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11.28.2009 RE:Issue V002 - DJ Twelve7nine: I've Been Meaning to Ask You 2004

Description: Jumping into a the way back machine with mix tapes from my DJ past.
Artist: DJ Twelve7nine
Date: 2004
Time: 55:47
Podcast Link:
Download Link:

001) Saturday Night Fever - Lordz of Bklyn
002) Grand Thrift Auto - Futur Etech
003) Vessel - Universal Project
004) Deck Chair - ThC
005) Dirty Harry's Revenge - Adam F. feat. Beenie Man
006) Ground Breaker - Fallacy & Fusion
007) Battle Master - The Prisoners of Technology
008) I Remember - Coolio
009) Trippin - DJ Reverb
010) VIP - Jungle Brothers
011) White Label - Unknown
012) 5,4,3,2,1 - The Penguine
013) Music Takes You - Blame

Background Story:
This tape was created for a variety of reasons. I was back in the country, living at my parents house, working part time for a local PBS station, and running a mid size DJ/Gallery show called Art VS Sound. This demo was the one I passed out at these events and used when I first move to DC. The album name "I've Been Meaning to Ask You" was a pretty transparent note on my shyness towards a young miss who filled my daily coffee dose at Donkey Coffee. She had a boyfriend I found out later... a large on at that. ba ha.

Friday, November 27, 2009

11.27.09 Social Lubrication V:006 (Featuring Freddy B)

Cross genre, Platform, Radio Show LIVE from the Annex Studio 312. Join Edward & Freddy B on a journey to anywhere and everywhere.
Edward The Librarian & Freddy B
Podcast Link:
Download Link:
[retired] if you would like a copy drop me a line at


001) Proceed 1 - The Roots
002) You Got To Chill - EPMD
003) I used to Love H.E.R. - Common
004) Green Hornet - Al Hirt
005) Push - Pharoache Monch
006) Compared to What - Roberta Flach
007) Hotsause - Sugarman Tree
008) Night - Bruce Springsteen
009) Deliriois - Prince
010) Hubba Bubba Baby (Booty Bounce Mix) - Kinsui
011) War Feat. Kardinal offichell - Marco Polo
012) All About the Music - Z-Trip
013) Truth is - Brother Ali
014) Internet MC's - Akrobatik
015) Dollar Day - Mos Def
016) Sound System Feat. Cherine Anderson - Michel Franti Spear Head
017) Sir Duke - Stevie Wonder
018) I got a Job - Smokey Robinson & the Miracles
019) Patches - Clarence Carter
020) Like a Natural Man - Josh White
021) Charmeleon - Eddie Johnson
022) Easy Reader - The Electric Company
023) Rock it - Herbie Hancock
024) Basketball Throw down - Wild Style Sound Track
025) Loose Bootie - Sly and the Family Stone
026) The Ghetto - Rob Swift
027) Respiration - Blacksta
028) D'Ya Like Scratchin' - Malcolm McLaren
029) Its Your World - Gil Scott Heron
030) Sac O' Woe - The Cannon Ball Adderly Quartet

11.27.2009 Throwing Bombs at your RSS Feeds

From the Annex is reshuffling its RSS feeds.(sorry)

This may seem like I have thrown a bomb into your RSS feed but I swear it will make it that much easier for you all. Here is how, I've separated out the three radio shows that From the Annex is producing into 3 separate RSS feeds.

Thus now you can subscribe to Social Lubrication, Rusty Junglist or RE:Issue individually. Thus refine your listening enjoyment and now I have more storage space for these upcoming shows.

What will happen to the current RSS feed you have for Edward the Librarian? Well let me tell you, I've got plans to reconfigure that RSS feed for music/product reviews plus "Adventures in the Annex" (a sort of step by step guides of how to do random fun things in your own personal annex).

Anyways on to the music!

Social Lubrication:
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Rusty Junglist:
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Now I will continue posting on From the Annex every time their is a new show. Plus I will be relinking the previous posting to these new locations. (Please note if you find a bunk link email me)

I hope this reshuffling will make your listening enjoyment more enjoyable. On a final note MAXIMUM RESPECT TO Pod O Those cats make all this possible.


The Librarian

Thursday, November 26, 2009

11.26.2009 Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving!

We now own

Edward is sick... cough cough.

