Wednesday, August 29, 2012

RANDOMNESS: An Evening with RobOne & Surface Noise Productions

I spent an evening with Rob One from Surface Noise Productions, during which made a few things abundantly clear.

A) I'm a DJ not a sound engineer
B) I can have a great idea and have all the ground work started but I will need people like Rob One to make the most from my sound.
C) I really need to give Logic a second look. Ba Ha

Rob One gave me a preview of Logic and "scratched the surface" of what it can do evidently. From everything I saw Logic is a beast of a program with a lot of power. Especially when it comes to drilling down on a track and isolating the bass sounds that are overloading the mix. BA HA.

By the end of the evening we made a few tweeks to the track ended up spending a great deal of time just catching up and referencing books, records and talking about the use of major and minor chords in Jungle / Drum & Bass tracks. Which was totally needed as my brain was swimming from all the new program data I was trying to take in.

Big Props to Rob One at Surface Noise Productions for having me out and tearing apart my project.
- The Librarian

Monday, August 27, 2012

RANDOMNESS: How Clubbing Changed the World

RANDOMNESS: All rise for members of 'The Jungle Council' by Jamie S23

The Jungle Council, probably one of those undisclosed subjects only to be talked about in secret locations or at the back of your local record shop. A name the majority of under 30’s currently into the upfront Drum & Bass scene will probably never come across and a topic that nobody really knows too much about.

Cast your mind back to the glorious days of Jungle, where quality control was pretty high, record shops were in abundance and only a handful of producers, DJ’s and MC’s existed. It was this controlled environment that everyone seemed to thrive on, the ravers knew the big name artists, the bedroom DJs knew the labels to buy and large scale event promoters could be counted on one hand. The Jungle scene had pretty much exploded soon after its evolution from the Hardcore scene and while some DJ’s were still fusing the two styles it was clear which paths artists were going to follow. But the big question was, who was actually in control?

I think this is where the idea behind ‘The Jungle Council’ came in, that’s if the event actually happened but this is how I assume it went..

M-Beat featuring General Levy released ‘Incredible’ on Renk Records in the summer of 1994 which proved to be incredibly popular, both with the Jungle ravers and an unsuspecting commercial crowd. But who is this General Levy and why is he on a Jungle track? Why did he then go on to break the top40 sales chart and remain in the top 10 for 3 weeks? What was he doing on Top of the Pops? These questions surely need answers?

The story starts with members of the Jungle elite arranging a meeting to discuss General Levy, this probably happened around the time when he proclaimed, or so they say, that he ‘ran Jungle’. I picture the scene something along the lines of Rebel MC, Grooverider, Fabio, Shy FX, Goldie, Ray Keith, DJ Rap, 5ive-O, Moose and others getting together to bring down this ‘Incredible’ tune.

This was the first time that Jungle had seen commercial success, granted the likes of Smart-E’s rocketed the rave scene into the charts in 1992 with a rip off of the Sesame Street theme tune but in terms of Jungle music this was something unseen. Levy’s track was banned from sets across Jungle raves, even promoters were roped in on the act to ensure that ‘Incredible’ wasn’t played. You would be hard pressed to hear the track being played by any of the assumed members of the Council during the summer of ‘94.

5ive-O in true fashion famously ranted about General Levy at a Roast event in July 1994, the set can be found on Youtube here. Moose joins in on the action on the full set but 5ive-O is clearly dedicated to the cause of burying Levy as far into the ground as possible. It’s superb in some respect to hear the passion in his voice, his dedication to the cause as such - you have to give him credit for his public service announcements, even the one about the stolen jacket will go down in Jungle history.

It was documented in All Crews that the main grievance with ‘Incredible’ was that it gave Jungle to the wrong people, providing access to what was once a undiluted underground movement to the mainstream.

General Levy’s biggest downturn was probably signing an autograph “Maximum Big up, From De Origigional Junglist - General Levy”. Considering he was about as original as a ‘classic Jungle’ set by DJ Phantasy it was no wonder that this caused the problems it did.

