Thursday, September 24, 2009

09.24.2009 Social Lubrication V:002

Cross Genera, Platform, Radio Show LIVE from the Annex studio 312.
Edward the Librarian & Cousin Peaches
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WAR - Low Rider
Tom Waits - Table Top Joe
Adam Ant - Hello I Love You
The Streets - Don't Mug Yourself
Geto Boys - Damn it feels good to be a gangster
Lyrics Born - Do That There
Elvis Costello - Mystery Dance
Operation Ivy - Yellin in my ear
Brian Seitzer Orchestra - Hawaii 5-0
The Brother Johnson - Get the Funk Out of my Face
Del tha Funky Homosapian - Press Rewind
Deep Thinkers - Movin' On
Bad Religon - Best for you
Chumbawamba - thats how grateful we are
The Faint - Symptom Fingle
Sweet Pea Atkinson - Dance or Die
Atom - Be free
The Police - Don't Stand so Close to Me
Nasio - Under Attack
Easy Star All-Stars - St. Peppers Lonely Harts Club Band
Steel Pulse - Reggae Music
Lordz of Brooklyn - Saturday Night Fever
Arrested Development - Mr. Wendall
Joss Stone - Proper Nice
The Spectre - Odessa
Ben Folds Five - Bitches Ain't Shit
Monty Python - Do Wot John
The Mighty Mighty Bostons - Chocolate Pudding
Rancid - Track 9
Natural Born Chillers - Rollin w/ the Chillers
Aphrodite - Whatevers Clever
Brain Bug - Nightmare
Aphrodite - 2000 Aphro Dub Mix (Featuring Debo General)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

9.09.2009 Record Shop Hunting

Their is a virtual land of the lost, a waste land of souls and dreams in a dismal land called Fairfax. Sorry that's not really a fair description of Vienna Fairfax, however after spending 2 hours in a car and not finding the old record rats nest I was looking forward to visiting I was a little bummed.

Before I get into how this adventure got turned around, lets get into the facts that vinyl caches are disappearing all over the place. Music stores are being evaporated off the American landscape, littering the horizon with untangle mp3 files and homogenized box music and more stores.

The record store I was going to visit was a small cramped store front in a strip mall. I think it was called the music exchange