New postings coming soon: new Social Lubrication w/ Freddy B, DJ Library's, and much much more.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

11.19.09 Social Lubrication V:005

Cross genre, Platform, Radio Show LIVE from the Annex Studio 312. This weeks main focus is ska.
Edward The Librarian
Podcast Link:
Download Link:
[retired] if you would like a copy drop me a line at

[DJ yammering]

001) A Message To You Rudy - The Specials
002) Chuck Berry - Toasters
003) Two Souls - The Beatdowns

[DJ yammering]

004) Skinhead Hop - Skoidats
005) Sitting - Isaac Green & the Skalars
006) Red Sweater - Aqua Bats
007) Move it Girl - Mento Buru
008) Sleep All Day - Reel Big Fish Featuring the Pilfers
009) Rank & File - Mephiskapheles
010) I'm in the Mood for Love - 3 Jolls Holland & Jay Kay
011) Here Comes the Sun - Voodoo Glow Skulls
012) 17@17 - Up-Beat
013) Tone Army - The Toaster
014) Open Season - Stubborn All-Stars
015) Watch This - Slackers

[DJ yammering]

016) Turning Japanese - Skankin Pickles
017) Jumpi - Sergent Garcia
018) Nothing Good To Eat - Pietasters
019) Professor Bebop - The New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble
020) Everything Girl - Mustard Plug

[DJ yammering]

021) Driving in My Car - Madness
022) Precipice - King Django
023) Beechwood 4-5789 - Isaac Green and the Skalars
024) Ska Fever - The Invaders
025) Thinking - The Hippos
026) Open Season ....Is Closed - Hepcat
027) Dance Wid' Me - Hepcat
028) Too Experienced - Body Snatchers
029) Rude Boys Outa Jail - The Specials
030) Ruder Than You - Body Snatchers
031) Gangsters - The Specials
032) Dixie Cup - The Beatdowns
033) My Girl Lollipop (Live) - Bad Manners

Monday, November 2, 2009

11.03.09 Social Lubrication V:004

Social Lubrication: Version 4
Cross Genera, Platform, Radio Show LIVE from the Annex Studio 312. This weeks main focus is jazz blues and a smattering of other generas.
Edward The Librarian
Podcast Link:
Download Link:
[retired] if you would like a copy drop me a line at

001) Sunshine Daze - Sugashak
002) Taxes on the Farmer Feeds Us All - RY Cooper
003) John Henry - Lead Belly
004) Red Cross Store - Mississippi Fred McDowell
005) Ain't No Grave Can Hold My Body Down - Odetta
006) Tryin' Times - Roberta Flack
007) Take This Hammer - Lead Belly
008) Shotgun - JR. Walker
009) Chicken Shack Boogie -Amos Milburn
010) Master Blaster - Stevie Wonder
011) Killing Me Softly with His Song - Roberta Flack
012) I'm Gonna Move to the Outskirts of Town - Josh White
013) Back o' Town Blues - Louis Armstrong
014) Goin Down Slow - Ray Charles
015) Nice work if You Can Get It - Ella Fitzgerald
016) Freddie Freeloader - Miles Davis
017) A Night in Tunisia - Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers
018) Blues Party --Metronome All Stars

Background Story:
Gather around all you rug cutters, let me tell you about where these mighty fine records came from. Back in a small town very near and dear to my hart lives my old graphic design professor, Karen Nulf. Karen is a jet setter, always roaming from here to there and when I was living in town I would often house/puppy sit. (man do I miss that house and dog) Anyways Karen would pay me in vinyl. An inch of vinyl for each house sitting job. I was in heaven. Over the years I've listened to most of not all of the records I had collected back then but a few have managed to escape my listening pleasure. So tonight we will be rooting around in this amazing cache of vinyl.

But before we get started lets play a nice dance track I found hanging around my stacks. This is the track that got me in the mood to knock out this set.

