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FTA MUSIC: Freddy Wils & Edward the Librarian: Social Lubrication V:025 [09.27.2013]

JamBrew After Party | 2013 September 27th | Carpool - Herndon, VA

Immediately following the conclusion of the 2013 JamBrew series, the festivities will continue as we celebrate the wrap of another great year of concerts. Tribalistix Movement will host the official JamBrew After Party throw down. And if you've been to any of Tribalistix parties, you know how this will go down! Special guests will be popping up here and there to play music, tell jokes or demonstrate their particular talents in art.

Edward the Librarian & Freddy Wils
"Social Lubrication Live: Audio Conversation in SKA"

This was our first time bring Social Lubrication out to the public, and besides the fact that I needed to be the designated driver afterwards. Now we just need to find a quality dive bar in DC, Alexandria or Arlington to host Social Lubrication from on a regular basis.

Big ups to BlazeOne, Tribialstix, OSO-FRESH,Vico, and Carpool for having us out, and making us feel at home.

Freddy Wills & Edward the Librarian
(An hour roughly)

(BA HA not this time)

FTA MUSIC: Edward the Librarian: Rusty Junglist: V024


Sometime pay no attention to the DJ on the mic, this is episode 24 not 23. Ba Ha! This was just a warm up for a much longer session I'm planning on doing. My aim is to put all the tracks I love, that got me hooked on this sound or just bring back good memories all into one epic set. So consider this the warm up.

Host: Edward The Librarian
Date: 10.08.2013
Time: an hour and change
Web Link:


1) The Wildlife Collective - Champion Love
2) Origin Unknown - Truly One
3) Freestylers - ENTERTAINER
4) JFB - Five On It
5) DJ Zinc - Ready or Not 2003 Remix
6) Ed Solo, Stickybuds - Joker Smoker
7) Ed Solo, Stickybuds - SMOKE THE WEED
8) The Wild Life Collective - Bad Bwoy
9) Aries & Murda - Ganja Farmer
10) Dope skillz - No Diggidy
11) Aphrodite - Listen to the Rhythm
12) MA2 - Hearing Is Believing
13) Serial killaz - Worries Inna Dance (Rockers Mix)
14) Pato Banton - Nice Up The Session (Dub Pistols Remix)
15) Conguering Lion - Code Red (Serial Killaz Remix)
16) Ed solo and deekline - Man Down
17) Rack N Ruin - Soundclash (Deekline & Ed Solo's Jungle Cake Remix)
18) Danny Byrd (feat. General Levy) - Blaze The Fire (Rah!)
19) Blak Twang Ft. Congo Natty - Rebel Emcee (Interface Remix)
20) M-Beat - By Sweet Love

Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Annex Shop is Closed... But shirt are still for sale

Currently looking for a new shopping vendor.

In the mean time if you interested in buying the "Red Lion Junglist" t-shirt. Email me ( the size you would like, how many, and if you would like them shipped. If so please add your zip code so I can calculate shipping.

Illustrated by Ocean Eiler for From the Annex.
In 2012, Ocean started this project to illustrate Jungle / Drum & Bass. After many attempts including eagles, bears and classic music hardware he settled on the lion. Strong, caring, fierce and wise these are all characteristics of the scene & the music we love. Also its a strong icon for both England & Jamaica where this music was born & got many of its influences from. The drawing itself had to be complex, simple, bold and calming. He also wanted to give a nod to some of his favorite skateboard illustrators from the early 1990's.
In Action!
Because I'm not having to deal with shop mark up now. The Red Lion Junglist shirt are $29 each. Thats right only $29 (+shipping).

Keep Smiling

FTA MUSIC CHART: Librarian's Choice for Jungle / Drum & Bass [September 2013]

For those of you with out Flash on their mobile devices. Here is my top ten for September 2013 with full commentary.

1. Johnny Osbourne - In Your Eyes
Aries & Gold Remix Ragga Jungle
Release Date: 08/26/13

Notes from the Librarian:
Classic, relaxes tempo rolling in at 86bmp, great bassline and super strong vocals that will cause a sing a long on the dance floor.