I remember reading about the mass overload of Ragga influence in Jungle around and shortly after the release of Incredible. At first I think this was probably welcomed until the likes of every man and his dog was pushing out ‘Ragga Jungle Hits Volume 250’.

You have to give Shy FX and UK Apachi credit, considering they released Original Nutta in the same year and the track literally blew up. The reason why this track wasn’t also banned was probably because Shy FX did the groundwork releasing his first tune in 1992 and signing to SOUR shortly after, in 1994. This is the key difference between Shy FX and General Levy - he earned the respect and probably why Shy FX got away with releasing more commercially acceptable tunes such as Shake Ur Body and Don’t Wanna Know years later. That or the fact that by this point nobody seemed to care about foundation or understand where Shy FX came from.

‘Incredible’ reared its rinsed to death head in 2002, this time featuring on Ali G’s - Ali G Indahouse. This then led to the youth of that era incorrectly repeating the lyrics as “Jungle is massive” and spawned even more ‘Jungle’ compilations.

Kool FM’s Maddness interviewed DJ Rap in March this year and briefly touched on the subject.

During the interview, Rap is adamant she strongly opposed the movement and even offers to make a tune with Levy. The World Dance New Years Eve beef with Ray Keith also gets a mention, I am certain that if ‘The Jungle Council’ existed then, the actions at New Year 2000 are connected.

Download the interview via Mediafire here.

Rumours come and go and from time to time new pieces to the story are added - pieces that are potentially made up on forums to add some spice to certain events, like the tale of the council meeting around the start of the millenium to force producers to slow down the BPM of the music they were making. Did this ever happen? I have no idea but I suspect Fabio & Grooverider had something to do with it and Clipz had absolutely nothing to say on the subject!


OTHER MUSIC: All Prisoners of Technology Mix

All Prisoners of Technology mix

1) Prisoners of Technology - Total Control - Fresh Kutt 03 - 1997
2) Prisoners of Technology - Cold Blooded (Pay Up Mix) - Fresh Kutt 06 - 1998
3) Prisoners of Technology - FEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLL (Bruce’s Bonus Mix) - Fresh Kutt 01 - 1997
4) Prionsers of Technology - Intoxicate (Intense Mix) - Fresh Kutt 10 - 1999
5) Prionsers of Technology - Push Da Button (Fresh Mix) - Fresh Kutt 02 - 1996
6) Prisoners of Technology - Tha Boggiee (Freaks Mix) - Fresh Kutt 05 - 1998
7) Prisoners of Technology - One-Two (World Cup ‘98 Mix) - Fresh Kutt 07 - 1998
8) Prisoners of Technology - Mother Fu@’in Real (K Dub XXX Rated Mix) - Fresh Kutt 08 - 1998
9) Prisoners of Technology - Delikutt Beats (Remix) - Fresh Kutt 10 - 1999
10) Prisoners of Technology - The Trick Of Technology (Time To Work Mix) - Fresh Kutt 01 - 1997
11) Prisoners of Technology - Crazzzy (Re-hab Mix) - Fresh Kutt 06 - 1998
12) Prisoners of Technology - Battle Master (Life Story Mix) - Fresh Kutt 03 - 1997
13) Prisoners of Technology - Doomsday Boy (Kids Of Death Remix) - Fresh Kutt 09 - 1998
14) Prisoners of Technology - Deadly Technique - Battlemaster Records TMS007 - 2004

This is long overdue, a mix that I should have put together at the end of 1999 to celebrate the release of the Bass 99 EP but at the time, for some strange reason, I didn’t have a full back catalogue. Thankfully I do now and this mix will hopefully show those that have only heard ‘Trick of Technology’, that the collective that was Prisoners of Technology were a huge force to be reckoned with during the 90’s.

TMS 1 made a short but appreciated rebirth to the online scene some time ago, I remember speaking to him about the future of Prisoners of Technology and Fresh Kutt, I got the feeling at the time that the era had passed him by, perhaps a new chapter had already opened? Perhaps he had ‘done a Mampi Swift’ and buggered off to America undercover? Needless to say though, his spirit and love for the scene was certainly apparent, although it was probably the love for the scene during its hey day that I am referring to.