Keep Smiling


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

10.28.09 Rusty Junglist Volume 003: Spare Parts

Spare Parts
Rusty Junglist Volume 002
Edward The Librarian
Podcast Link:
Download Link:

001) Scrambled Eggs - Roni Size
002) ?UNKNOWN? - Chronic 17
003) Terrorist - Renegade (Dom & Roland Remix)
004) Chopper 2005 - Bladerunner Remix
005) Electrico Boogie - Dillinja
006) Space Funk - GFS Feat. J.Smooth & JG (12" Version)
007) Remember - Mathematics & Tactile
008) Space Pigs - SKC
009) Help! I'm Stuck to the Dancefloor! - Exile
010) Dog Hill - Danny Byrd
011) Hurricane - K.O.T.P.
012) Shadow Play - Dkay & Rawfull
013) Destroyer - KC
014) Moshpit - Audio & Mackie
015) Cold Rocka Party - Dome Ammo Feat. Tali

Background Story:
Looking to thin out my Drum & Bass collection after some poking from my wife. She was actually shocked when I told her I was doing it. I've made a pull that I'm willing to get rid of, now its just a matter of finding a vendor, collector or a young gun who need to flush out their DnB crate. lol. Anyways what your listening to is all the track I'm keeping... mind you not all of them but you get the point.

10.28.09 RE:Issue V001 - DJ Twelve7nine: Demo 2002

RE:Issue V001 - DJ Twelve7nine: Demo 2002
Jumping into a the way back machine with mix tapes from my DJ past. Recently in my excursion to the great annex in the South East, I found a missing cache of demo tapes tracking from 1997 to 2005. I'm pleased to present to you a fine selection of sounds from our raving past. For my old school fans who can remember these tunes, you probably did not partake as much in the 90's as you thought you did.

Edward the Librarian
Podcast Link:
Download Link:

001) Never Gonna Give you Up - Red 5
002) True Born (VIP Mix) - The Prisoners of Technology
003) Cold Blooded (Pay Up Mix) - The Prisoners of Technology
004) The Message - Shy FX
005) Spy Hunter - JG of GFS
006) Jungle Brothers - Jungle Brothers
007) Hype The Funk - EPS & 2-Vibes
008) 5,4,3,2,1 - The Penguin
009) How High - Aphrodite vs. Method Man & Redman
010) Trick of Technology (Remix) - The Prisoners of Technology

Background Story:
In 2002, Karen Brtko and I had just received our most recent vinyl record purchase from NYC. At the time I was still a House DJ and Karen was just starting her collection as an intelligent Jungle DJ. Nick Pierce was over at the house and I was killing time playing Karen's records. At some point, Karen and Nick both look over at me and note that I seem very natural playing jungle music. I have always enjoyed Jungle music but back then I always imagined it to very difficult to mix. Go Figure.

Around this time period, Nick, Karen and myself were all up in Columbus Ohio visiting a mutual friend Doug Schwartz. Doug is a talented House DJ, who originally got his start in Jungle. Many of my early years in the electronic dance scene was shaped by Doug, Universal Groove and later Headroom. At the time of our visit Doug was thinning out his collection and offered me to take some records to help fill out my very small jungle crate. His collection of Jungle was roughly based from 1995 to 98, very heavy, high rolling, old school tunes. I did more then just help him thin it out I almost walked out of his house with his full collection. I'm sure he was not expecting that, and how he let that happen or why he allowed me to do that I have no clue. Looking back on it I feel a bit sheepish for my actions as I did take advantage of his generosity. To this day those records still are the foundation and definition of my old school sound.

Since then I've tried to live by Doug's example of generosity, I've given away more records then I care to think about and tried my best to help out young guns that I've met over the years. Whether it was a fluke or not I owe a lot to Doug. So cheers,This ones for you Doug.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

10.11.2009 Who Sampled... Who?

Site Description:

" is a community site for exploring and discussing sampled music and cover songs. Anyone can submit information about a sample or a cover and subject to approval it will be published on the site to be discussed by the world. WhoSampled was created out of our love for sampling and music production. It aims not only to be the most comprehensive and accurate database of samples and covers on the web but also a fun and engaging place to be at. This website is all about the discovery of new and old music, the exploration of musical influences and the sharing and discussion of music."


Me being me, truly enjoys digging for beats, but more importantly learning the history of where those sounds originated from. As more and more music producers sample each other its fun to run down the original drum breaks that these producers used.

For instance the The 30 Greatest Hip Hop Drum Breaks & Samples of All Time! As noted by Crate Kings dot com, this includes:
• Melvin Bliss – Synthetic Subsitution
• The Honeydrippers – Impeach The President
• Skull Snaps – It’s A New Day
• Little Feet - Fool Yourself
• Billy Squire – Big Beat
• Al Green – I’m Glad You’re Mine
• The Soul Searchers – Ashley’s Roachclip
• Power of Zeus – Sorcerer of Isis
• Kool & The Gang – NT
• Isley Brothers – Footsteps In The Dark

Slowly I'm working on collecting these breaks, not because I have dreams of being a producer... by any means. Instead I want to enjoy the same tracks that inspired these producers to make their great hits. I want to know the history of a track so the next time I'm digging next to a young gun who is going off about how Nas track "I Can" was so mind blowing, I can refer him to the The Honeydrippers – Impeach The President to find the original source for that drum break.

