Sunday, October 6, 2019



Friday, October 18, 2019
at 9:00 PM – 2:00 AM


- Dieter
- Spec feat. Minx
- Edward the Librarian
- Marty Styles
- Eric Emz
- Enchilada
- Sean Shwano
- Hectik

More info TBA.

Free/no cover

West Beach Tavern
5000 Cleveland St, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23462


Looks like I'm traveling out side of the beltway! What up SouthrenVA fam!?!?

As I learn more I will let you all know, as always if you like what we do Share us around:

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As always Keep Smiling

The Librarian

Monday, June 24, 2019

FTA ALERT: Jungle / Drum & Bass Vinyl for sale in the DMV

... and it looks MINTY!!!!

every once in a while a DJ or an old head puts up their collection. In this case its a hell of a collection for DNB fans.

From the Craigslist ad:

Over 200 LP/EP from 1997 to 2003, the bulk of which is most likely 1999-2001. Also have a crate of 100+ singles and promos and such from the same time-frame.

It's largely Drum n' Bass, but there is some old jungle, dub, and other randomness. Lots of Bad Company, Total Science, Dillinga and stuff from RAM, Renegade Hardware, Virus, etc. All played at least a few times, but all in very good shape. They've always been cared for and kept shelved/climate controlled when not on the decks. I'm selling the lot, not singles.

Asking price $1100

Which is to rich for my reserves at the moment (baby, live stream and a trip to Scotland in my future). However, lets break it down for a second, roughly that is the price of 100+ new records and your getting some ULTRA classics with no discogs hassle or shipping fees. If you have the funds DO IT ALREADY! Its killing me I get daily alerts from CL that their are Jungle/DnB records for sale in the DMV, stop my pain.

By now someone is asking where the link is. Here you go heads.


Friday, June 21, 2019

FTA MUSIC: The Librarian: From The Annex: Episode #60 [06.16.19]

Monday Night Mix Session: From the Annex with The Librarian. Playing a selection of Jungle / Drum & Bass vinyl for the Junglist Massive on the Twitch video platform (or on and now its posted here for you all.

I will be the first to say I'm rusty with wax, but this was more about the selection as I was pulling for all ragga jungle. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed playing tunes from decades past.

1 Menace - Remarc
2 Pirate Radio (Serial Killaz mix) - Top Cat & Serial Killaz
3 I Need A Dollar - The Wildlife Collective
4 It's All Love (original mix) - Ricky Tuff, Ras Mac Bean
5 UNKNOWN - White Label
6 Babylon (Bladerunner Rebuild) - Undercover Agent
7 Armed & Dangerous - Pixel (dnb)
8 Man Down - Ed Solo, Deekline
9 Ghost Town (DJ Concept mix) - Ed Solo, Deekline
10 UNKNOWN - White Label
11 Mash You Down (feat Cornell Campbell) - Serial Killaz
12 Ready Or Not - DJ Zinc
13 UNKNOWN - White Label
14 Put Up Your Hands (Freestylers vs Chris Unknown mix) - Scam
15 Who's Gonna Make The Dance Ram (Serial Killaz remix) - Andrew Paul
17 RackNRuin (Deekline & Ed Solo remix) - Soundclash
18 No No No (Serial Killaz remix) - Ed Solo, Deekline
20 Ragga Tip (original mix) - The Wildlife Collective
21Kunta Kinte (feat Tribe Of Issachar & Jah Cure - 94 dub plate) - Congo Natty
23 No No No (Serial Killaz remix) - Ed Solo, Deekline
24 Wardance (Serial Killaz VIP) - Rebel MC
26 Joker Smoker - Ed Solo, Stickybuds
27 Free Your Mind (feat Singing Fats) - Break
28 Inna Mi Draw (Serial Killaz remix) - Nico D, Turbulence
29 I Smoked A Spliff (Jamie Bostron remix) - Perfect Giddimani
31 The Licence (Serial Killaz remix) - Krome & Time
32 No No No (Serial Killaz remix) - Ed Solo, Deekline
33 Walk Like A Champion - Serial Killaz
35 Some Signal - Serial Killaz
36 Pass Me The Rizla (feat General Levy & Tippa Irie) - Deekline
38 Rock Steady (feat Rodney P & Lindy Layton - Turntable Dubbers remix) - Dub Pistols
39 Champion Lover - Deekline, Ed Solo

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As always Keep Smiling

The Librarian

Friday, May 31, 2019

FTA MUSIC: From The Annex: Episode #59 [05.016.19] ZEME FEST Edition

I'm proud to have joined forces with the TDM Collective to raise funds for World Wildlife Foundation (WWF). This 3 day Electric Music Festival was showcasing talent from around the world and beamed right to your TV, computer or mobile devise via All of the funds raised were be donated to the WWF, in total we raised $2,100.