2. Patrick Currier - Vex
Ragga Jungle
Faction Digital Recordings
Release Date: 08/26/13

Notes from the Librarian:
Smokers Riddim, that begs the listener to wind up the waist and blow that smoke in the air.

3. Peligro - Ezzz
Ragga Jungle
Faction Digital Recordings
Release Date: 08/26/13

Notes from the Librarian:
Round the corner at number 3 Peligro with Ezzz. This little treasure of aggressive ragga sound has been a huge success down in the DMV dance floors.

4. Serial Killaz - Send Dem
Drum & Bass
Titan Records
Release Date: 09/26/11
Notes from the Librarian:
Damn. This is a dance floor killer. Its rolling bass and sample old school vibe make me want to dance my face off and reach for the lasers. Then with the tasteful usage of ragga vocals rounds this tune out for me as an epic win

5. Serial Killaz & Run Tingz Cru - Nah Gi Yu Weh
Remix Ragga Jungle
Run Tingz Recordings
Release Date: 04/30/13

Notes from the Librarian:
Positive vibes. A song for the lovers on the dance floor. Great tune, lyrically profound, strong riddim, with a solid drum track.

6. Danny Byrd - Blaze The Fire Rah
Stray / Stray Remix Jungle
Hospital Records
Release Date: 09/24/12

Notes from the Librarian:
Although not the release I was hoping for with Danny Byrd and General Levy this is a pretty close second to the Danny Byrd Incredible Bootleg.

7. K Jah - Fibre Optic
Pure Vibez Recordings
Release Date: 12/03/12

Notes from the Librarian:
Fun old school sounding track, with the right amount of ragga caller and female vocalist. Plus some nice rolling basslines

8. Benny Page -  Sound Fi Dead (Featuring Top Cat)
Original Mix Ragga Jungle
High Culture
Release Date: 12/10/12

Notes from the Librarian:
Great combo of Top Cat and Benny Page. Benny Page did a nice job of not letting Top Cat blather all over the track to much.

9. Jahdan Blackkamoore - Jumpshot Headstrong
Liondub / Liondub Jungle Remix Jungle
Straight Up
Release Date: 01/14/13

Notes from the Librarian:
Lion Dub bring a great tune to the scene. Solid mix of Jungle, Ragga and some old school techno vibes splattered in their

10. Shy FX Ft. Donae’O - Raver
Benny Page Remix Drum & Bass
Digital Soundboy Recordings
Release Date: 01/16/11

Notes from the Librarian:
Saving the best for last. I like this track so much I had a dub plate cut just so I could play it out for my all vinyl nights. This and the original are worth every bit of shrapnel in your pocket

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

FTA Events: Transit "TEASER" [ Sept 4th 2013 ]

Gearing up to bring some ruckus Jungle / Drum & Bass to Transit in Fairfax, VA. Here is a little teaser of what Wednesday, September 4th 2013 is going to be about. [Facebook Event]

TRANSIT is located at
10560 Main St., Fairfax, Virginia 22030

As I'm only one part of this evening of D&B delights let me tell you about the full cast of characters I'm playing with:

Tyler Nimz
(Smash Bro'x/Charlotte NC)

(Koncrete Jungle, Las Vegas)

(Dirty City, Paradox Music: DC)

I'm not sure what I'm more excited about, the new tunes I have in my crate or hearing these guys play their records.

Edward the Librarian
(Faction Digital Recordings, VA Pressure, From The Annex)
12:30 - 1:30

This brings us to me...

In case we have not been acquainted, I'm a Jungle / Drum & Bass DJ, who more often then not fines a more ragga vibe in my track selection. If you like what your hearing bounce over to for more and do come out to Transit and say hello. I would like to give a shout to Transit, VA Pressure, Tribalistix, Faction Digital Recordings & my wife for supporting me. Thank you.

I hope you all will be in attendance. Here is a little intel on on Transit & REDZONE Grill:
Nine years ago, Give Productions created the idea of a weekly EDM party in the heart of Fairfax that grew beyond expectations. We raged! We partied! We had fun! We also hit a few speed bumps along the way... A couple in fact. Fire, snow, floods, city name it, forced us to change venues a few times. We dealt with the good, and the
bad... yet felt a responsibility to keep things going, no matter the challenge.

