Thursday, December 22, 2011

RANDOMNESS: Wanna Come to My DJ Night? [Portlandia]

Found this on Gogo Craig FaceBook Page, almost made me spill my coffee. Well Played. Now I guess I just need a TV for find out what Portlandia is... or not.

-The Librarian

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Details to follow. Respect.
-The Librarian

January 28th @ The Carpool in Reston, VA
Main Room: Jungle & Drum & Bass!
Back lounge: Reggae & Dancehall!!!!!

- Ken Kaotix
- Dee Jay Edwards
- Edward TheLibrarian
- Eric Bowman
- Junglist Sêrial
- Jessica Finnerty
- Gogo Craig
- Direct Feed
and all others!!!

Spread the word!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


DJ Tutor proposed this question and its been one that I've been tossing around in my head now and again. What I've been able to come up with is if you can keep a dance floor moving regardless of your tools your a DJ. Yes in the beginning Djs used was turntables. Fact. WHO THE FUCK CARES WHAT YOU USE NOW THIS IS THE FUTURE?!?! For fuck sake DJs were using reel to reel, tape decks, drum machines, and what have you long before the "dreaded" CD or MP3.

I personally feel this has all become a hot button issue with the "extinction" of the classic vinyl 12 inch. I put it in quotes because its far from being extinct, sure the 1200's were discontinued and finding vinyl tracks is becoming harder but thats just natural selection.

When vinyl sales were at their lowest that made my job as a DJ the most fun. Traveling all over the DMV hunting for new tunes, on the web, in back rooms or from the back of a car trunk. However this challenge put off a lot of people, so the instant gratification generation downloaded tunes that took me years to collect.

I don't hold a grudge because we are all DJ's, their collection is tangible and fits in their backpack, my collection is slowly taking over my modest studio. But we all love music. Plain. Simple. Done

- The Librarian

Monday, December 12, 2011

RANDOMNESS: “feed the great machine” Internet good or bad?

While reading "I Mix What I Like!" by Jared Ball, I came across this paraphrase quote by Jaron Lanier. Lanier a seminal figure in computer and internet history also one of its largest critics

"…the web, [is] far from being some playing field leveler, is the perfect example of the “post-human society” where people must “feed the great machine” but only those who own or run that machine – not the people who create or who are themselves content – are to be paid. The rest of us are simply aggregated into “mobs” to be easily surveyed and marketed to by the same major corporations who determine our news and popular culture."
- Jaron Lanier

Then I found WillAM 580 (illinois Public Media) and their review of "You Are Not a Gadget" and interview with Jaron Lanier. [Listen Here]. Here he talks about the history pre & post internet and the history of MIDI. Lanier points out the youth of today has no idea as to the vast possibilities the internet could offer. Instead of remaining in this locked tinny "self enslaved" preconceived notion of what the web "is". However with this said its not to late for the youth to learn about the history of the web and how it works, their is still time change the tides.

Later Lanier talk about Ted Nelson the first person to conceive the idea of "linking", what makes Ted Nelson so important is his foresight into what the internet could become in 1960. Nelson was able to understand that if you made the internet into a huge copy machine (file sharing) then in turn it would just make everyone poor degrading the quality of life for all. If society only promotes the cultural, artistic and expression based parts of the web then you will have to work doubly hard in the physical world to make ends meat. In many ways the internet as we know it stifles the ability to live off your hart & your brain because of this ability to share thoughts without promoting or giving back to the creator. Nelson created & fought for a 3rd option: One account, per user & no copying. Here a user could buy and sell their content, products and ideas. However his critics were upset that he was projecting the use currency / commerce on the internet & my own thoughts that its a little big brother-ish. BA HA

Music is an interesting topic of conversation as Lanier is a musician himself. He points foul at musicians that claim that they are making a living off of giving away their music for free, noting that most of them are trust fund babies. He goes on to claim that the reason that music has not been able to progress is because musicians can no longer make a living as a musician solely.

This notion resonates with me as I'm ingesting to both the top 10 pop tunes (in America) & Drum & Bass tunes (from the UK). Both genres are over populated with blatantly sampled, checker bordered midi sequences and over quantized beats. Which only makes me dig deeper into the Jungle/Drum & Bass vinyl past. 10-20 years ago, producers were taking more chances, creating original content and developing rhythm tracks with dare I say it "soul". Why? Because at that time the UK Jungle/Drum & Bass scene had a set of testing gauntlets a track had to pass through. First you had to make a tunes you wanted invest in getting cut into a dub plate. Then it had to catch the attention of a DJ, who thought it would work in their set. Then it had to pass the dance floor test. If a tune passed threw all these tests then you either independently invested in it or you tried to get a label sign you. All of these limiting factors made the music published at that time a higher quality.

In contrast, today a DJ has to search though a flood of crap on the internet. Half baked ideas published to the web without that gauntlet of testing all in the hope of someone taking interest in your work.

Now the question: Has the internet actually helped the world we live in? Think about it for a bit before you comment.

RANDOMNESS: araabMUZIK feat. DukeDaGod (DIPSET / USA) @ 1500M2 | Warsaw

- Respect.

Friday, December 9, 2011

FTA EVENT: [2.19.2012] SMACK IT! 2 @ Venue 112 in Virginia Beach

This is VA Pressure 1 year anniversary show! It has been so much fun throwing these events at Central 111 and Venue 112. Many more to come! (oh the following day is presidents day)

The line up!


Terry Mullan, Chicago's turntablist extraordinaire, turns out dance floors week after week throughout the US and abroad. Any true fan of House Music knows his name, and celebrates his amazing DJ sets. His credits include Coachella, Starscape, Bugged Out, The End, Footwork, and Ruby Skye amongst raves as far off as Japan, Australia and Germany. He has developed a faithful following to those who know through his signature style of funky quirky jacking acid house combined with cutting and scratching making up an entirely new genre all his own.