Thank you to the community for your support in this effort. Thank you to TDM Collective for having me be a part of this effort. Above all thank you to the listeners that make me step up time and time again to the decks to play my songs for you all. Respect.


High Grade (Selecta J-Man & Kelvin 373 remix) - Origin One ft K.O.G.
NeverFind(Interface remix) - Jah Cure
Music Is The Weapon - FLeCK
Back In The Day - DJ Hybrid
Stalker - Night Walker Remix - Aphrodite
Cyber Funkin (Original Mix) - Serum, Voltage
Chem Trails (Original Mix) - Aries, Andy Sim, GOLD Dubs, Bevan, Lion Art
Soundsystem (Benny Page Remix) - Brother Culture, Reggae Roast
Yeah Yeah Yeah - Jinx And Sterling Sound
Street Science - K Jah
Yard Man_ELM_Master - Bill & Ed
Smoke The Weed - Ed Solo & Stickybuds
Anye Up (Original Mix) - Ed Solo
Smoked a Spliff (Jamie Bostron Remix) - Perfect
Love Is The Key - Scott Allen & Deeper Connection
Drop Top Caddy - Mickey Finn & Aphrodite
World Of Jungle Music (feat David Boomah) - L Side/Serum
Impossible (feat Robert Dallas & Petah Sunday/Serum VIP) - Numa Crew
Fire (Serial Killaz Remix) - Demolition Man
Its All Love (Jazzy VIP Mix) - Ricky Tuff
Strictly Roots (Original Mix) - Wickaman, Mavrik
Rinse & Repeat (Fleck remix) - Cut La Vis ft Lotek
Remember The Roller (Heist remix) - DR S GACHET
My Sound (Original Vocal Mix) - Marcus Visionary
90's Dub - Aries and Gold Dubs
Rep (DJ Hybrid Remix) - TC feat. Jakes
Grimey N Gritty_Master@24Bit - Hittin Switches
Big Bad & Heavy (Serial Killaz remix) - DELANO
BadBoy (Kartoon remix) - DJ Hybrid

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As always Keep Smiling

The Librarian

Monday, April 29, 2019

FTA Event: FROM THE ANNEX on TWITCH [April 29th 2019]

Normally we would be just easy listening to music tonight, but I’m in the mood to interact with my music tonight. Generally we are a Jungle / Drum & Bass stream but hey if I fine myself in a house / UK Garage mood I’m not going to not play it tonight.

So roll up the rug, but up the Hi Fi, and let do this! Tonight from 9pm-Midnight.


Re-Broadcasted on Mixcloud:


I'm proud to have joined forced with the TDM Collective to raise funds for World Wildlife Foundation (WWF). This 3 day Electric Music Festival will be showcasing talent from around the world and beamed right to your TV, computer or mobile devise. All of the funds raised will be donated to the WWF.

Donation Link:
Let's talk about this line up!

Escape Velocity


Dan Kushner



Dquil Live

The Librarian [FTA]


The Guild Navigator

James TC


Mister Northside

Moose Music


Scott Danesi





The schedule is broken down, by time zones [PST | EST | GMT | CET] 

Festival donations can be send to:

If you feel you can give, then please give to this good cause.

The world’s leading conservation organization, WWF works in 100 countries and is supported by more than one million members in the United States and close to five million globally. WWF's unique way of working combines global reach with a foundation in science, involves action at every level from local to global, and ensures the delivery of innovative solutions that meet the needs of both people and nature.

For more information about the WWF go and check them out on their web site.


Thursday, March 28, 2019

FTA MUSIC: The Librarian: From The Annex: Episode #57 [03.28.19]

Here is a little lost holiday mix I found while cleaning out my hard drives.

Hope you all are doing alright out there in internet land. Will give it a hard listen and see if I can update a playlist for all you train spoters. What I can say when I gave it a listen there was a lot of ELM Imprint crammed in there. But that should not be a suprise

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Also, check out our new Live Stream on Twitch Monday nights 9-midnight EST.