How will we ever to progress music if we don't know where we have come from?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

10.7.2009: The world’s most important 6-sec drum loop

Video explains the world’s most important 6-sec drum loop

Video Credit: Nate Harrison

10.7.2009: Hump Day Intervention


10.07.2009 From The Annex is on iTunes

Just like that & if I have it right... you never have to visit From The Annex again (for new music updates). You will miss my fun banter, interesting music links and what not but but like playboy I'm sure your not reading my blog for the words.

If you have issues with this drop me a line this is new territory for the Librarian.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

10.06.2009 Notes from Rusty Junglist Volume 002:Everything I Love

Everything I Love

Rusty Junglist Volume 002

Edward The Librarian
Podcast Link:
Download Link:

001) Feeeeeeeel - The Prisoners of Technology
002) Enta Da Dragon - Dj Red
003) Dragonfly v.i.p - A Sides & Lemonde
004) Moonway Renegade - Noisia & Mayhem
005) Ninja - Concord Dawn
006) Adult Robot Kung Ku - Terravita
007) Breakdown - Drumsound & Bassline Smith
008) Grand Theft Auto2 - Drumsound & Bassline Smith
009) Spy Hunter - JG of GFS
010) Can U Fix It - Rob The Builder
011) Moshpit - Audio & Mackie
012) Pacman RMX - Ram Trilogy
013) 1up - Supernova

Note: This is Ninjas, Kung Fu movies, Anime, Video Games and Jungle Music. Nothing but finest high grade DnB for my listeners.

As noted by the title I'm rusty, so cut me some slack and watch me improve. Thus noted also their is only one thing missing to this mix if its to be truly everything I love, however she is off getting an eduication leaving me to play with the wheels of steel.

The Librarian

Monday, October 5, 2009

10.04.2009 DC Record Fair

Comet Ping Pong
Som Records, DC Soul Recordings, Smash Records, J.Malls, Gee's Records, Red Onion Records & Books & a bunch of Richmond Private sellers(Sorry for those not mentioned).

It was 9am and I just arrived out side of Mister Wilson's place of residence. Mister Wilson is a vinyl consumer, I would call him a consumer because he has all the traits of a vinyl junkie but with more control. The sun is pleasantly warming my face as I doodle on some scrap paper. My phone blows up, "I'm looking at you" Wison's texts. I write back "I'm looking at a tree, I think I have the better view".

Eventually I move from my spot in the grass and walked into his humble abode. Due to a miss communication he had double booked himself, soccer or records... soccer won. However I landed a free ride to the fair out of it. The Librarian was pleased.

10:32am we arrive at Comet Ping Pong, $2 at the door and presto change-o its on. I walked to the back of the venue to get an idea of what I was getting myself into. First off their was a lot more people then I was expecting on a sunday morning, second Comet Ping Pong is an awesome venue, and finally there are RECORDS GLORE!

Wiggling my way into a crate I started the dig but also carefully timing my dig with the individual beside me, so we could either bump down together or swap crates. I almost circled the whole back room in this fashion.

In this time I met the guys from Smash Records, the pittsburgh crew (possibly linked with Jerry's Records "mecca") thank for the record track advice J.Malls, The men of Som Records, who are always glad to see you. Then scattered between in the front and back was a huge number of Richmond private sellers.

Now I'm a Junglist at hart, but I was stupefied at the lack of club-house-electronic-techno-anything at this fair. I was not expecting to find a wicked cache of Drum and Bass, but hell I was half expecting to see the left overs from failed DC record stores of my past (Yoshitoshi, capitol city records, dj hut).

Which only begs the questions if a private seller was looking to minimize his Annex of dark, classic, and vocal Drum & Bass would it sell? Seeing that my wife gave me some hell for being a vinyl junkie and I'm running out of space to hold the records that I'm actually spinning in my set... maybe its time to think about narrowing down my collection? More on this thought in a later. But really where are all those secret caches.