Now we are back where all this effort began. The space that was once "Bridges" is back with a face lift!

Admission - FREE
*21 + Only* - MUST HAVE A VALID ID!!!!

TRANSIT is located at
10560 Main St., Fairfax, Virginia 22030

RedZone comes packed with:

*A HUGE Dance Floor
*Over 40+TV Screens w/ the hottest Music Videos & Sporting Events
*VIP Lounges with Leather Couches
*Pool Tables
*Air Hockey Table!
*AND Coming Soon- A HOOKAH Lounge

Keep smiling,
-The Librarian

PS - On a tech note. This was shot with a 2 camera set up ( iPhone & iPad ), so I'm aware of the movie magic / inconstancy (smiling). But for being shot and edited on my devices it only took a whooping 8 hours to make something that looked decent. ba ha.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Librarian's Bag: Choice Music Selections for August [2013]

Each month I'm going to list my top ten tracks I've collected. Providing some insight into the tracks I buy, and why I like them. I hope you enjoy, and maybe fine some new tunes that you want to add to your own collection.

Badman Shoes / Badman Shoes (Serial Killaz remix)
Conscience lyrics, with a shout to DC, its going to be a win in my book. Besides EZ Rollers & Serial Killaz on one record?! Whats not to love. Killaz version is more relaxed then I would have expected but its totally worth checking out.

Danny BYRD
4th Dimension / Bad Boy (Back Again)
NHS 233R
The Byrd man takes flight, and its out of here! 4th Dimension harks back to an earlier time with updated drums, while the flip for fills my need for the hard classic rolling bass lines. Both are epic dance floor drivers

Jah Warriors
BD 230
Congo Natty recently has been on a rampage and this set of tracks only help to push things forward. Conscience vibe, with a heavy bass line. Nothing to rip up the floor with, but I can live with that.

Zunga (feat Rubi Dan) / No No No (Serial Killaz remix)
JC 019
Zunga just does not do it for me, but the flip Serial Killaz remix of No, No, No made both my wife and I sit up and take notice. Serial Killaz for the win.

Blind To You / Good Ol Days
JC 018
Jungle Cakes formulaic sound + Ricky Tuff tracks = Epic Win. Blind to You charges the floor, and calls for the dance floor to sing along. Good Ol Days is a classic B side to be noted but forgotten about. You win some you loose some

Run The World (remix) / Run The World (dub)
NB 009
Good tune, loads of vocals but not saying much. Their use in this track is more to set the vibe inside. Admittedly I'm a fan of the Dub version on the flip. ba ha

Jungle Souljah / UK Allstars / Freddy / Revolution / Get Ready / Jah Warriors / Nu Beginingz / Jungle Is I & I / London Dungeons / Rebel / Micro Chip
BD 227
Half time, future step and a sprinkling of Dub Step all with that Congo Natty vibe. These tunes are more conscience then dance hall classics, but either way this is a must have for any junglist.

Scott Allen & Deeper Connection - "Love Is The Key" / Incident - "Slumbery"
SRR 007V
Love is the key is relaxed and dreamy, like a long lost lover in a haze of smoke. Slumbery comes out of the gate with a quickness and holds a slight tech edge to it.

Rebel Emcee / Rebel Emcee (Interface remix) / Rebel Emcee (Mindstate Darker remix)
Just a fun tune. The original track is a little to vocal for my taste but Interface remix is dead on.

Lioness / Lioness (feat Lady Chann - Congo Natty Vital Elements remix)
Instant classic. Great production, empowering lyrics, and a female vocalist that will cry for a rewind everytime.


Finally here is one to grow on.

Got My Tryin' (feat Belle) / Got My Tryin' (Rcola remix) / Instrumental
A great summer tune to sway your hips to. Very female vocal driven. Not much contrast between track A & B.

I hope you have enjoyed my top ten **cough 11**, and I hope you all come back soon to catch our next installment of The Librarian's Bag.

In the mean time where should you fine these tunes? If your within the DMV, support local and buy or order these tracks from Turnstyle Records in Richmond Virginia.

If your out side of the DMV, I suggest one of these two online record sources. Juno Records or Chemical Records, both have excellent online stores and ship relatively fast for being located in the UK.