As always Keep Smiling

The Librarian

Saturday, March 23, 2019

FTA MUSIC: The Librarian: From The Annex: Episode #56 [03.04.19]

It's the first Monday of the March and we put on a hell of a show on Twitch. If you missed it, feel free to check out the recording on Mixcloud or watch the Twitch video of my junglist ass jumping around the studio. Big ups to Dankness, PancakeJesus and RazorDuck who kept the chat rooms moving for most of the night.

If you want to watch live every Monday 9-midnight EST on We are either easy listening to Jungle / Drum & Bass music or if its the first Monday of the month you get mix shows like this below. Catch you all in the chat!

Watch From the Annex w/ The Librarian #. Jungle / Drum & Bass vinyl listening session from fromtheannex on PLAYLIST:
001) Everyday Killers (Gentleman's Dub Club Remix) - Ephemerals
002) Out of Space - The Prodigy
003) Roll The Dice (feat. Stamina MC & Lily Allen) (Original Mix) - Shy FX, Lily Allen, Stamina MC
004) Always There (Original Mix) - Ed Solo, Skool Of Thought
005) Reggae Boom (Ed Solo Remix) - Freddie McGregor
006) Smoked a Spliff (Jamie Bostron Remix) - Perfect
007) Soundboy Love feat. Rony Blue, Mr Williamz (Toronto Is Broken Remix) - King Yoof
008) Die Tonight (Original Mix) - Taxman
009) Grimey N Gritty - Hittin Switches
010) Back In The Day - DJ Hybrid
011) Pon The Body (Original Mix) - Benny Page
012) Badboy (Kartoon remix) - DJ Hybrid
013) High Grade (Selecta J-Man & Kelvin 373 remix) - Origin One ft K.O.G.    
014) Just Listen - DJ Hybrid
015) Kaleidoscope (Rene LaVice Remix) - Delta Heavy
016) Flying Technique (Original Mix) - Bladerunner
017) Get Da Funk! (Original Mix) - Bl4ck Owlz
018) Bricks Don't Roll (Original Mix) - DJ Hazard
019) Valley of the Shadows (Chase & Status Remix) - Origin Unknown
020) Wander Away - Ed:it
021) Sound Control (S.P.Y Remix) - Andy C, Randall
022) Grands Off Grams (Original Mix) - Eazy
023) Canopy - Rude Operator
024) Turn It Around  (The Librarian Exclusive VIP) - DJ Hybrid
025) War In 94 (Soulculture remix) - BADMAN
026) Pass The Mic - Bill & Ed
027) jungle On Broadway - Unknown Artist
028) Chem Trails (Original Mix) - Aries, Andy Sim, GOLD Dubs, Bevan, Lion Art
030) Steppin' (Rollers RMX) - Unknown Artist
031) Bob Marley - Mr Brown (Jungle Mix) - Hiphoppapotamus
032) Nice Up The Session (Dub Pistols Remix) - Andrew Paul
033) Time To Dance - Dope Ammo & Run Things Cru
034) Pass Me The Rizla (feat General Levy & Tippa Irie) - DEEKLINE
035) See The Vibe (Ed Solo Remix) - Gardna, Tiffani Juno
036) Rock It Tonight (Marcus Visionary 2013 Jungle Remix) - Johnny Osbourne
037) Foundation Special (Original Mix) - Liondub
038) Who Knows (Shy Fx Remix) - Protoje Ft. Chronixx
039) Brighter Day (Jungle VIP Mix) - Ricky Tuff VS Raff Mac Bean
040) I Shot The Sheriff (Roni Size Remix) - Bob Marley & The Wailers
041) Music Is The Weapon - FLeCK
042) Ganja Smuggling (Original Mix) - Ed Solo
043) Jungle Den (Liondub remix) - SATIN
044) Don't Smoke (Deekline & Ed Solo vs System Mix) - Deekline
045) One Amen A Day (DJ Hybrid Remix) - DJ Hybrid, Bassflexx
046) The Coming Storm (Ed Solo Remix) - Freestylers, Stereo:Type, Takura
047) Its A Junglist Ting Remix - Run Tingz Cru featuring David Boomah & Blackout J.A
048) Rinse & Repeat (Fleck remix) - Cut La Vis ft Lotek
049) Ghost Town - Original Mix - Krumble
050) Feel Like Jumpin (Ed Solo Jungle Remix) - Krafty Kuts
051) Walk Like A Champion - Serial Killaz
052) Rock It Tonight (Original Dubplate Mix) (Original Mix) - Johnny Osbourne, Marcus Visionary

As always if you like the broadcast let us know and Share us around:

Keep Smiling
The Librarian

Friday, March 1, 2019

FTA NEWS: Look who is a Featured Drifter

Big up your chest Beat Drifters for adding me to your "Featured Drifters". Totally made my afternoon when during Straylight in the Daylight w/ A1-Voodoo - Moving Shadow Special he pointed out that I was a bring highlighted. 