In the end I came out with an awesome old school hip-hop set and a few fun picks:

Urban Dance Squad

The Grey Album | Danger Mouse

Boom Shalock Lock Boom | House of Pain

Doin Our Own Danc | Jungle Brothers

Stressed Out | A Tribe Called Quest

Fu-Gee-La | Fugees
History of Hip Hop | DDS & Bman
Jungle Brothers | Jungle Brothers
Bonita Applebum | A Tribe Called Quest
Quality Control | Jurassic 5
Turn it Out | Jurassic 5
Labor Days | Aesop Rock
Rebirth of slicks | Digable Planets
Let the Rythem Hit'em | Eric B & Rakim
Wild Style Sound Track
My Adidas | RUN DMC
Check the Rhime | A Tribe Called Quest
Internet MCs | Akrobatik
EPMD | You Gotts to Chill
Future Development | Del the Funky Homosapien
Moonshining | Junior Samples
Burnin' | The Wailers
Rastaman Vibration | Bob Marley & the Wailers


About ten 45 records mostly Reggae and hip hop

Mad props to all the vendors and the people who put on this event. Of which I'm guessing the Vinyl District Blog had some part to play in all this, mainly because I ran in to a bunch of people associated with it. This includes a woman who popped a photo of me with my loot.

Thanks to you all for making me a happy librarian.

so any thoughts on if my records would sell if I attend the next DC records fair as a vendor?

Friday, October 2, 2009

10.02.2009 Review of DJ Ramza - Get Yourself Together (Featuring: Natural Black)

Review of DJ Ramza - Get Yourself Together

I'm a collector of sounds this means digging high and low for tracks. I've recently been frequenting Ragga Jungle dot com, trying to keep my the pulse of up and coming producers. It should be noted their is a lot of crap out there and although this review may seem brutal I don't review anyone I think does not have massive potential.

DJ Ramza - Get Yourself Together (Featuring: Natural Black)


Light, summer merriment, with a 8-bit video game twist. The ragga audio by Natural Black is an excellent touch. But something is missing, a lot of the right parts are there but its just slightly off. In its current form its a mid grade track, one that I would own if pressed but I would not naturally grab for in a set.

Vocals are dead on, don't change a thing.
The Drums are solid in my opinion. (should be noted I'm a sucker for the old school drum lines.)
3:30 WTF is that break! I like it but where is the rest of it. You gave us a taste of something then took it away. :)


0:55 Rough patch just feels like it jumps the gun a little bit.
The horns are a little reminiscent of a video game.
The Bass is average on the verge of unimaginative I think you have a lot of room to play there.
The Keyboard influence is suzuki, long sustained chords don't really add to the merriment of the track. You might try a different keyboard style.


The second coming of this track has excellent potential. I'm stoked to see what this ottawa native brings to the table next. Cheers

The Librarian

These are my opinions take what you like, and leave the rest

Thursday, September 24, 2009

09.24.2009 Social Lubrication V:002

Cross Genera, Platform, Radio Show LIVE from the Annex studio 312.
Edward the Librarian & Cousin Peaches
Download Link:
[retired] if you would like a copy drop me a line at


WAR - Low Rider
Tom Waits - Table Top Joe
Adam Ant - Hello I Love You
The Streets - Don't Mug Yourself
Geto Boys - Damn it feels good to be a gangster
Lyrics Born - Do That There
Elvis Costello - Mystery Dance
Operation Ivy - Yellin in my ear
Brian Seitzer Orchestra - Hawaii 5-0
The Brother Johnson - Get the Funk Out of my Face
Del tha Funky Homosapian - Press Rewind
Deep Thinkers - Movin' On
Bad Religon - Best for you
Chumbawamba - thats how grateful we are
The Faint - Symptom Fingle
Sweet Pea Atkinson - Dance or Die
Atom - Be free
The Police - Don't Stand so Close to Me
Nasio - Under Attack
Easy Star All-Stars - St. Peppers Lonely Harts Club Band
Steel Pulse - Reggae Music
Lordz of Brooklyn - Saturday Night Fever
Arrested Development - Mr. Wendall
Joss Stone - Proper Nice
The Spectre - Odessa
Ben Folds Five - Bitches Ain't Shit
Monty Python - Do Wot John
The Mighty Mighty Bostons - Chocolate Pudding
Rancid - Track 9
Natural Born Chillers - Rollin w/ the Chillers
Aphrodite - Whatevers Clever
Brain Bug - Nightmare
Aphrodite - 2000 Aphro Dub Mix (Featuring Debo General)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

9.09.2009 Record Shop Hunting

Their is a virtual land of the lost, a waste land of souls and dreams in a dismal land called Fairfax. Sorry that's not really a fair description of Vienna Fairfax, however after spending 2 hours in a car and not finding the old record rats nest I was looking forward to visiting I was a little bummed.

