than bragging rights. To dredge up an old maxim, they would not be platters that matter.

So here I am with the headline philosophical dilemma – as much as I’d love to own an obscene amount of vinyl and post a ridiculous number of pictures on Facebook, I keep coming back this — to me music a very personal thing and not a just a commodity. So vinyl owners — where do you stand on this? Are you a hopeless vinyl junkie who absolutely has to have any  old vinyl? Or are you a tad more sentimental and selective about your collection? Would you rather know each and every record in your collection and tell the story behind each of them? Or do you want to pull a muscle pose in front of a wall of vinyl regardless of what it is?

SOURCE [http://djworx.com]

 ** Librarian Notes: I think early on I was just a collector of Jungle/DnB vinyl because buying it was difficult in the Mid-West. When I first moved to DC in the 2000's and DnB / vinyl was falling out of favor I would buy full collections without regard for who was making the music as long as it was Jungle / DnB. Though this buying spree I've made up the bulk of my collection. During this phase I've meet some awesome people, heard loads of tales about the days of old and amassed an excellent collection of classics.

Now I'm going though the process of encoding my vinyl which has allowed me to gain some perspective to my collection. Both finding amazing tracks I did not know that I owned and weeding out tracks that are not my cup of tea. Eventually I will sell them or give them away but thats natural I suppose, spring cleaning? ba ha. Eventually I want my collection to be the musical foundation for "any and all of my children (if I'm so blessed)". When I pass I hope to pass it along to them or someone else who I believe in. I wish to do this because my beginnings as a DJ started this way, a DJ I respected said take whatever you like. BA HA he may not have expected me to take so much but he ever questioned it and I'm still indebted to him for that. Thanks Douglas Black.

 -The Librarian