What made tracks on this label special were the mixture of deep, sublow basslines combined with a heavy Hip Hop influence in terms of sample sources and cut up beats along with a desire to create dance floor monsters.

I hear all the time these days about people ‘skaking out’ although I don’t think they would appreciate this term until they heard Intoxicate on a huge system alongside Bassman and Trigga. This, in my opinion, is the definition of the term. If this is a tune that’s passed you by it’s certainly worth tracking down - the new school Jump Up DJ’s should stick it in a set, I would bet 50p that it would cause mayhem.

My favourite track from the label is probably The Flavour ‘98, at the time of release I wasn’t too sure where Drum & Bass was going for me. It was around the time where I don’t think a lot of popular producers knew the answer either and this release was a defining moment in terms of saving a confused genre. Jump Up soon became something new in ‘99, gone were certain factors that made it fun - this all kind of sorted itself out though after a short while but we won’t speak about the current state of affairs in this write up.

I’m not even going to mention the horrific remix in 2001 by Sub Zero, I am sure even he knows it was bloody terrible.

*TMS 1, K Dub and DJ Magic were Prisoners of Technology until 1998. TMS1 then continued as a solo artist until 2004.

Discogs link:
Download and stream here
Or via Soundcloud here


Prisoners of Technology captured my attention with "True Born", back in 1999 or 2000 when I found there record in a small record store in Athens Ohio. Its dark melodic bass rattled my imagination. Later I would find out they were the creators of "FEEEEEEEEEEL" one of my all time favorite tracks of the day. This mix bring me back to those day, when i would dance my way round campus with my bright ass yellow walkman. Hat tip for all the memories.
- The librarian

RANDOMNESS: People were proud of their vinyl collections

"People were proud of their vinyl collections. Regardless of whether or not the record had a full colour sleeve or just a scribbled-on white label, records hold memories for people. When most people flick through their collections and pull a favourite out and put it on the turntable, when it starts it’s like a snapshot of that time. Visualising through association, whether it be the place they bought it or the friends and events that were significant to them at that point. That’s why so many people still hold onto their vinyl collections from early on, there’s a lot of sentimental value associated with record."
- Jay Equinox of Elite Records

Sunday, August 26, 2012

RANDOMNESS: Ragga Jungle is a hard sound to love...

"I could knock out seventeen million jungle tracks a week just by getting all my old reggae seven inches and sticking them over an Amen break. I think people are more intelligent then that. I think people have got a lot more to offer." - L.T.J. Bukem

I've been reading the State of Bass, Jungle: The Story So Far, for the last few weeks. Learning more about the history behind the music I play. Its been very enlightening to me read about the contempt and internal issues brewing in the early years of the scene.

One part in particular is very interesting to me, that's the fall out between the Ragga MCs and the Jungle DJs. I've always gathered that something was amiss when I would get the cold shoulder in the UK record stores looking for "Ragga Jungle". (Over the years I will admit that I've got less and less of the cold shoulder), However now knowing about the "Committee" it totally makes sense.

Over the pond in Midwest America (where I'm from), their was little to no news coverage about this topic in 1997. Yes it was before the internet was really popular and before google was a verb.

So any education I got about Jungle music came from bootleg tapes of pirate radio shows from the UK my friends would send to me (or from my regional Jungle DJs). A lot of those tapers were of DJ Hype, who tracks resonated with my love for reggae and ska music. When "Incredible" got radio play on my college radio station my freshman year, I went mental. But now hearing about how he portrayed himself with in the Jungle scene letting the fame get to his head...its no real surprised that he was black listed by the Committee.

I do find it amusing that the UK Jungle scene had a committee, but I can also understand where it came from. Here is this idea that a community has grown and cultivated and then someone else comes in and perverts that original idea. yea I can see where it came from, was it the right idea. Who knows its not for me to judge.

I would love to hear a follow up with players in the Jungle / Drum & Bass community now as ragga jungle is enjoying a bit of a renascence right now.