The eighties posed as the formative years of Terry's career. Although his roots began in hip-hop, he found himself smack in the middle of the Chicago house explosion. House and Disco were styles of music that were entirely new to Terry, but the match was struck. Soon after gaining inspiration from Chicago air personalities like Farley "Jackmaster" Funk, Fast Eddie, Armando, & Mike "Hitman" Wilson via 102.7 WBMX, Terry made house his home. Next, when acid house hit the US, the link was completed; Terry found the sound he was looking for. It was that added flavor he was waiting for, something new, twisted and forward. Now all the elements were coming together. And with the addition of the Detroit sound, this was it, three different languages, disco, house and techno. They could all translate the same message together or apart from one another. With his fluent style, these languages reflect his DJ'ing as well as the tracks he's now composing, which is his way of furthering the evolution of dance music.

For the future, Terry is going beyond just knowing his machines. This sound is put to the test on his releases on Robsoul, Definitive, Control, Funk'd, Chicago Housing Commission, Aciiieeed, and on his own imprint, Catalyst Recordings. Through his label he has released projects for the likes of DJ Sneak, Ian Pooley, Halo Varga, Mazi, Angel Alanis & TJR, as well as for himself under the monikers, Acid OG's, Speakerphreaker, Tone Broke, and as Serotonin project on Richie Hawtin and John Acquaviva's former imprint Definitive which featured Terry's track "Sidewinder" on the Chemical Brothers "Brother's Gonna' Work It Out" Mix CD. Additionally, Terry gained notoriety for his records under the alias Speakerphreaker which includes the largely successful "Products Of Our Environment" EP, on Catalyst, which was featured on Pete Tong's essential selection on BBC Radio 1 in the UK, & "La Nina/Nickel Bag Da Funk" EP on Smile Records, which was licensed to several top DJ mix compilations. Terry's DJ'ing, label and tracks have earned him a reputation that extends worldwide. Never one to follow the masses, he borrowed from each genre to create what we all know to be Terry's sound, putting a bad ass twist on an otherwise conservative house scene. This man is truly a living legend.

J-STAR [Techno]
Chapel hill, NC
With over 15 years in the EDM community, J-star will get your body moving with her signature style of driving techno that flirts with the hard and the dark. In just a few short years J-star has quickly become a force to be reckoned with on the decks. Partnering with husband Billie Blaze, she co-found the Diffuse Audio collective with the goal of bringing like-minded EDM connoisseurs together to bring underground EDM to the masses.
Catch her live every Sunday on Diffuse Audio's Sundaze Sessions:

Turnstyle,, Richmond, VA

R.O.E. [Techno]
VA Pressure, HRVA
(Rules of Engagement) consists of djs Brian Lindsay and Patrick Currier. Watch out for these two fusing tribal/german/detroit techno in all their tag sets. Keep on the look out for some techno releases.

Funk It Productions | VA Pressure | NSB Radio UK | W.E. Recordings
Paranoid Androidz are Virginia's premier Breakbeat DJ Team. Whether you've heard them on their weekly radio show on the #1 breakbeat radio station in the world, NSB Radio, or at one of the many shows they've rocked along the Atlantic coast, Paranoid Androidz will make you move your feet! The group is comprised of veteran DJs Vinyl Alchemist, Konversion, and Rican. Check out their show, The Downstairs Mixup Show, every Sunday from 6 PM - 8PM EST on for the best in breakbeat.

[Drum & Bass]
The Annex, VA Pressure, NOVA

[Progressive Electro House]
Binary Sound / Richmond, VA

BRIAN BASSIK [Progressive Electro House]
VA Pressure

Thursday, December 8, 2011

RANDOMNESS: “State of The Art” by Greg Sharp & Ivan Dixon

Gotye - State Of The Art - official film clip from Gotye on Vimeo.

A gorgeous new piece from Melbourne based Rubber House. It’s a music video for the Gotye song State Of The Art, from their new album Making Mirrors.
- Cartoon Brew

Source: Cartoon Brew

Monday, December 5, 2011

RANDOMNESS: Ableton DJing: Battle Style Effects Processors!

The Explanation of the set up:

The Game Play of the set up:

Source:[DJ Tech Tools]

The full article can be found under the source link.

My question to you all is this still DJing?

I'm inclined to say yes. The tools and medium may change but the its the end result. Playing music for people to dance to. Now will I be rushing off to reconfigure my gig? Oh hells no. But its exciting to see what others are doing.

Monday, November 28, 2011

FTA Music: Edward the Librarian: Rusty Junglist: V014


The Rusty Junglist Show is Jungle in its purest form. DMV beltway massive turn your bass up to stun as we are going on a musical throw down.


Edward The Librarian


Podcast Link:



Track List:
01) Co Rok Stuff - The Joker
02) Ghost Town Feat. DJ Concept - Ed Solo & Deekline
03) LK (Remixed By M.I.S.T) - DJ Marky & XRS
04) Love & Happiness - Tommy Boy
05) Bomber Style - Aphrodite
06) MA2 (Kenny Ken & Mace Remix) - DJ SS
07) The Jungle - Sigma
08) The Boogiee - The Prisoners Of Technology
09) The Rhythm the Rhythm - D.E.D
10) All That Jazz Feat. MC Darrison (Mosquito Remix) - DJ Fresh
11) Code Red (Serial Killaz VIP Remix) - Conquering Lion
12) The Force is Electric - Ed Rush

Thank you for downloading the Rusty Junglist into your life I hope you enjoy this musical adventure.

I would like to pay some respects to the DMV Junglist that fuel the scene. Blaze One, TRA 35, Jungle Jesse, DJ Stress, Mr. Rodgers, Eternal, VA Pressure, and a big beautiful shout out to Turnstyle down in Richmond, VA. For EDM records, clothing, equipment repair and more. Turnstyle got what you need, made love for that store.


Saturday, November 26, 2011

Edward the Librarian: Drum & Bass - 10 Minute Mix: 001

This is not fully a 10 minute mix as the camera I was using to record it only allowed me to record for 7 minutes. But its my first attempt to make a 10 minute mix.

Why do a 10 minute mix? Well while trolling YouTube for cat videos I kept running it to these 10 minute mix videos. They have been around forever from what I can tell. Even DJ Tutor has a part of their site dedicated to 10 minute mix competitions [here]. So I was curious to see what all the fuss was about.