Before I get into how this adventure got turned around, lets get into the facts that vinyl caches are disappearing all over the place. Music stores are being evaporated off the American landscape, littering the horizon with untangle mp3 files and homogenized box music and more stores.

The record store I was going to visit was a small cramped store front in a strip mall. I think it was called the music exchange

Monday, August 31, 2009

8.31.2009 Monday Morning DJ Z-Trip

DJ QBert interviews DJ Z-Trip (Part 1 of 3)

DJ QBert interviews DJ Z-Trip (Part 2 of 3)

DJ QBert interviews DJ Z-Trip (Part 3 of 3)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

7.8.2009 Live Band Inspriation Hump Day

Keys N Krates

If you don't know these Keys N Krates, check this stuff out. Totally dragged me out of my bad coffee funk and had me bumping their tracks in my office in the early morning hours. Mad props to killahbeez for keeping me up to date.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

7.7.2009 Creeping on the net

So I was up really, really, really freaking early.

This lead me to drink coffee and do some web surfing to see what fun junglist massive might be lurking out there.

Fist up on the decks come from my wife home state of IN. Give it up for!

These cats might just be my new favorite store (sorry DJ Hut & Som Records). Why cause tucked away in this poorly organized rats nest of a web site was an entire listing of Ragga Jungle Tracks. Oh cease my beating hart! BHOW BHOW BHOW!

Next up on the reflex test, my bwoys US Jungle.

Back in the day when Annihilation Party was my main source for Jungle tracks, US Jungle was always in my stacks for tracks to Preview. It looks like they have not let up on the attack in their production. However it looks like either something huge is coming or the Bwoys have fallen asleep at the wheel with their last news release labeled December 2008. Whoops

Wheeling back with the rewind!

Ok I'm hijacking my own set here to take you all back on a memory lane adventure with me.

Storefront, at dusk.
This was my first record haunt. Many random techno, house, and jungle tracks were collected here.

School Kids Records (athens, Oh)
Another haunt better for Used CD's, hair dye, and mover priced bullshit

Vinyl District (columbus, Oh)
Fun little shop in cow town, good for a quick fix.

World Records (columbus, Oh)
This on the other hand was the bomb. All genera great sense of the times and the pulse of the music scenes. Plus the store its self was a lot of fun.

Roots Records (columbus, Oh)
This shop continues to be the land of the gems. Every time I roll in their I find something new. Not all of it I can use in my sets but I enjoy every thing those kids turn me on to.

Satalite Records (NYC)
Great for house, the sucked ass for DnB.

Planet X USA (NYC)
Great all around. to bad they went belly up

Juno Records (London)
Juno is my meca. nuf said. Now if we could just get rid if the vat tax.

Capitol City Beats
Good for a quick fix but like a chemical fire they did not last long

DJ Hut
Once I rediscovered Hut their was no other. The community, the workers, the store and the location lined up to make it the store that it was. Honestly I was in shock when it closed its doors. I was upset that an intuition that I felt such a connection to would just up and quit like that. I vowed some shit to go all MP3, but that did not last. I missed owning my music, the touch, the smell, the ability to measure how much time you have they the number of grooves.

Som Records
This was a new haunt I'm scoping out. The owner Neal, (at lease he seemed to be the owner) is awesome and really knows his shop. The shop itself inflames a sense of adventure, cause you never know what gems you will find. He has a serious lack of new dance vinyl (Jungle / DnB) but I can't fault any store for that.

Maybe opening up a small traveling vinyl shop would be a good idea... another project for me. baha

Thursday, July 2, 2009

7.2.2009: Videos, Book Review, and ending thoughts

Ellaskins the UK DJ Tutor sensation, how has brought us great youTube videos "BPM, PITCH, TIMING & BARS" and "USING THE CUE BUTTON ON A CDJ TURNTABLE". Now Ellaskins brings you:

How to Mix Drum & Bass, What to listen for!

