Wednesday, July 8, 2009

7.8.2009 Live Band Inspriation Hump Day

Keys N Krates

If you don't know these Keys N Krates, check this stuff out. Totally dragged me out of my bad coffee funk and had me bumping their tracks in my office in the early morning hours. Mad props to killahbeez for keeping me up to date.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

7.7.2009 Creeping on the net

So I was up really, really, really freaking early.

This lead me to drink coffee and do some web surfing to see what fun junglist massive might be lurking out there.

Fist up on the decks come from my wife home state of IN. Give it up for!

These cats might just be my new favorite store (sorry DJ Hut & Som Records). Why cause tucked away in this poorly organized rats nest of a web site was an entire listing of Ragga Jungle Tracks. Oh cease my beating hart! BHOW BHOW BHOW!

Next up on the reflex test, my bwoys US Jungle.

Back in the day when Annihilation Party was my main source for Jungle tracks, US Jungle was always in my stacks for tracks to Preview. It looks like they have not let up on the attack in their production. However it looks like either something huge is coming or the Bwoys have fallen asleep at the wheel with their last news release labeled December 2008. Whoops

Wheeling back with the rewind!

Ok I'm hijacking my own set here to take you all back on a memory lane adventure with me.

Storefront, at dusk.
This was my first record haunt. Many random techno, house, and jungle tracks were collected here.

School Kids Records (athens, Oh)
Another haunt better for Used CD's, hair dye, and mover priced bullshit

Vinyl District (columbus, Oh)
Fun little shop in cow town, good for a quick fix.

World Records (columbus, Oh)
This on the other hand was the bomb. All genera great sense of the times and the pulse of the music scenes. Plus the store its self was a lot of fun.

Roots Records (columbus, Oh)
This shop continues to be the land of the gems. Every time I roll in their I find something new. Not all of it I can use in my sets but I enjoy every thing those kids turn me on to.

Satalite Records (NYC)
Great for house, the sucked ass for DnB.

Planet X USA (NYC)
Great all around. to bad they went belly up

Juno Records (London)
Juno is my meca. nuf said. Now if we could just get rid if the vat tax.

Capitol City Beats
Good for a quick fix but like a chemical fire they did not last long

DJ Hut
Once I rediscovered Hut their was no other. The community, the workers, the store and the location lined up to make it the store that it was. Honestly I was in shock when it closed its doors. I was upset that an intuition that I felt such a connection to would just up and quit like that. I vowed some shit to go all MP3, but that did not last. I missed owning my music, the touch, the smell, the ability to measure how much time you have they the number of grooves.

Som Records
This was a new haunt I'm scoping out. The owner Neal, (at lease he seemed to be the owner) is awesome and really knows his shop. The shop itself inflames a sense of adventure, cause you never know what gems you will find. He has a serious lack of new dance vinyl (Jungle / DnB) but I can't fault any store for that.

Maybe opening up a small traveling vinyl shop would be a good idea... another project for me. baha

Thursday, July 2, 2009

7.2.2009: Videos, Book Review, and ending thoughts

Ellaskins the UK DJ Tutor sensation, how has brought us great youTube videos "BPM, PITCH, TIMING & BARS" and "USING THE CUE BUTTON ON A CDJ TURNTABLE". Now Ellaskins brings you:

How to Mix Drum & Bass, What to listen for!

How to mix Drum & Bass part one,Use the snare!!

Tutorial on mixing Drum & Bass, counting the bars, phrases

Ellaskins dude where were you when I was learning to be a DJ? Keep is up.
Practice and Enjoy