Back to encoding new tracks.
-The Librarian

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

OTHER MUSIC: Ray Keith - Who The Hell Am I (Serum Remix)

SOURCES [DJ SPICE Podcast][soundcloud]

RANDOMNESS: House "Old School" Dance Dictionary

Bonus Hip Hop Dance Dictionary

Just keep on dancing. -The Librarian


The Godfather of Drum & Bass


DJ Aphrodite aka Gavin King, is the man himself behind the Aphrodite Recordings empire. Aphrodite is known for playing out a good vibe that ranges from classic to upfront and completely exclusive dubplates.

Kyng of Thievez vs Render One Malphunktion

Blaze One vs Jungle Jessie

FUR Nightclub
10PM - 3AM
Ages 18 and over
$15 advance at [link here]

NO Dress code PLUR friendly Cheap drinks and tables

Something to get you all excited.

See you out there.

OTHER MUSIC: Julian Peterson SubDistrick (Translation Recordings takeover)

SOURCE [facebook

RANSOMNESS: FACT TV: Inside Four Tet's record bag

"I see a lot of people with Serato...Where is the connection with the dj and the crowd?" -Kieran Hebden
SOURECE [turntablelab]

Thursday, August 9, 2012

FTA MUSIC: Edward the Librarian: WRIR 97.3FM : 08.11.2012

Edward the Librarian, live on WRIR 97.3 FM [Richmond] from 9-11pm on Saturday August 11th 2012.

Been really excited to let the Richmond massive get taste of the Drum & Bass vinyl I was able to dig up from my adventures in Scotland. As always big ups to Turnstyle & WRIR for having me come down from the DC area to supply the Richmond listening audience with a taste of the Annex style.

The Librarian

PS- I will be in Turnstyle for most of the day so swing by and say hello, its always great to meet new people and hang out with old friends.


Is Dubstep Avant Garde Musical Genius?

Are Mashups the End of Music Genres As We Know Them?


HOLY RIDDEMS. The PBS is coming out with some fun stuff right about now. Yes I'm a PBS evangelist and yes I don't own a TV but this Idea Channel is on the YouTubes and has been blowing my mind. Serious Hat Tip.

-The Librarian

Friday, August 3, 2012


After the success of the first Rusty Junglist TAKE OVER I thought I would follow it up with another one. It is my great pleasure to welcome TRA 35 to the Annex Studio. TRA 35 is no stranger to the Annex and if your have ever attend the Jungle Revival events then your know his special brand of ragga jungle "choooooones". For those of you who don't know TRA 35 your in for a treat. So kick back, ready those lighters and great ready for an hour and a half of old school ragga jungle.
TRA 35
WWW Link:

01 Tom And Jerry ‎– All Of My.....
02 Remarc - Meridian
03 Collusion - I Believe
04 Soundmurderer & SK-1 - Whowanseekwar (feat. Wayne Lonesone)
05 DJ K - Ali Baba
06 Jahba VS DMD - Forever
07 DJ Gunshot - Wheel Up
08 Supercat - Dolly My Baby
09 Walking Stick - Motivation 2
10 Devious D - Number One Sound
11 R.A.W -Big Up Ya Chest
12 Krome & Time - Ganja Man
13 Debaser - Mood to Kill
14 Sound Murderer & SK-1 - Kingston Dread
15 T.Bone & Detrons - On That Dust
16 Shimon & Andy C - Night Flight
17 Pish Posh - NY Undercover
18 Lemon D - Test 4
19 DJ Die - Reminisce
20 Souljah - Down With The Lites
21 DJ Krust - Selektor Bwoy

FTA MUSIC: Edward the Librarian: WRIR 97.3FM : 05.05.2012

LIVE from WRIR Studio’s 97.3FM.
Recorded from Saturday, May 5th 2012 from 9-11pm on The Guest DJ Spotlight.
Hosted by Turnstyle.


Notes from the Librarian:
Enjoy my friends 2 hours of my finest ragga jungle tracks. Mad respect to Turnstyle, WRIR 97.3FM and the City of Richmond for always making me welcome when ever I come through.

On that note I will be be back on the WRIR 97.3FM Guest DJ Spotlight Saturday August 11th. I've been packing the crate with a variety of ragga, jump up, and some new school D&B for your listening pleasure.