Tuesday, April 10, 2012

RANDOMNESS: The Future of Rave

This is a topic I've had simmering in the back of my mind. Sure I do my small part for the Ragga Jungle sound but the future of rave really lays in the sound, currently that means Dubstep (Dum, Dum, whah,whah,whah,whaaaaaah). But tomorrow that will be something new and different. Our "electronic music" is not constrained to the limitations of a singular instrument meaning that our sound has the ability to continue to grow and expand infinitely if we keep pushing it.

Currently Dubstep has restoked the fire of Rave. Hell, I've noticed the trickle down effect Dubstep's popularity has had in my blog, djing career and the attitude of the larger public towards electronic music.

So then what kills mes Dubstep is not evil (I'm going to get some flack for this) it just what is hot right now. So when the internet delivers me these cyber bullying campaigns against the rise to popularity of dubstep I get annoyed. All this hate takes me back to my rave up bringing in the Mid West. Living with the shadow of House and Techno looming over the scene and myself being a jungle head, I caught a lot of similar flack. "I can't dance to jungle" or "...there is just so much bass, I can't stand it." Thinking back its those comments I'm really glad I did not live in an era when lightning quick internet could snowball such resentment so quickly.

Whatever your take on Dubstep is the one thing I think we can can agree upon is that its keeping the sprit of Rave alive, and usher in a new generation of Ravers. While talking to Jessie Splitt on this topic he told me that this "next generation" is already starting to branch out and explore the other genres of dance music the supply at Turnstyle. This I'm excites me, no matter what their entry point is to the scene, its really about where they push the sound that matters.

Haters are gonna hate but shut the hell up and go dancing you OLD jaded ravers!

Monday, April 9, 2012

FTA EVENT: (follow up) 04.6-7.12 Richmond Back 2 Back

Turnstyle on the Art Walk

5 hrs in traffic started the evening off to a stressful start. But after a warm greetings from Jessie and Joanna O. at Turnstyle all that stress was forgotten. Joanna kicked the Art Walk with a great selection of Drum & Bass. Soothing the soul and eroding the last lingering tid bit of the week now fading off in to the distance.

Photo Source: Vanessa Hernandez

The best part about the DJing the Art Walk is seeing the community enjoying what your doing. Little kids, old people, and our own community for Jungle heads that come out.  Patrick Currier, Vanessa, Anthony Lynn, Christina Leslie, Buck Stone Helmke, Chris Grow, Indica Jo & Konztant Junglist  thank you all for coming out and supporting the sound it means a lot to me. Especially those driving out from Williamsburg.

The set itself was pretty solid I would say. Ragga Jungle representing in the street is always fun.

Photo Source: Patrick Currier

G40 Art Summit  CANCELED

So what the hell happened? Simply crossed signals about when I was playing music. Humorously I saw and heard the guy who filled in for me on Friday night and thought he was really good DJ. BA HA.

Life lesson learned from this event. Even if your doing a show for charity / free put out a contract. This confirms in not uncertain terms what is expected of you and what your client is to provide. Now all I can do is attempt to mitigate the damage the best I can between Art Whino / G40 and myself. Oh well every action in life is a lesson.

All in all it was an amazing weekend. Big ups to Turnstyle for having me out & treating me like family. Much love. You all gave me a lot to think about in relation to the scene, how a business is run, and ideas about my next set of T-Shirt designs. Thank you.

To all those in the Richmond check out the G40 its amazing!!! I only made it through 3 of the galleries and I was totally blown away. Just going makes inspiration contagious.

Keep Smiling
The Librarian

Friday, April 6, 2012

RANDOMNESS: ReUse Demo CD Holder

So I killed my laptop battery this week. Boooo but it was probably my bad leaving the thing plugged in to the wall to much. However I just found a great use to the cardboard box my new battery came in!

Introducing the Apple Demo CD Holder! As photoed below this sleek card board box holds demo CDs packaged in paper sleeves with style.

Looking forward to road testing my new ReUse find this weekend!
-the Librarian

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

OTHER MUSIC: Sound Healer (Enduser Remix) / Pressure

Bonk - Sound Healer (Enduser Remix)
Enduser & Patrick Currier - Pressure 

Breakcore, Drum and Bass

Available for immediate download of 2-track album in your choice of MP3 320, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.

Buy Now  $3


I hear "other formats" will include vinyl shortly. Epic Win. - The Librarian

FTA EVENT: 04.6-7.12 Richmond Back 2 Back

Edward the Librarian in Back 2 Back shows this weekend in Richmond VA!  
Turnstyle on the Art Walk
[102 West Broad St.]

Joanna O. & Edward the Librarian will be "DEEP in the JUNGLE" bring Richmond the sounds of DnB to your street corner. These Vinyl DJs spinning Ragga Jungle / drum & bass music all night.

Also on display the fine works of ALEX KEY will be on display. This new series called "JOYRIDE" is already becoming a hit.


G40 Art Summit
Art 6 7-11pm
[6 East Broad St.]

G40 Reception for the "More Than Sunshine Group Show" at Art 6. Edward the Librarian will be pulling 2 hours of Jazzy Intelligent DnB, then down shifting into 2 hours of proper celebration Jump up Ragga Jungle. Helping to kick of the G40 Summit with a bang.


"The crates of wax are packed and I'm ready to make the most out of a weekend in Richmond, Virginia. With any luck I can out put a new demo for you folks down south." - The Librarian