Tuesday, March 20, 2012

FTA MUSIC: Edward the Librarian: Rusty Junglist: V016

Description: The tunes your catching this month were all apart of my arsenal for Smack it! 2, Jungle Revival 2 & Sending Sessions. Its a heavy ragga jungle & jump up set hope you all enjoy.
Host: Edward The Librarian
Date: 03.06.2012
WWW Link: rustyjunglist.podomatic.com
Download Link:
Time: 00:53:56
001_ Code Red (Serial Killer Remix) - Conquering Lion
002_ Sound Clash (Deekline & Ed Solo Remix) - Rack N Ruin
003_ Good Looking Gal - The Wild Life Collective
004_ Shake Ur Body - Shy FX & T-Power
005_ MA2 (Kenny Ken & Mace Remix) - DJ SS
006_ Ganja Man (Serial Killaz Remix) - Krome & Time
007_ Get Redy "All Junglist" - Rebel MC & Serial Killaz
008_ Fire (Serial Killaz Remix) - Demolition Man
009_ Ragga Tip (Walk & Skank) - The Wildlife Collective
010_ All That Jazz (Mosquito Remix) - DJ Fresh
011_ Ghost Town (featuring DJ Concept) - Ed Solo & Deekline
012_ Man Down _ Ed Solo & Deekline
013_ Raggamuffin _ Sound Clash
014_Promised Land _ Rebel MC & Serial Killaz

Thursday, March 15, 2012

RANDOMNESS: Another Year

Photo Source: Ocean Eiler

Another year has passed and its time to give thanks to all of you. Thank you for supporting the music, this web site, my crazy rants, and everything. Skateboarding into work this morning I realized just how fortunate I am. Golden light shimmering across the blacktop, the wind at my back and not much of a care in the world. Thank you to my family for raising me to do whatever I liked (as long as hit was scene through an artist lens). Thank you to my friends for always being around in good time and bad. Thank you to my fans for making me want to dig just a bit deeper in my crates of wax. Finally thank you to my wife for your love support it means the world to me.

I will leave you with this final bit. Dream of a future that is bright, new and beyond what your can imagine. Take that dream, and add a touch of your musical roots, then give it to the people. Because the world and America needs a new dream, not one of sustaining and surviving but one of NEW fantastic heights.

Don't live in the lines media and the public have painted for you. PAINT OUT SIDE THE LINES!

Keep Smiling. One and All

The Librarian

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

RANDOMNESS: Real Scenes: Detroit – Video

Real Scenes: Detroit from Resident Advisor on Vimeo.

My first time in Detriot was in 2002 and then later in 2004 for the Detriot Electric Music Festival (DEMF) that later became MOVEMENT. But I feel this video helps to but my experiences in Detriot in to perspective.

-The Librarian

Monday, March 5, 2012


"Even if you don’t live in Los Angeles, you’ve probably heard of KCRW, the legendary radio station there. You may NOT be as familiar with all the great record shops in the area, but KCRW wants to take care of that too, so they created this little movie, to introduce you."
Source: www.recordstoreday.com

April 21, 2012 RECORD STORE DAY

RANDOMNESS: The 4 Types Of DJ: Which Are You?

"Successful DJing is all about bums on seats (well, feet on dancefloors, actually). The audience is an essential half of DJing. If you want any kind of success, you take this to heart and never lose sight of it. It’s woven into what a DJ does.

So where does that leave playing the music you like? Where does that put your tastes, your musical aspirations? How can you fit these things around keeping an audience happy? How and to what extent you do this depends on where you fall in “The DJ Quadrant”…"
- Phil Morse

Read the rest of this article at DigitalDJTips.com

I would agree find music that you love, its should be your personal mission to sort through all the music that you have access to and "program" an evening of listening enjoyment that would make you freak out on the dance floor.

I watched a youtube video from a trusted source (briansredd) the other night that reminded me of this.

A large system and happy dancers will smooth over the less then flawless DJ mixing short falls. But their is no escape from bad music selection.

Now by no means am I saying only play commercial stuff, but what I'm saying is that every track you put down should be the next best thing. You should be excited about the next track, heck you should be just bearly holding yourself together with excitement for what your doing. If you feel it, then your crowd will be feeling it. (That is unless your playing hardcore techno for an old persons home, then again I'm sure their are places in London & SF were that might go over pretty well.)

.2 cents deposited
-The Librarian

RANDOMNESS: DJ Mini Mix, A Psytrance-Playing Baby DJ Puppet

"A psytrance-playing baby DJ puppet act called DJ Mini Mix is the handiwork of London’s Bart Delpech. Mini Mix has been performing at the Kingston Shopping Centre in London and in Amsterdam for several years."

SOURCE: Laughing Squid

-The Librarian

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Edward the Librarian - Junglist Preview - 10 Minute Mix: 002

Edward the Librarian
Drum & Bass - 10 Minute Mix: 002

Download the full 3 hours is available on dnbshare.com.

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