Now what is Beat Drifters? you may ask. Well pulling from their web site:
The Beat Drifter’s Mission:
We are creating a community of travelling artists who connect with regional promoters beyond just their local areas. Audiences will now be able to experience fresh talent from around the world while artists and promoters establish an international following!
If you’re a travelling artist looking to introduce yourself and your talents to new areas, or if you’re an Event Producer with a show to book and want to spice up your line ups without all the regular costs…

Beat Drifters will help make the connection!

I took one look at that and said hells yea! Sign me up. As I'm getting back into the game its a no brainer.

Keep smiling fam

The Librarian

Monday, February 25, 2019

FTA NEWS: Two New Shows. One URL

Airing Monday's at 9pm EST is Annex Archaeology on Twitch. Join The Librarian as he long plays through the Annex. Archiving the vinyl collection and sharing his history with these tracks and whatever other tid bits of history he may or may not know about this music.

Then on the first Monday of every month we are bringing the fire with FROM THE ANNEX! This is a monthly throw down of whatever we are feeling from our inbox submittions, from last months releases or from our stash of newly archived collection!

So come and join us over on the Twitch network.

Till then keep smiling

The Librarian

Friday, February 8, 2019

FTA MUSIC: Inaugural Twitch Thursday Night Monthly Mix

Let's get back into the saddle.

Watch From the Annex w/ The Librarian. Jungle / Drum & Bass from fromtheannex on
Well after 9 months for forced DJing/Production vacation due to studio rebuilding... WE ARE BACK BABY! I feel like I almost should revive the Rusty Junglist show but I found my strade around an hour into the show. HA. Give me a break here I'm juggling video, audio, and social media all at the same time.

It gives me amazing respect to Lion Dub, London Eleckricity, A1-VooDoo, & Sensenet who make it all look effortless.

I seem to have escaped the copyright police with my obscure taste in Ragga Jungle / Jump up. Snickering now watch next show will be littered with copyright mutes. To this end, we will be posting the show also on MixCloud. I would have posted this one already but I need to make anew MixCloud graphic.