First off as someone that plays long format style a couple of hours at a time, 10 minutes is freakishly short. But 10 minutes is the goal so about 4 songs, the top of the evening / the climax of your set. Ok I think I've got this.

MA2 (Kenny Ken & Mace Remix) - DJ SS
Lights Lock Off - Mickey Finn & Dub vs D.Bo General (Limited Edition Promo)
The Jungle - Sigma
Bunn The Sensi (Heretic Remix) - Top Cat

Well for the first go around it was not bad. A little weird juggling a video camera, a audio recorder and then Serato. But its all part of the new territory I guess. ba ha.

Respect to:
Friends & Family, VA Pressure, DJ Ravine, ellaskins & DJ Tutor, Ohio Hardcore, Headroom, Universal Groove, 3D Productions, TurnStyleOnline, WRIR FM, NOVA Massive & Junglist world wide.

Thanks for watching & happy Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


LIONDUB INTERNATIONAL: LIONDUB OFFERS HI-QUALITY CUSTOM ANALOG DUB SIREN ...: Liondub International is now offering Custom printed Analog Dub Siren Boxes at an affordable rate all inclusive of shipping, handling and custom full color printing. Please email : for order inquiries.

Analog toys! Got to love them
-The Librarian

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Edward the Librarian joins up with VA Pressure

Been meaning to announce this for a second. As for a few weeks ago I joined the rank and file of VA Pressure. I've been watching VA Pressure over the last year and have been very impressed with not only what they put on but what they stand for.

VA Pressure is a collective of DJs who spin all styles of EDM who promote each other/ throw events/ and bring quality music to the scene in the VA area! We stay moving to keep you moving!

Thanks Patrick Currier for inviting me on to the team. I look forward to what the future will bring.

- The Librarian

OTHER EVENTS: (Follow Up ) Aphrodite presented by 3D Productions At Ultra Bar

Before I talk about the event and how much fun it was. I want to take a second and recognize the power and the responsibility of the warm up DJ. As its an art and a craft all to its own with its own set of rules and nomenclatures. This is a note for both DJs and promoters alike.

DJ JUNGLE JESSIE & BLAZE ONE my hats off to you both. You rocked a solid classic ragga set. The tempo was good, the vibe was right, it looked like you has some technical issues but you both played them off well. I look forward to seeing you both play out again. It also helps that both of you were wicked nice and personable. Blaze One I hope you enjoy the demo I passed to you.

Props given. On to the main event...

The God Father of Jungle

Photo Caption: Beatplantation @ Druckluft Oberhausen Germany August 2011
Photo Source: []

♛ DJ Aphrodite ♛
aka Gavin King's career in DJing and production has spanned 16 years and under various guises, 'Godfather of jungle', 'King of the Beats' and more is responsible for introducing, entertaining and moving millions of Drum and Bass fans across the globe...

It was a friend of mind that commented "well we will see how the night goes he [Aphrodite] can be hit of miss".

That reminder took me down a notch and reminded me to never meet my hero's. BA HA. So when he dropped his first track and it was not what I expected in sound, style or tempo I just rolled with the punches. His set was new, upbeat with sprinkling reminders of the classic tunes we have all grown up with wrapped up in a Drumstep beat pattern. Any disappointment I (or anyone else) had is purely our own fault for now seeking out his newer recorded sets, this morning I spent a few hours checking out his new work. Its good but admittedly when I rolled to Ultra Bar last night, I kept Aphrodite in a time capsule of the mid to late 1990's. A friend of mine Mr. Rodgers once commented that "Drum & Bass is all about the future thats why he couldn't play old school tunes all night."

All and all, mad props to 3D Productions, Ultra Bar, Jungle Jessie, Blaze One, Kying of Thievez, & Aphrodite. It was a night I will not soon forget.

Photo Caption: Ultrabar going off during Aphrodite's set. Can you spot the Librarian? Photo by Raf from 3D Productions
Photo Source: []

Special Shout out to "Mamma" the Mighty Dancer, & the New Zealanders who were wicked fun to talk to.

Blaze One Facebook
Jungle Jessie Facebook

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

RANDOMNESS: Technics Official Statement... End of an Era

Well its not like i did not see this coming but its still pain full.

I got my first set of Technics 1200's in the summer of 1997, since then turntable has been the hart of my DJ medium of choice. Even when I started exploring Serato & Traktor I always used the turntable as a controller.

Oh well anyone selling their decks I may hord a pair for back up? LOL. No serious.


Monday, November 14, 2011

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

FTA MUSIC: Edward the Librarian : Junglist Co-Op Demo

So for anyone thats bumped in to me recently I've been passing out a demo called "Junglist Co-Op". Now if your running a itunes / of have a player that does not read CD-Text here is the play list.

Play List:
Ganga Farmer - Aries
BM Funkster - Aphrodite
Promised Land - Rebel MC & Serial Killaz
Junglist - Rebel MC (Serial Killaz Remix)
It's a Pitty - Tanya Stephens (Unknown Remix)
Tribal Natty - Tribe of Issachar (Aphrodite Remix)
Mash You Down - Serial Killaz
Everyman has a Right (vocal Mix) - UK Apache & Mir Crew
Bunn The Sensi - Top Cat (Serial Killaz Remix)
Poison Dart - DJ Probe & Sylo
Da Hitman - Marvellous Caine (Serial Killaz Dance Floor Remix)
Sweet Harmony - Danny Byrd

Hope you all enjoy. Burn it, and feel free to pass it on.
- The Librarian

OTHER EVENTS: RAVE. Washington, DC 11.11.11

B.A.D.ASS presents... "RAVE."

$20 tix on sale until Nov 5 // $25 thereafter
18+ to RAVE
located in Washington DC
(email badassraves at yahoo dot com with "rave" as subject for details)
9:00pm - 4:00am



a second annual November birthday celebration and UV reactive event, featuring:

15 dj's
3 rooms of music
multiple chillout zones
pillow room
multiple UV blast cannons


(wear a white shirt that says "rave" written across the front to join in on the shenanigans!)