How to mix Drum & Bass part one,Use the snare!!

Tutorial on mixing Drum & Bass, counting the bars, phrases

Ellaskins dude where were you when I was learning to be a DJ? Keep is up.
Practice and Enjoy

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

05.09.2009: WICKED TUESDAY

DnB Church Version 2.0
In preparation for my big day at the chapel of love.

DnB Church Version 2.1
Serious. Where do these people come from. lol.

Detroit's last Vinyl Pressing Plant
I miss that smell.

nuf' said. All laptop DJs must die.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

05.27.09 Rough Drafting Round Two

The notion that too much freedom is a creative hindrance is so very true.

I've got the equipment, I've got more records then I can remember, and I've got a job that gives me enough time in the evening hours to indulge in my vinyl addiction.

Last weekend, I was all geared up to throw down and create my next mix. Emilia would be gone for the weekend (COUGH taking her kids on a backpacking trip COUGH), I was not scheduled for work at my second job and all my friends were out of town on climbing adventures. It sounds like a perfect set up for making a pot to black tea, burning some incense and throwing down the wicked Jungle Massive.

However, every time I passed my wheels of steel I was just uninterested in getting started. This lack of interest was disconcerting to me. Am I feeling alright? Am I getting depressed? What the in blistering blue blazes has got me stalling out?

I'm partly willing to blame the wicked hot temperatures outside for my sloth like behavior towards my second favorite past time. However it was after Tuesday intense rain storm and the wicked soaking I received that I started feeling back in my usual mood. Then it was a part of a conversation that I caught with Mr. Eagle that got me thinking. Is my expansive freedom the hindrance that is plaguing me?

After a 3 hour session at the climbing gym and a relaxed dinner with Emilia, I lumbered my tired bones into the Annex. If limitations is what I needed then limitations is what I will give myself. I pulled out the "high grade / dancehall drivers" from the stacks. In all, I think I had about 20+ tracks.

As I've been typing this entry I've been listening to the 60 mins of music that was produced from this session. I'm willing to call it a rough draft, (such an odd term when my mental association of this term is with massive educational literary works). But its true I will continue to listen to this rough draft and rearange tracks, edit tracks or make notes about other tracks I want to add.

All of this makes me sad that I have such a disconnect with my annex. When I was younger I did not have half the records I own now and those days were a lot simpler. Wake up, watch cartoons, play video games, go to class, play some records, do home work, go hang out with friends (play more records), and go to bed.

So here is to limitations, and getting reacquainted with old friends.


Friday, May 15, 2009

5.19.2009 Notes from Rusty Junglist Volume 001: Hey Soundbwoy What You Got?

So its been a while, since I've released a mix for public consumption. I hope you all enjoy and please feel free to leave me feed back so I can improve.

Tracked and Itunes Ready:

Untracked Single Track:

Podcast Link:

Album: Hey Sound Bwoy What Do You Got?
DJ: Edward The Librarian (ETL)
Track Listing:
  1. What is a Selector- NPR: Session Spotlight: Michael Franti & Spearhead
  2. Hem Dem- General Malice
  3. Champion Sound- Q Project
  4. Every Man- UK Apache & Mir Crew
  5. Ragga Youglist- Jamalski
  6. Man of Experience- Oscar Da Grouch
  7. Studio One UK- DJ Krome & Mr Time
  8. Champion DJ- Rebel MC Feat. Top Cap / Potential Bad Boy '95 Remix
  9. Peace, Love, & Unity- DJ Hype Feat. MC Fats

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

04.28.09 Try to find the boom

Over the years I've spun records on all sorts of set ups. Lugging speakers at tall as I was in a 1982 VW drop top rabbit. But one name always brought delight to me ear and the struts on my car.


Small loud and rugged as hell. These speakers were king.

Now I'm back or looking to be back and the first bar we find has no PA. This I'm surfing the www looking at live sound again.

With everything else I'm pushing new grounds for me as a DJ. Using Serato, buying a DJ stand, now owning speakers.

What happened to the old days where all you needed was you records. BA Ha.

So the question remains Mackie or no Mackie?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

04.23.09 Ths Sounds in my Head

The other day I switched up my headphones, I'm not sure why I guess cause I was lazy and did not want to walk up stairs to nip them out of my bag. When I threw on this next closest pair of head phones on I was shocked at the fit, the sound and a few other "added features". Thus prompting this review.

