Thursday, November 29, 2012

RANDOMNESS: DJ Buster – “Drum n Bass: The Past, The Present, The Future”

Photograph by José Farinha
Session #28: DJ Buster – “Drum n Bass: The Past, The Present, The Future”
A few months into my move to Brixton in 1997, I was hooked into drum’n'bass. Soon after, I was buying records and jumping into my mate Kramart’s 1210s whenever possible. Since my teens, I had been an avid listener of dub and reggae; the previous year, whilst in Berlin, I started digging some jungle and
more heavy bass dub… but then something different came up… The rawness of drum’n'bass with its heavy basslines and fast drum beats really did it for me.
The tracks I’ve chosen for this mix are personal points of reference. From Capone’s “Massive” at the Metalheadz Sunday sessions at Bagley’s, to the Movement days at The Mass in Brixton (when “The Nine” from Bad Company came out), or more recently to the amazing track that is “No Future” by Instra:mental.
This mix is a gradual evolution, or if you prefer, a transformation within the history of drum’n'bass.
It was brilliant fun doing it, hope you enjoy it too!

01 – Studio Pressure – The Physical (Photek, 1994)
02 – Rufige Kru – T3 (Metalheadz, 1996)
03 – Capone – Massive (Hardleaders, 1995)
04 – Origin Unknown – Valley Of The Shadows (Ram Records, 1993)
05 – Future Forces Inc – Point Of Origin (Renegade Hardware, 1997)
06 – Fortran – The End Part II (31 Records, 1998)
07 – Ray Keith – The Reckoning (V Recordings 1998)
08 – DJ Trace & Pete Parsons – Sniper (DSCI4, 1999)
09 – DJ Krust – Burning 2000 (Lemon D Remix) (V Recordings, 2000)
10 – Roni Size – Snapshot (Full Cycle Records, 1999)
11 – DJ Loxy & Usual Suspects – Stalker (Renegade Hardware, 1999)
12 – Moving Fusion – Atlantis (RAM Records, 2000)
13 – J Magik & Danny J – The Lizard (Infrared, 2000)
14 – Bad Company – The Nine (BC Recordings, 1998)
15 – Stakka & Skynet – Global Report (Underfire, 2000)
16 – Zero T feat Steo – Refusal (Calibre Remix) (Integral Records, 2008)
17 – Amit & Klute – Kunt Kicker (Commercial Suicide, 2007)
18 – Instra:Mental – No Future (Nonplus Records, 2009)

Direct Link to this mix can be found: HERE

A little something about Buster:
Buster is based in South London, Brixton, where he has been involved on the pirate radio scene since the late nineties and created several residencies on the most underground London circuit. Infected by the ever present Dubstep virus in that part of town, his electronic music journey went from Jungle/DNB to nowadays a deeper side of Dub, Dubstep and other sub-bass heavy types. He hosts the weekly radio show Basspaths on Badmood Radio and Brixton based Wireless FM and most recently created Dub Corner, a monthly event at the newly refurbished Brixton Living Bar with monthly guests on the first Thursday of each month.

Find out more about Buster on:
Badmood Recordings
Buster’s soundcloud
Buster’s fb
Basspaths fb


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Another great article from iCreates with DJ Flight corresponds well with this mix here!

RANDOMNESS: People Under The Stairs | Highlighter | 24-bit HD-AAC


Randomness: The King of 78s

The King of 78s – Joe Bussard 
(Frederick, MD)

”Jazz music ended in 1933, with the last recordings of worth being Clarence Williams in 1932. Jimmy Murphy’s records (six titles actually) that were recorded in Trashville, oops, I mean Nashville, were the last real recordings.”

Dust & Grooves wrote a bad ass interview with this guy. [HERE]

Text: Marc Minsker & Eilon Paz
Photos: Eilon Paz

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

OTHER NEWS: Turnstyle got a new website

I'm sure its just me not checking in enough but low and behold Turnstyle the dopest record shop in VA capital got a wicked face lift!  Mad respect to Joanna O and Jessie for holding things down and promoting the sound.

Randomness: (Follow Up) DJ Set Ups

So As a Follow up to my previous "DJ Set Up" post (HERE) where I got all inpsired by what everyone else was doing I started plotting my own DJ Booth for the Annex.
Lets review the old and busted. Really it was not busted but it was cramped and did not lend itself for expansion. Really its a perfect mobile DJ set up... on crack.

Being the designer geek I can be I measured everything out and started mocking up the floor plan in Adobe Illustrator... this was good but lacked an good understand of what I was building or wanting to build.

Then I discovered Google Sketch Up. (Insert choir of tattooed angles) BOOMSTICKS! 3D Floor plan all with in an hour.

Since the Google Sketch Up community have already mapped out and recreated the entire IKEA catalog it was a dream to snap together components to build my dream IKEA DJ booth.

$153 dollars later and presto!

The Annex is ready for action... now if I could just unpack the rest of the house and find my tooth brush.

- The Librarian

RANDOMNESS: Been gone for a hot second this is why...

Life has been a little bit crazy recently, so I'm sorry for the lack of posting, being social, or emailing people back. This photo essay should help explain what the hell happened.
So in October we bought a house... Yep its official I'm an child trapped in adults body.

This meant we had to say good bye to our old house and neighbors we have had for the last 5 years. Boo.

Of coarse because life works like this I got booked for Transit 4 days after closing on my new house. With my records and gear all packed up I quickly unpacked what I had started. Grom, TRA_35, Julez tore up Fairfax. Mad respect to the Transit family.

My "Support Jungle Music" came in the mail. Whoot Whoot. Big ups to Trilogy Sound Crew & King Screens for making this bad ass shirt.

This of coarse meant I had to rep it at the Pilfers & the Pie Tasters show.

Shortly after all that the Annex was finally boxed up and ready to roll.

Big ups to my friends and family that rolled out to move the Annex. This is the staging ground for the new studio.

Even the cat got into the act.

During all the chaos I did sneak away now and again for a beer and to finish Justin's painting. Now if I can just get him to come out and visit me. ba ha.

Then there is this shit...

 Once we got all the rest of the boxes in we celebrated with a little single malt from Scotland. Climbers make good whiskey

Built a Annex button as a test proof. Its a little big so I think I will be making them just a touch smaller.

Got my CPR cert upgraded.

Addie took me for a walk in the woods. Its been a while and it was nice to get grounded again.

Then we did the Color me Rad 5k in Blacksburg, VA. Loads of fun! 


While waiting for the election results I rebuilt a stylus or 2.

Thanksgiving rolled around and my 13 year old cousin introduced me to this NC delicacy. EPIC WIN!