Wednesday, January 23, 2019

FTA NEWS: 2018 is over. Here comes 2019!

BACK STORY in 2018:

The Studio is back on line (9 months later). 32 gallons of sewage. A cracked pipe. Holes cut in my foundation.... yea it sucked.

We pulled our support for the Facebook platform. You can still find us on twitter, youtube, mixcloud and now Twitch. Video is not fully new here for From The Annex but fully interactive video streaming is both exciting and daunting. With that noted, as we venture on to this field we have already been greeted by a flourishing, supportive DJ community. 

What can you expect from From The Annex in 2019?


- Weekly Twitch video streaming. Encoding the Annex with The Librarian.
- Weekly Blog posting about the Encoding the Annex project.

- Monthly Twitch video streaming. From The Annex with The Librarian.
- Monthly Mixcloud/iTunes/RSS audio stream.
- Bi-Monthly Spotlight on DJs/Producers in the DMV.

- Continue to build our physical and virtual communities.
- Bring good music to the community and expose them to music they may not have heard of before.
- Bring a partner on board to help spice up the content and play some other music.
- Bring Social Lubrication back as a monthly podcast. 

- Redesign our website.
- Break even by 2021. Become self-sustaining by 2022.

Easy enough right. HA! No. But let me tell you how much I have missed making music for you all.


Archive Encoding:
Monday 8pm-12am EST [TWITCH]:

- Music appreciation. Music archeology. Music encoding technics. My history with that music.
- Accompanying blog post issues by Wednesday of that week. Detailing the adventures highlights.

From The Annex with The Librarian: First Thursday of every month 8pm-12am EST [TWITCH]:
- Musical throw-down. A mix of what I've been encoding, with new releases and demos that have been sent in. We will be playing the music that makes people shake their ass.
- Accompanying blog post and mixcloud/itunes/rss stream added the following day.

Spotlight: Bi Monthly
- Continuing to turn the spotlight on the local community of DJs and Producers in the DMV

Thats From The Annex in a nut shell. Lets see what 2019 has to offer.

With that Keep Smiling!
-The Librarian