*** NOTE: All the reviews stated here are my options. I'm not sponsored, no one gives me kick backs and the fact that they are all Sony Products... well its cause those are the only headphones I've spent my hard earned money on. Cheers.

For years I've exclusively used the Sony MDR-7506's. In college I aspired to take as many audio classes as I could without being an audio major. Music is my hobby not my life. My instructor that I looked up to a lot recommend the MDR-7506's and I did not look back. The fit, sound clarity and unique nature of them in my local DJ community made them a perfect match. Also the fact that if they ever fell apart I could take them apart and hot wire them. My first pair lasted 7 years of college, DJ gigs and international travel. So when I had to retire them I was a little bummed, (yes I did resurrect them and still use them to this day).

When I head to retire them it was unfortunately just before a gig, (I slammed them in a car door 2 hours before). So I bussled down to a local music shop in Columbus Ohio and picked up my first MDR-7509. This was my "back up" in till this year. During this time period I mainly used them for day to day office reviewing of my music files. I found their fit to be loose, the sound to be very bass heavy and the plastic foam coating to be annoying especially as they started to disintegrate and flake off.

Most recently for Christmas my better half bought me a pair of MDR-V700DJ. She did so with the hopes I would use the one cup on one cup off functionality so she could talk to me while I was DJing. At first I was unimpressed with its fit, sure it was firm and snug but it lacked the encompassing feeling the MDR-7506's had. But as I started using them more and more this became less of an issue. The over all construction of the MDR-V700DJ are sturdy and ment to take a beating that daily use can bring. Pho-Leather was used to cover the cup foam padding insead of that annoying plastic foam coating, over all beefy construction, and easy to take apart and mod. However, I've already found their weak point: beware of their hinge that allows the cup to rotate. Its possiable with out much force to snap the little plastic clips that stop the cup from being allowed to rotate 360 degrees. I watched a set get droped by a kid at a local DJ store from about a foot and a half from the surface it slammed in to. When it was my turn to preview a few records the head phones almost feel apart in my hands. Besides that little flaw the clearity is modest and has been a nice addition to my headphone quiver.

A) B) C)

A) Sony MDR-V700DJ "Remix" Headphones
- Beffy Construction with fatial flaw
- Modest sound clearity
- Conforming flexablity for headphone positioning
Overall Rating: √√√ (3/4)

B) Sony MDR-7509 Professional Studio Headphones
- Solid Construction, annoying plastic foam coating and flakes off with over use
- Great over all clearity and range
Overall Rating: √√√√ (4/4)

C) Sony MDR-7506 Studio Standard Folding Headphones
- Good Construction, annoying plastic foam coating and flakes off with over use, exposed
wires are easy to sever
- Amazing High End clearity
- Easy to fix and Mod
Overall Rating: √√√ (3/4)

My one over all issue with all of these headphones would be to get a 90 degree angle on thier imputs. Espically with my DJM 600 mixer having the headphone cord fountain up always seems to get in my bloody way. lol

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

04.21.09 An untangable evening

I started working on one of my goals for the year.

Actually djing with Rane Scratch Live. Up till now I've been using it for sampling and toying around with it.

A hand full of things I've learned.

1) you can have to much music. From what I can tell my 500,000 song library in iTunes seems to crash the "build overview" function.

2) you can't read the coded records to tell you how much time you have left. I never realized how much I used this in my DJ practice. Thus I kept running out of track. This in no way is a problem with the program... More a learning curve as I start to use this new format.

So why now? Sure it's a goal of mine to start moving this direction. But the spark came from the closing of the DJ Hut. The last of the exclusive dance music record shop. Sure the are heading online... But every DC record shop that has gone on line has failed. Yoshie Toshie, Capital City Records both fizzled out and from what I understand Dj Hut is not looking to improve their already poor user interface and information architecture.

I hope the DJ Hut proves me wrong, I hope the dc DJ community continues to support DJ Hut during these new and rugged times.

***NOTE: i would like to comment that I will continue to buy my records from DJ Hut. However this means they are put in the same level as, and all the other online record stores. I have local pride but I have that pride because of my interactions with the staff and patrons of DJ Hut.

This lack of interaction and personalize emotion that I experience with online shopping is very much like the impersonal emotion I feel about playing mp3s. I guess this is just another learning curve.

So here's to the future and here's to old friends. Catch you on the flip.