(free highlighters will be distributed at the door so you can draw on other people & they will glow under the blacklights)

This is the 2nd annual November birthday celebration hosted by B.A.D.ASS, celebrating for hundreds of our core members/friends/family.

Wanna get in on the fun? Everyone is encouraged to follow suit with what we all did last year:

1) Print the word "RAVE." in black Arial font on a white piece of paper
2) Take said piece of paper and hold it up for a picture
3) Post said picture as your default photo
4) Tag "Badasz Raves" in the aforementioned default photo
5) Win at life.
6) Rave.

9pm - Peter Psaltakis (house)
10pm - Steve Bugbee (techno)
11pm - The Octopus (electro)
12am - Malphunktion (house)
1am - DJ Who (house)
2am - DJ 2rip (it's a surprise)
3am - Tavo (trance)


9pm - Jungle Jessie
10pm - Render One
11pm - TriggaHappy
12am - Quannum Logic
1am - Muramasa & Hyx
3am - Kyng of Thieves

9pm - GLock (dubstep)
10pm - Unknown DJ (breaks)
11pm - Sinestro (techno)
12am - Grime Syndicate (dubstep)
1am - Dance Edit (breaks)
2am - Maximilian (dubstep)
3am - Knoxbox (dubstep)


9pm - 12am - Ramz, Dainbramage & Christauff (tech-house)
12am - 1:30am - Ron Delay (deep progressive house & downtempo)
1:30am - 3am - Cosmo (downtempo & chillout)


Source: []

Notes from the Librarian:

Monday, November 7, 2011

RANDOMNESS: Dub to Jungle 2011 Tour Documentary

Kane FM documented and captured the Dub to Jungle tour 2011; the film explores the living history of bass culture with interviews with Channel One Sound System, Congo Natty, Tenor Fly, Klose One, Nanci & Phoebe. We also speak with the stakeholder and Director of Punch Records Ammo Talwar and promoters about the concept behind the tour.

Roots reggae has been cited by many music critics of the 20th century as the mother of many modern music forms. Born from the garrisons of Jamaica this music has given a voice to disaffected peoples of all cultures and all backgrounds around the world. The messages of rebellion and truth seeking that roots provides struck a chord across the globe.

In the 1990′s artists like Ragga Twins, Rebel Mc & Lennie De Ice began to fuse roots reggae with acid house. Jungle techno, or as it was first called, 4beat, was born. Jungle is the child of reggae, conceived by the union of Jamaican sound system culture and British acid house music.

Director / Interviews -- Chris Jones / Producer -- Nick Hayman@ Burningwick / Elliot Seeds @ Motion Graphics / Sound Man -- Alpesh Patel / Camera -- Squeaky Clean, Sophie Akehurst, Ben Cornish.

Thanks to Ammo Talwar, Rachel Bevan, Jack Vagabondz, Gurpreet Bilkhu @ Punch, Anthony @ Kontakt, Gentlemens Dub club, Luke Murray, Jess @ Patchwork, James @ Take the Whole Cake, Channel One Sound System, Congo Natty, Tenor Fly, Nanci & Phoebe, Klose One (Ruairi), NOISE CONTROL AUDIO, Dubkasm & Vibtronics

Source: [YouTube / Junglist Manifesto]

Sunday, November 6, 2011

FOLLOW UP: HEADZ: Friday Nov.4th. @ 9:30 Backstage Bar


You can laugh all you like but thats what it felt like. Imagine being transported 10 plus years with a couple of friends, a bunch of strangers and some of the DC Jungle / DnB veterans. Mix in a small backbar with minimal lighting and Presto you have HEADZ.

Most of the night was dedicated to those old school tunes which only aided in the mental rewind of the times. Sure many of us were older showing some grey and have moved on from the party scene but as we all were rocking out and calling for the rewind, it acted as a reminder that we all have a shared foundation in a not to distant past.

Although you can never relive the past, Friday night acted as a reminder that we all have a role to play in the future of music. Matt Rodgers said it best "...we have to educate the people about where their music came from..." I could not agree more.

To all the DJ's that played DJK, Eternal, Psykofly, Quannum Logic, Harry Ransom, Locks, Stress & Matt Rogers (& MC Mecha). Thank you for reminding me of the amazing wealth of tunes that have come before. I found myself continually running over to the booth to remind myself who wrote a track or what the name of a particular tune was.

On that note Eternal posted up his set from that night! So if you did happen to miss it here is a blast from your past.

Eternal - HEADZ 9:30 Backbar
1. Dillinja - Muthafucka (Philly Blunt '95)
2. Dillinja - Chronic 13 (1997)
3. DJ Krust - Chronic 5 (1996)
4. Pascal - P-Funk Era (Frontline '95)
5. DJ Trace - By Any Means Necessary (DeeJay '95)
6. Doc Scott - Drums '95 (Metalheadz '95)
7. Krome & Time - The License Rmx (Tearin Vinyl '95)
8. Sappo - Dope Man (Flex '96)

MP3: [Download]

Harry Ransom - HEADZ 9:30 Backbar
1. Basher & Xtrah – “Reflections” (Subtitles)
2. Fierce & S.P.Y. – “Borderline” (Quarantine Recordings)
3. Dose – “Squander” (Human Imprint)
4. Need For Mirrors – “Lofar” (Metalheadz)
5. Emalkay – “The World feat. Lena Cullen (Teebee Remix)” (Dub Police)
6. Enei – “Movin’ Fast” (Critical Recordings)
7. Icicle & Commix – “Ultra Clean” (Shogun Audio)
8. Rido – “Focus” (Metalheadz)
9. Cyantific – “Touch Me” (Ram Records)
10. Break – “Something New” (Symmetry Recordings)
11. Need For Mirrors – “Skip Rope” (Symmetry Recordings)
12. Optiv & BTK – “Get Ready” (Dispatch Recordings)
13. Keaton & Hive – “Resolution” (Renegade Hardware)
14. J Majik & Wickaman – “Old Headz” (Metalheadz)

MP3: [Download]

If you all can't tell I still reeling a bit from the weekend. Props to Steve for inviting me out and playing the old school tunes. Wicked props to Rich & Matt for destroying the dance floor its always great seeing you both. A shout to Dan, I look forward to hearing your feed back on the demo I was handing out.

