Saturday, February 6, 2021

FTA NEWS: 5 Twitch DJs to Follow

I've been recently highlighting anew set of 5 DJs I follow on my Twitch page every week. However, I figure spotlighting them here might be a better venue.

Here are the next 5 DJs I follow on Twitch (and you should too):


[Team D&B]

Hobbyist DJ and computer programmer, mixing you vibes around the Drum and Bass genres. I DJ mostly every Sunday/Wednesday, @7:30 PM Central.


[Team D&B]

Austria | Drum&Bass


[Team D&B]

My name is Viniels and I'm a dutch Drum and Bass DJ. I got a big collection of DnB tunes, (over 1000 records) from the smoothest liquid to the hardest neuro (and even some crossbreed). So if you are in the mood for some nice beats you are in the right place! Have got some cdj's as well but am mostly spinning vinyl.


Hey guys, I'm Etown Junglists aka DJ Celcius. I've helped pioneer the Jungle / Drum and Bass scene in Western Canada since its infancy. I got my DJ chops on a weekly radio show alongside DJ Producer Tryptomene on CJSR FM88 starting back in 1993. My first big DJ experience outside of the radio station was headlining a rave in another city. I play mostly raves, large parties, clubs and radio and have held down residencies in Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Regina and Edmonton. I've played some of the biggest festivals and events including Shambhala Music Festival, Frightnight, Motion Notion and Astral Harvest to name a few.


Gamer - DnB Enthusiast

FTA Spotlight: Andy "2Tuff" Cerutti

Here is the first in a rebooted series of interviews called FTA Spotlight, which we are hosting to talk about the past, present, and future of the DC DnB scene. 

I recently had a moment to sit down with one of the early founders of the DnB scene here in DC. Andy Cerutti or Andy 2Tuff as he is commonly known. Promoter, Manager, Teacher, and lover of the music. We delved into the history of the man who helped DC be such a massive juggernaut for the American DnB scene. Sit back, grab a beverage and get ready for a musical journey into the life of Andy 2Tuff.

Shouts out to all those in the Twitch chat, asking questions, bring up memories, and just sending love. Big ups. 

Here are some additional fliers we did not get to share in the interview but I figured you all would appreciate.

Sound Clash: DJ Trace, Karl K, Slant, DJ Stress, MC Dub 2 

2Tuff 10-year party with Shy FX

SoundClash2: See-i, Slant, Jahwei, Bjoo, Peter H
Doc Scott, DJ Slant, Stress, Bjoo & MC Mecha

Give Thanks: DJ Slant VS Bjoo, Ray Casil VS Dan Soda, Harry Ransom VS IllEffect, Version Sound VS Blaze One & MC Mecha

10 years of 2Tuff: DJ Friction

Urban Space: DJSS, Eshin, Diggadee MC, Slant, Deinfamous, Joel Transit & Steve Eternal, Seven, Eastcoast boodiemen, Ink house, Charles Martin, Vanniety Kills, Zuzuka Poderosa, Empersarios, DJ Underdog, Maracuyeah

20 years of 2Tuff: Slant, T.R.A.C., Bjoo, Freefall
DJ Slant

Cadence: Bailey, T.R.A.C, Slant, Seany Ranks, Joel Transit VS Seven, Rex Riddem, QDup, Jey One

The Legends of Drum & Bass: Jumping Jack Frost VS Bailey, Slant, Ken Lazee

Cadence:  Goldie, Seany Ranks VS Vannity Kills, Keenan Orr, Oso Fresh, Slant

Goldie, Bailey, Slant

The Rudebwoy Shuffle

The Big Boom: See-i, Nappy Riddem, Fort Knox Five

Forward DC: Rob Paine, Jahkey Chalice & Papa FZ

Rockers International: See-i 

Rockers International: See-i, Dub Traffik Control, Eddie Turbo, Gematria

Rockers International: See-i

Jungle Fever: DH Hype, Trace, MC Daddy Earl, Homemade Weapons, Slant, Donvega

Jungle Business: The Insiders, Joanna O, Slant, High Tolerance, DJ Seven

The Rudebwoy Shuffle:  Bailey, Flight, Slant

The Rudebwoy Shuffle: Slant & Jahwei

The Rudebwoy Shuffle: 

The Rudebwoy Shuffle: 

A Sides, Diggadee MC, Slant, Brothers Brau, Rogue State, IllEffect, Julez

Urban Space

FTA Music: Tunage Takeover Mix with The Librarian [02.05.2021]

Tunage Presents: The Librarian (USA) Takeover (Mix A)

The Librarian [DC, USA]

Founder of From the Annex, a DC DnB focused blog ( and weekly live stream ( 

The Librarian's journey started in the American midwest but it was on a yearly trip to Edinburgh Scotland in the summer of 97 when was exposed to Jungle music. That tape just laid the foundation on what would be a 24-year love affair with the sound. From designing label graphics to hauling speakers, Djing, and dabbling in production The Librarian has worn many hats in the scene. Where the future will take him who knows that's half the fun of life.

Shouts out to Underground Solu'shn and Europa Music for helping me to find my sound and the hours of digging. Big Ups to the Tunage family next time I make it over the pond, I can't wait to throw down on the dance floor with all of you.

Much respect.


  1. Welcome to the Stateside (feat. Anthony Kasper & MC Astro) (Maverick Soul Remix) - MC Astro, T.r.a.c., Anthony Kasper
  2. Purple Haze (Ed Solo Remix) Jimi Hendrix
  3. Soundsystem (Benny Page Remix) - Brother Culture, Reggae Roast
  4. Everyman (Drumsound & Bassline Smith Remix) - Kenny Ken, Drumsound & Bassline Smith
  5. MOP'D - Smash & Grab
  6. Israelites - JFB, Dancefloor Outlaws
  7. 007 (Shanty Town) (Ed Solo Remix) - The Aces, Desmond Dekker
  8. Gallist (Sigma Remix) - Top Cat, DJ Nut Nut
  9. Bloodclot War ft Future Fambo & Congo Natty - Jacky Murda
  10. Chase The Devil  - Gunmen
  11. Sitargazer (Mo' Horizons Freestyle Remix) - International Velvet
  12. Feel Like Jumpin (Ed Solo Jungle Remix) - Krafty Kuts
  13. D.T.A. (Stickybuds Remix) - Nappy Riddem
  14. Pressure - Beat Assassins, Ragga Twins
  15. LockDown - L Plus
  16. Junglist (Deekline & Aries Remix) - Ed Solo, Deekline, General Levy
  17. Liquidator (Ed Solo Remix) - Harry J All Stars
  18. This is New (The Librarian VIP) - Red Lion Sound

Support the artist we love here is the (most of) the playlist for you to buy on Beatport:

Till next Monday, keep smiling fam.

The Librarian

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