Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Annex Shop is Closed... But shirt are still for sale

Currently looking for a new shopping vendor.

In the mean time if you interested in buying the "Red Lion Junglist" t-shirt. Email me ( the size you would like, how many, and if you would like them shipped. If so please add your zip code so I can calculate shipping.

Illustrated by Ocean Eiler for From the Annex.
In 2012, Ocean started this project to illustrate Jungle / Drum & Bass. After many attempts including eagles, bears and classic music hardware he settled on the lion. Strong, caring, fierce and wise these are all characteristics of the scene & the music we love. Also its a strong icon for both England & Jamaica where this music was born & got many of its influences from. The drawing itself had to be complex, simple, bold and calming. He also wanted to give a nod to some of his favorite skateboard illustrators from the early 1990's.
In Action!
Because I'm not having to deal with shop mark up now. The Red Lion Junglist shirt are $29 each. Thats right only $29 (+shipping).

Keep Smiling

FTA MUSIC CHART: Librarian's Choice for Jungle / Drum & Bass [September 2013]

For those of you with out Flash on their mobile devices. Here is my top ten for September 2013 with full commentary.

1. Johnny Osbourne - In Your Eyes
Aries & Gold Remix Ragga Jungle
Release Date: 08/26/13

Notes from the Librarian:
Classic, relaxes tempo rolling in at 86bmp, great bassline and super strong vocals that will cause a sing a long on the dance floor.

2. Patrick Currier - Vex
Ragga Jungle
Faction Digital Recordings
Release Date: 08/26/13

Notes from the Librarian:
Smokers Riddim, that begs the listener to wind up the waist and blow that smoke in the air.

3. Peligro - Ezzz
Ragga Jungle
Faction Digital Recordings
Release Date: 08/26/13

Notes from the Librarian:
Round the corner at number 3 Peligro with Ezzz. This little treasure of aggressive ragga sound has been a huge success down in the DMV dance floors.

4. Serial Killaz - Send Dem
Drum & Bass
Titan Records
Release Date: 09/26/11
Notes from the Librarian:
Damn. This is a dance floor killer. Its rolling bass and sample old school vibe make me want to dance my face off and reach for the lasers. Then with the tasteful usage of ragga vocals rounds this tune out for me as an epic win

5. Serial Killaz & Run Tingz Cru - Nah Gi Yu Weh
Remix Ragga Jungle
Run Tingz Recordings
Release Date: 04/30/13

Notes from the Librarian:
Positive vibes. A song for the lovers on the dance floor. Great tune, lyrically profound, strong riddim, with a solid drum track.

6. Danny Byrd - Blaze The Fire Rah
Stray / Stray Remix Jungle
Hospital Records
Release Date: 09/24/12

Notes from the Librarian:
Although not the release I was hoping for with Danny Byrd and General Levy this is a pretty close second to the Danny Byrd Incredible Bootleg.

7. K Jah - Fibre Optic
Pure Vibez Recordings
Release Date: 12/03/12

Notes from the Librarian:
Fun old school sounding track, with the right amount of ragga caller and female vocalist. Plus some nice rolling basslines

8. Benny Page -  Sound Fi Dead (Featuring Top Cat)
Original Mix Ragga Jungle
High Culture
Release Date: 12/10/12

Notes from the Librarian:
Great combo of Top Cat and Benny Page. Benny Page did a nice job of not letting Top Cat blather all over the track to much.

9. Jahdan Blackkamoore - Jumpshot Headstrong
Liondub / Liondub Jungle Remix Jungle
Straight Up
Release Date: 01/14/13

Notes from the Librarian:
Lion Dub bring a great tune to the scene. Solid mix of Jungle, Ragga and some old school techno vibes splattered in their

10. Shy FX Ft. Donae’O - Raver
Benny Page Remix Drum & Bass
Digital Soundboy Recordings
Release Date: 01/16/11

Notes from the Librarian:
Saving the best for last. I like this track so much I had a dub plate cut just so I could play it out for my all vinyl nights. This and the original are worth every bit of shrapnel in your pocket