Finally, to everyone else that made it out. Thank you. You all made the evening an amazing success. We all may have gotten older but I'll be damned if anyone can say the old school can't party hard.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

RANDOMNESS: Capital Ghost Story by Ill Omen

Image Source:[]

Halloween ghost story for those who know: I am staying in DC for work this week. My company booked the hotel late in the game so I am little farther out from the convention center. I thought I recognized the area but it had been a while so I wasn't 100% sure since I came in from a different direction. I decided I wanted a McFlurry last night, since there was little else to satisfy my sweet tooth within walking distance. I exited the Hotel and walked past recently cleared lots and new business and apartment high rise buildings - and walked right past the ghost of Nation (aka Capitol Ballroom). Gave me a slight chill. I stopped for a bit and over the dull rush of nearby 395 traffic, I could hear people standing in 2 separate lines discussing the last time they had seen "DJ So-and-So". Exchanging urban rave legends and bragging about a new mixed tape. The sound of promoters handing out flyers and spreading the word about a nearby up and coming event. Bums asking for some "help" by offering to protect your car from possible vandalism. I caught glimpses of myself and groups of friends dressed to impress, intent on one-upping each other on the dance floor. I stood on that piece of sidewalk for almost 2 minutes before moving on. Best paranormal experience I have had in a looooooong time.
- Ill Omen

Story & Image Source:

Librarian Notes: I felt compelled to re-post this as Capitol Ballroom / Nations had such a huge impact on the DJs & Party goers in this region. Personally was hit pretty hard by this post and how true it resonated with my own memories and emotions. Respect to Ill Omen for this post.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

FTA EVENT (follow up): Edward The Librarian @ WRIR Third Edition 10.22.11

Everytime I roll out of Richmond listening to WRIR 97.3 FM on my way back to NOVA I wish the signal was just a bit stronger.

Big ups to WRIR 97.3 FM for having me out on a chilly Saturday night to warm up the air waves with some old school Jungle tunes!

Turnstyle (Joanna O. & Jesse) Thank you for always treating me like long lost family. I always look forward my monthly record buying sprees because of your hospitality.

Thanks to all those that phoned in asking about tracks or just sending shouts its good to know your all appreciating the tunes I'm digging out.

Edward The Librarian @ WRIR Third Edition 10.22.11 Podcast:

Stream from Source

Download MP3


OTHER EVENTS: HEADZ: Friday Nov.4th. @ 9:30 Backstage Bar

A special 9:30 Backbar DRUM & BASS Session:
Doors Open: 11pm-3am
Age Restrictions: 21+
Dress Code: None

DJ Line Up:
• Stress & Matt Rogers
• Harry Ransom & Locks
• Psykofly & Quannum Logic
• DJK & Eternal

Special guest MC Mecha


Additional Commentary: I've had a delightful few months now getting to know Eternal. Mad props to that cat and his amazing record selection. I can't wait to hit the dance floor and shake my ass to some old school tunes.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Other Events: CRUSH! 11.13.11 @ Central 111/Venue 112 [VA Beach VA]

We are back again to bring you CRUSH! We hit you with Smack it! Flip it! and Get -O-Bit Wasted....all stellar shows! we will not disappoint with this one either! Come party with us Veteran's day weekend!
Line up and more info TBA! stay tuned!....we are going HARD on this one!

(drum and bass)
Guerilla recordings. New York, NY

SILENT KILLER, hailing from Brooklyn, NYC has proved himself as a serious force in the industry after the release of his albums, Everyone Bleeds, Amongst Villains and collaborating with some of the most talented artists in the Drum N Bass, Breakcore and Dubstep genre.
Silent Killer has been carving out a name for himself with a long time partner in crime, Breaker and working with heavyweights such as SCORN, Counterstrike, End.user, UFO!, KJ Sawka, DJ Hidden, Cooh, Gein and others. His tunes have a huge support from DJ's, and audiences, infecting underground music scene with his unique approach to music. He has released records on notable indie music Labels such as Ohm Resistance, Human, Obliterati, Guerilla, Counterstrike, Algorythm.”

BREAKER, DJ and producer originally raised constantly traveling between Germany, London, New York, California, Oklahoma and now based back in Brooklyn, New York City from where he runs his own Guerilla Recordings. Heavy influenced by death metal, punk music, hip-hop, industrial, and gabber. With releases out and forthcoming Breaker tunes receive play at the hands of artists & Dj's like Dieselboy, Counterstrike, Submerged, Gein, Cooh, Black Sun Empire, Future Prophecies, DJ Hidden & Eye D, Photek, Chris Renegade, Amaning, Reid Speed, DStar, Mason, Capital J, Ewun, & The Upbeats. With material on Diesel Boy's Human Imprint, Counterstrike's new imprint "Counterstrike Recordings,",His own imprint "Guerilla Recordings", and forthcoming debut album on home bass "Ohm Resistance". Breaker's already accomplished with much in store for the future of music.
Within 5 years of making records, Breaker has done and is currently remixing, collaborating and producing work with names like Atari Teenage Riot, Angelo Moore (Lead Singer & Saxophonist of Fishbone) Norwood Fisher ( Founder & Bassist of Fishbone), CX KiDTRONiK ( 8 Bit sounds & Vocalist of Atari Teenage Riot), Billy Danze ( M.O.P), Lords of Acid, DJ Mea (Lead Vocalist of Lords of Acid ), Lady Kier ( Vocalist of Dee Lite), Silent Killer, Counterstrike, Gein, Cooh, Donny, Scorn ( Drummer of Napalm Death), Submerged ( Bassist of Blood of Heroes ) , DJ Hidden, Enduser ( Beats of Blood of Heroes), KJ Sawka ( Drummer of Pendulum ), Dr Isreal, Toshinori Kondo, and more world class artists across the planet!