001- Duck for Cover (Librarian Edit) - Bill & Ed
002-Midnite Classic (Original Mix) - Break, Cleveland Watkiss, MC Fats
003-Afterthought (Feat. Frank Carter III) - Ivy Lab
004-Clissold (Machinedrum VIP) - FRACTURE & NEPTUNE
004-They Wanna Know (Kursiva remix) - Ghost Writerz
005-Revolution (Original Mix) - Galvatron                                                                    
007-Rinse & Repeat (Fleck remix) - Cut La Vis ft Lotek                                                          
008-Anye Up (Original Mix) - Ed Solo                                                                      
009-Original (Liondub remix) - Blend Mishkin & Roots Evolution ft Scarra Mucci & Mandinka Warrior
000-D.T.A. (Stickybuds Remix) - Nappy Riddem                                                                 
001-Ain't No Love (Original Mix) - DJ Limited                                                                   
002-In My Mind_TNQ_2017 - Lenzman feat. IAMDDB                                                         
003-Stand Up (Aries & Gold Dubs remix) - Mr. Benn ft Nanci Correia
004-Wa Do Dem (Original Mix) - Ed Solo, Deekline                                                            
005-Drum n Bass Wise (Serum Remix) - Serum, Remarc
006-Firebird - Rude Operator                                                                
007-Run Up (Sub Focus Remix) - Major Lazer, Nicki Minaj, Partynextdoor
008-One Amen A Day (DJ Hybrid Remix) - DJ Hybrid, Bassflexx
009-Ganja Smuggling (Original Mix) - Ed Solo                                                                      
010-Burnt Ends (Original Mix) - Kings Of The Rollers                                                         
011-Hot This Year (Original Mix) - Ed Solo, Deekline                                                            
012-Rastaman (Pimpsoul & Mooqee Remix) - Nappy Riddem
013-Cyber Funkin (Original Mix) - Serum, Voltage                                                               
014-Don't Smoke (Deekline & Ed Solo vs System Mix) - Deekline
015-Sell My Gun - Riddim Punks vs Chronixx                                                     
017-Special Request - DJ Hybrid                                                                    
018-Street Trends (Vip) - The Librarian Exclusive - K Jah
019-Gangsta (Original Mix) - Benny Page, MC $pyda                                                         
000-Killers Don't Die (Original Mix) - DJ Hazard                                                                    
021-Music Is The Weapon - FLeCK
022-Settle Down (Riddim Punks remix) - Blend Mishkin & Roots Evolution ft Exco Levi
023-Workin (Original Mix) - Bill & Ed                                                                    
024-Big Up (Kartoon Remix) - Pull Up Collective                                                           
025-Soundsystem (Benny Page Remix) - Brother Culture, Reggae Roast
026-No No No (Serial Killaz Remix) - Deekline & Ed Solo
027-Good To Have The Feeling (Original Mix) - Deekline, Tippa Irie
028-Lighter [Bladerunner Remix] - DJ SS                                                                        
029-Incredible (Galvatron Remix) - M Beat feat. General Levy
030-Valley Of The Shadows - Origin Unknown                                                               
031-Its All Love (Jazzy VIP Mix) - Ricky Tuff                                                                   
032-Be There For You (T & Sugah remix) - Turntable Dubbers ft Doctor
033-Uptown Tricks feat. Mustafa Akbar (Shimon's Trix Mix) - Fort Knox Five
034-Real Street Shit_Master@24Bit - Hittin Switches
035-Back By Dope Demand (Al Pack Bootleg) - King Bee
037-Street Science - K Jah                                                                        
038-Wasssup MASTER - Jaybee, Dave Owen, Dlo 

Big Ups to the Junglist family, DMV's D&B Massive, Twitch, Escape Volocity (Sensenet & A1 VooDoo), Tribalistix, Elm Imprint, Rude Operator, SubDistrick, Transit Crew, Indelible B-Side and of coarse SxOne & the Red Sound Lioness.

Till next time keep smiling,

The Librarian

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

FTA NEWS: 2018 is over. Here comes 2019!

BACK STORY in 2018:

The Studio is back on line (9 months later). 32 gallons of sewage. A cracked pipe. Holes cut in my foundation.... yea it sucked.

We pulled our support for the Facebook platform. You can still find us on twitter, youtube, mixcloud and now Twitch. Video is not fully new here for From The Annex but fully interactive video streaming is both exciting and daunting. With that noted, as we venture on to this field we have already been greeted by a flourishing, supportive DJ community. 

What can you expect from From The Annex in 2019?


- Weekly Twitch video streaming. Encoding the Annex with The Librarian.
- Weekly Blog posting about the Encoding the Annex project.

- Monthly Twitch video streaming. From The Annex with The Librarian.
- Monthly Mixcloud/iTunes/RSS audio stream.
- Bi-Monthly Spotlight on DJs/Producers in the DMV.

- Continue to build our physical and virtual communities.
- Bring good music to the community and expose them to music they may not have heard of before.
- Bring a partner on board to help spice up the content and play some other music.
- Bring Social Lubrication back as a monthly podcast. 

- Redesign our website.
- Break even by 2021. Become self-sustaining by 2022.

Easy enough right. HA! No. But let me tell you how much I have missed making music for you all.


Archive Encoding:
Monday 8pm-12am EST [TWITCH]:

- Music appreciation. Music archeology. Music encoding technics. My history with that music.
- Accompanying blog post issues by Wednesday of that week. Detailing the adventures highlights.

From The Annex with The Librarian: First Thursday of every month 8pm-12am EST [TWITCH]:
- Musical throw-down. A mix of what I've been encoding, with new releases and demos that have been sent in. We will be playing the music that makes people shake their ass.
- Accompanying blog post and mixcloud/itunes/rss stream added the following day.

Spotlight: Bi Monthly
- Continuing to turn the spotlight on the local community of DJs and Producers in the DMV

Thats From The Annex in a nut shell. Lets see what 2019 has to offer.

With that Keep Smiling!
-The Librarian