Juan Zapata of the East Coast Boogiemen

Everybody Loves Music | Odds and Ends | Amenti
If you don’t like the sound of the East Coast Boogiemen you probably don’t like House music or dance music for that matter. ECB are tops amongst D.C.’s musical artists. ECB’s music has appeared on CDs by Miguel Migs, Jay-J, DJ Heather, Mark Farina and Derrick Carter’s LIVE at OM. Juan Zapata has received critical praise across the globe for an innovative style of funky ass House music. He’s one of my all-time favorite acts, if not my favorite, from the D.C... Baltimore area. You got to see this guy throw down live.

Noistek Vs Karma (drum and bass) Digital conspiracy Baltimore, MD

Fuzz (breaks/electro) VA Pressure, Roanoke, VA

Brian Lindsay (electro house) Plasmapool/Traktor/VA Pressure VA Beach, VA

The Venture Brothers (BASS and mayhem) VA Pressure/Miles-A-Head Richmond, VA/DC

TFI (drum and bass) RVALFO/3D/VA Pressure/Radon Recordings/Pound009/
known for his original DnB and his rapid fire pick em up put em down mentality when he runs through vinyl, TFI will keep it flippin from start to finish. US

JMungz (electro house) Euphoric Richmond, VA

Joe Ytuarte (DUB, Minimal, Techno) VA Pressure Norfolk, VA

William Dieter
(progressive) VA Pressure Richmond, VA

PK! (dirty electro) Solace/TNT Poquoson, VA

Pistol Sooz (ragga drum and bass) VA Pressure Norfolk, VA

Sonik (drum and bass) VA Pressure VA Beach, VA

Lighting and lasers by source productions!
extra bass by RVALFO!



$5 before 10pm....$10 after

*Official flyer will be released soon!

Central 111/Venue 112
401 N Great Neck Road Suit 111/112
VA Beach VA

Other Events: Konkrete Jungle DMV 10.28.11 @ Sweet Spot (part2)

Thanks to the amazing support and success of the first Konkrete Jungle
NOVA party back in September, we have been asked to take over the DC, Maryland and Virginia chapters!!

Cerium Productions now presents ::::: The newly restructured Konkrete Jungle DMV at Sweet Spot in NW DC on 10/28!!! With a Halloween Party that you don't want to miss::The Costume contest!!!! $100cash for First Place::Second Place gets guest list for nex...t KJ DMV event::Third Place gets drink tickets for the night:: People that dress up get presale ticket price at the door! I hope you guys are ready to get this Halloween weekend started with some Heavy Artillery Heavyweights. Just look below for all the info on the artist we have in store for you on this night of EDM all stars.

Buy Limited Advanced Tickets here $12 :

Sweet Spot
1140 19th Street, NW
Washington, DC

Doors open @ 9pm
Tickets: $12/presale | $15/door
Wear A Costume And Get The Presale Price At The Door***
Ages: 18 to enter | 21 to drink


Line Up:

Headhunterz Inc.(DC): Flatline Audio, Big H, Mantis Sound System

Gangsta Fun (MD): Heavy Artillery Recordings:Basstarded Digital:Bass Clash

Gambit: Heavy Artillery Records( MD)| Ultragore Records| Simplify Records!/GambitDubstep

Grime Syndicate(DC): Heavy Artillery Recordings | Tharsis Records

Frankie Bass (DC): Propa Talent Inc.|3D Productions Outlook SkateBoards

Dirty Nitrous (PA):81 Massive/7-17/Booty Basics

With Your Host MC Thinkbox

More TBA.....

Don't Miss this sick event!!

Buy Limited Advanced Tickets here $12 :

Friday, October 21, 2011

FTA EVENT: Edward the Librarian on WRIR 10.22.11

Standing at 5'10, weighing in at 153lbs, give it up for this man right here! Returning to Richmond's WRIR to fill you ears with some serious sound. So give it up for the DJ! EDWARD THE LIBRARIAN!!!!!!!

Saturday Night from 9-11pm on Richmond's WRIR 97.3FM, Edward the Librarian will be live and in the mix. Pulling tracks from all over the Jungle/ Drum & Bass ethos.

Catch the set on AIR or STREAMING.

OTHER EVENTS: Collecting and Curating African Music

Imaging South Africa: Collection Projects by Siemon Allen

August 27 – October 31, 2010
Virginia Commonwealth University | School of the Arts | Anderson Gallery
907 1/2 West Franklin Street, Richmond, VA 23284-2514

This exhibition offered the most comprehensive presentation to date of South African artist Siemon Allen’s “collection projects.” Over the last decade, Allen has created expansive installations of various mass-produced ephemera—postal stamps, newspapers, audio recordings—that he has methodically acquired and catalogued. In terms of process, he approaches each project like an archivist, researching and assembling artifacts to disclose underlying narratives about their production, dissemination, use, and message. Allen employs the social critique that inevitably arises from his work as a means of interrogating what he describes as “the contradictory and complex nature of South African identity.”

- Fan Works Design
- Anderson Gallery

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

RANDOMNESS: dBridge in the Studio with Sera

SOURCE: [YouTube]

Now this is interesting. I run a label but I dj music not a medium. Its a good argument but listening to the Dub Step producers moan about "toppy" sounding CD and MP3 keeps me thinking.

The Librarian

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


OK OK OK I'm here to set the record straight not all DJ's are cat lovers. Come on we can't all be shut ins can we be?


The Librarian

RANDOMNESS: Red Bull Music Academy with MARCUS INTALEX

"Hailing from Burnley near Manchester, Marcus Intalex was on the spot when dance culture blew up at the Hacienda. Since then he's journeyed to bass extremes, been through the vaults of Detroit techno, and got to the essence of flavourful drum 'n' bass. His love of finding new music, and new old music, has served him well as a producer (solo and with projects such as M.I.S.T); as a record label head (Soul:R and Intalex Productions), and as a DJ. His advice? Even when hyping up the dancefloor, you should try to explore new territory, outside of safe & cosy genre definitions."


The Librarian

RANDOMNESS: Red Bull Music Academy with DBRIDGE

"When you meet him in daylight D-Bridge is a laidback and calm fellow. But at night he turns out to be the producer of the grittiest and grimiest tunes in drum 'n' bass. Based in London, D-Bridge has literally helped to give birth to to the scene with a couple of seminal jungle classics. At the legendary Metalheadz sessions he learned to appreciate the best of both worlds: energy through bass. As a pioneer who has shaped the course of drum 'n' bass, he lays out his precise views on the up’s and down’s of the scene. Luckily D-Bridge is not one of the many drum 'n' bass artists who flirted with the mainstream, fell off and has since never been seen again. Instead he stayed true to the music as the drum 'n' Bass scene changed into more diverse directions."


The Librarian

Monday, September 26, 2011

RANDOMNESS: Red Bull Music Academy with Zinc

"DJ Zinc may have named himself after a mineral, but he's always got lots of gems to share. Swept away by the acid house movement as a teen, Zinc rose to fame as a top DJ and producer from the advent of drum 'n' bass, and it's a position he has yet to relinquish. A globetrotting selecta and renowned producer via his own Bingo label, he watched the d 'n' b genre evolve from its house and old-school gene pool, grow through its ragga and hip hop-inflected phases, to the now-tangled web of styles that is today's bass music. As part of Ganja Kru (Parousia), he rolls with like-minded renegades Rude Bwoy Monty, DJ Hype and Pascal. He also bangs it out in collaboration with Dope Skillz on Hype's True Playaz imprint. Ever the innovator, Zinc toyed with tension with his LP Faster, a blazing LP which accelerated in bpm's with each track. He's also responsible for the Crack House parties, twisting his style to explore raw funky templates. Also a vital player in dubstep's continued march on the mainstream, when the beats roll like dis, you really have to Zinc on your feet!"

Source []

RANDOMNESS: Red Bull Music Academy with Fabio

"If you want to know about the drum and the bass, listen to Mr. Fabio. Having broken through in the late '80s playing funk and rare groove on London pirate station Phase One, he was somewhere towards the centre of pretty much any new movement in British electronic music for nearly a decade after. Popularising the super smooth liquid funk genre, the likes of Calibre and High Contrast must surely remember to send him a card every christmas. Anyone who listens to his weekly Radio 1 show with buddy Grooverider knows he hasn't got that husky a voice, yet he's still considered 'The Godfather'. Go figure."

Source []

OTHER NEWS:'s article on TurnStyle

Turnstyle: Indie Records in Richmond

"Sure, the First Fridays Art Walk was beginning to give the area a boost, but an independent record store catering to techno, house, jungle, break beats, drum and bass and all things electronic music in this particular neighborhood in downtown Richmond—are you kidding me?"

Read the full article [HERE] on

Big ups to Turnstyle. Much respect.

The Librarian

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

FTA Event: 9.20.11: Sending Sessions with The Librarian CANCLED

Sorry folks looks like the night was doubled booked. But never fear I'm working on rescheduling right now.

-The Librarian

RANDOMNESS: The New Face of Vinyl

The New Face of Vinyl: Youth's Digital Devolution

To bad they are not visiting DMV. Still stoked about the project.

-The Librarian

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

FTA EVENT: 9.20.11: Sending Sessions with The Librarian

Sending Sessions with The Librarian
@ Sportrock(SR2)

Spent the evening digging around for b-sides and unearthing some older classic tunes that will carry a wicked punch. I'm leaving the laptop at home for more frequency. MU HAHAHAHAHA.

RANDOMNESS: Sick B-Boys in Holland


Happy Tuesday

-The Librarian

Sunday, September 4, 2011

OTHER EVENTS: 9.10.11: DMV's Operation:" Bass for Freedom" FT. JAE KENNEDY/AN0DYNE/GAMBIT

Get your bass faces ready, as it is time for another rager brought to you with help from OverTone Promotions, DMV Promotions, and One Nation Under Groove. We are also going to support our troops and those people who have given their lives for our freedom and safety.

Other local talent and event info featured below

We will have 2 stages of awesome sound, lighting, and decor to keep your eyes and ears smiling all night long! We will have plenty of your local favorites, as well as a possible special guest! This is definitely a show you do not wanna miss! As well as the amazing, lights, sound, DJ's, etc..Camping will be welcome, drums encouraged, burning welcome...more "attractions" to be added.

For more info including access to the party please contact Dannie and Mike @ dannieandmikevines@yahoo.c​om. We will give you the link to go onto PayPal to pay for your tickets. Pricing is as follows: $15 before the event, $20 at the gate. VIP tickets are $25 each and we have a limited amount. VIP will include closer parking, 3 raffle tickets, with a chance to win a free bottle of Jim Beam Special Edition, and all access. Single raffles will be available for $1. A portion of the proceeds will be going to the Wounded Warriors and the Terry Farrell Fire Fighters Fund. I (Dannie Sherman) was a Volunteer Fire Fighter in Fairfax County for about 6 years, so I know what these guys go through. So, with that said, we will also be giving a military/firefighter discount as well (with proper ID). With your proper ID, you will only pay $10 for entry! : )

We are looking forward to serving it up proper with fresh and filthy dubs, and supporting our local community in the process.

::Lineup/Set times::

<::Drum n Bass/Drumstep Stage::>

6p-7p- Jynx- Drum n Bass/Dubstep
7p-8p- RedHat- Glitchstep
8p-9:30p- Gunlion n Outtahere- Drum n Bass
9:30p-11p- Twizm n Chism- Drum n Bass/Drumstep
11p-12a- 5ive- Drum n Bass
12a-1a- Jae Kennedy- Drum n Bass
1a-2a- Split Mantis- Drum n Bass/Drumstep/Dubstep
2a-3a- Noistek- Dark Drum n Bass
3a-4a- DTL Contraversy- Drum n Bass
4a-5a- Nonchalant- Drum n Bass
5a-6a- Record Cutter- Breaks

<::Electro/Dubstep Stage::>

6p-7p- Bortz
7p-8p- Wigz- Dubstep
8p-9p- Jimne' Jacked
9p-10p- Child Snatcher- Dubstep
10p-11p- Shaun Cox- Moombahcore
11p-12a- Gambit- Dubstep
12a-1a- An0dyne- Dubstep/Drumstep/Drum and Bass
1a-2a- Ham Bears (Rx n Obscure)- Electro
2a-3a- Christian Dope- Electro
3a-4a- Hotpock3tz- Electro/Fidget/Dubstep
4a-5a- Sahn the Barbarian- Electro/Dubstep
5a-6a- Digital Mizchief- Psy-trance

:::Lineup subject to change:::

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

FTA Music: Edward the Librarian: Scales & Wax / Rusty Junglist: V013

This episode of the Rusty Junglist show was recorded live during a marathon all wax session for Scales & Wax. For those that missed this epic adventure of art & music, this event was the brain child of Mal Jones and myself. We wanted to combine our passions of music and painting to see what would spring forth. The Painting above and the music below is the product of this event. Thanks to everyone that came out. Much respect.

Edward The Librarian
Podcast Link:


001) Welcome to Jam Rock - Unknown
002) Code Red (Serial KillazRMX) - Conquering Lion
003) Tribal Natty(Aphrodite RMX) - Tribe of Issachar
004) Mash You Down - Serial Killaz
005) Killa Klash - Serial Killaz
006) Everyman has a Right (vocal) - Nuttah Beats
007) Herb Comes - Blood Warriors
008) 8-Bit Cosmos - Bop
009) Truly One - Original Unknown
010) Da Hitman (Serial Killaz Rollout Dub Mix) - Marvellous Cane
011) Grand Theft Auto 2 - Drumsound & Bassline Smith
012) Bonus Level - Dirtyphonics
013) It's a Pitty - Tanya Stephens
014) Spy Hunter - JG
015) Bad Ass (Dope Ammo RMX) - Micky Finn & Aphrodite
016) Stronger - Sigma
017) Dragon Fly VIP - Lemonde
018) Human Error - Human Error
019) The Smoker (Tantrum Desire) - Shimon & Sparfunk
020) Kill Bill - Dope Ammo
021) Tarantula - Pendulum & Fresh
022) Game Over - TC
023) Put You Hands Up - Tantrum Desire
024) 1Up - Spor
025) Adult Robot Kung Fu - Terravita
026) Blood Sugar - Pendulum
027) Throat (RMX) - Wosh & King Tut
028) Listen To the Rythem - Aphrodite
029) Feeeeeel- Prisoners of Technology
030) Enta Da Dragon - DJ Red
031) Bounce - Mindscape
032) Labyrinth - Danny Byrd
033) Dribble - Muffler
034) Teleportation - Dirtyphonics
035) Stations - Inside Info
036) Lights Lock Off - Micky Finn & Erb N Dub
037) Prism - Phetsta
038) Beautiful (feat. Robert Owens) - Brookes Brothers
039) B.M. Funkster - Aphrodite
040) Tonight (feat. Netsky) - Danny Byrd
041) Fire Up - K. Tee, Friction
042) Beautiful Lies - B-Complex
043) Jupiter - Nightwalker
044) Rock It - Sub Focus
045) LK (M.I.S.T RMX) - Marky & XRS
046) Return to Paradise - XRS
047) Shake you Body - Shy FX & T Power
048) Sweet Harmony - Danny Byrd
049) Ready for the Weekend - (High Contrast RMX) - Calvin Harris

FTA MUSIC: Edward The Librarian: Social Lubrication V:020

Cross genre... errr scratch that! Tonight it all about Drum & Bass / Jungle music. I tackle a new podcast format where I drink a lot of coffee then try my hand at DJing and Talking at the same time. Will I sound like a blithering idiot? Probably. Do I care? Nope, its Social Lubrication Baby!

Edward the Librarian



Podcast Link:



Thursday, August 25, 2011

OTHER EVENTS: Konkrete Jungle NOVA: Saturday, 9.3.11 at Jaxx Nightclub

Welcome Konkrete Jungle NOVA, congratulations on opening a new chapter opening up in Springfield, VA!!!

For those not in the know, Konkrete Jungle is the longest consistently running Jungle/Drum and Bass event in the world. Konkrete Jungle got it's start humbly in 1994, at a little bar on Chrystie street in the Lower East Side of New York City to hosting events in some of the hottest clubs in the city and the nation, Konkrete Jungle has been an influential event for Dj's, producers, and "Junglists" who want to play, hear, and dance to quality Jungle/Drum and Bass. The history of Konkrete Jungle is a story of triumph, defeat, and rebirth; a story of memorable times, and way more to come.

Konkrete Jungle is upping the ante yet again, as a new chapter in the history of New York City Jungle/Drum and Bass fires up, Konkrete Jungle NOVA!!! Jaxx Nightclub, will never be the same.

We will be keeping everything super cool with two 42" industrial floor fans in the pit as well as some stellar Deco! Prepare yourself for an all out rinse out!

Line Up:
[San Francisco-based DJ, producer, and record label owner who has contributed to dozens of recordings in the drum and bass musical genre.]

Hyx & Houston
Render One
Bella Bounce

Doors open @ 9:30pm
Tickets are $15::Click here to purchase:: [HERE]

Jaxx Nightclub
6355 Rolling Road
Springfield, VA

Monday, August 22, 2011

FTA EVENT: Beat the Heat 6: Follow Up

Thanks to SportRock for having me out once again. Its humbling playing for such a strong and lively crowd. Much Respect.

Photo Credit [Nic Tan][Flickr]

Note about Nick Tan this man is a sick photographer check him out if you need images.

OTHER EVENTS: TRANSIT @ ICONS Wednesday [8.24.11]

Line Up:

8:00 - 9:00
Plate Techtoniks, Tribalistix, Futurewalk Entertainment

9:00 - 10:00
3D Productions, EXBC, D-Fect

10:00 - 11:10
SpecialAgent 137
BITN, Birthday Set

11:10 - 12:20
Joe Kopasek b2b Dj Nysus
~Anthem Breaks~
Give, Transit, Light it up, 3D, Buzzlife, Turnstyle

12:20 - 1:30
Drum Ritual, Flatline, Spun Recordings