If physical vinyl is not your thing, and you want to grab these files then again check out Juno's download section or Satellite Records. I've chosen both of these because they are or once were vinyl shops. You could always use Beatport but I'm not a big fan of theirs after receiving a few less then stellar music files from them.

In the mean time keep smiling.

- The Librarian

Thursday, August 8, 2013

FTA EVENTS: Beat the Heat 8 at SR2 [08.17.2013]

Rock comp with Jungle / Drum & Bass music! Now that's what I call a win! Once again, SportRock has invited me back to be the musical backdrop to the summers hottest climbing throw down in the DMV. I'm very fortunate to have such a strong following within the climbing community here, much respect to one and all.

On a side note I have a table set up selling "The Red Junglist" t-shirts. So if you have seen them around but have not had the chance to pick up your own. Swing by the DJ booth. They will be going for $20 a piece.

Ok enough yammering from me I need to start pulling tracks for this 3 hour mega session.

Hope to see you all out there!

Monday, August 5, 2013

RANDOMNESS: The esoteric art of the opening DJ by Jack O'Shaughnessy

No one seems to understand it. No one seems to respect it. And it might just be the most important part of the night. RA explains why the warm-up DJ deserves perhaps even more credit than the headliner.

There are many variables in producing a proper electronic music event. Some things are obvious: a proper space with quality sound and engaging visuals are part of the physics that create a comfortable environment for the crowd. If, for instance, the sound system isn't properly dialed in to the acoustics of the space, the performer, regardless of his or her talent, is going to sound like crap. The result is a lethargic dance floor and an angry performer who will not only expect to get paid but will never come back.

But there are many subtle factors that can keep an event from being labeled "epic" and instead relegate it to just "another night out." Fast bartenders, adequate bathrooms and a security crew that behaves professionally all contribute to a club goers overall perception. When it's done right, these things aren't even noticed. But when you have to stand in line for half an hour to piss in a flooded bathroom, while in the main room, everyone's mind is being blown by the DJ you paid a lot of money to see, your night gets flushed down the toilet.

Dean Muhsin

A message from the opener
Dean Muhsin, a resident at Steve Lawler's VIVa @ MOS nights sounds off
I've been a resident DJ on and off for about ten years and am lucky to have the residency I have, but I've just recently begun to notice how marginalised some residents are becoming. Shorter sets and crappy slots mean that there's a fair chance that the guest will have started by the time anyone gets to the club. I know there are people out there who really believe that a resident/warm-up set is the real essence of DJing, but for some reason people seem to fall foul of that marginalisation.
That said, people like Secret Sundaze have got a wicked balance of residents/guests, so it's clearly doable. There's room for the resident DJ to become the focus of the night again, and not just because they're sometimes stuck in traffic and have to ask the headliner to start their set for them. 
(Thanks, Will Saul!)

The last crucial element in the event equation, though, is the opening DJ. At a live music event, if the opening band is terrible there is always a short break to switch out equipment. The headliner then takes the stage and the night moves on. But in a club environment the music rarely stops from the moment the first track begins. This continuous flow of sound is maintained until the lights are turned on at the end of the night. A good DJ taps into this flow and manipulates the energy of a room through careful programming and mixing choices. Mastery of this flow allows a DJ to take the crowd on the sonic journey which has come to define the all-night electronic music party.

But the headliner almost never plays from the moment the doors open. One or more opening DJs are used to warm up the room, keeping the crowd entertained and the alcohol flowing until the headliner's designated time slot later in the evening. And many promoters seem to be unaware of how important this role can be. A DJ who isn't up to the task of opening can dissipate the energy on the dance floor before it has a chance to solidify. In a good scenario, the crowd will pack the bar and hug the walls until the headliner comes on. In a worst case scenario, the club will empty out before the DJ has time to mix in a new track.

In many ways, the warm-up DJ faces more challenges than the headliner. Consider this: The opener must start with a fairly empty room that slowly fills with generally sober people who aren't there to see them.

The DJ must create an atmosphere out of thin air and at the same time set the stage for the musical narrative of the headliner's set. Steve Lawler, head of Viva Music who has headlined top venues the world over, agrees, "The warm-up's job is in fact the hardest and very important to how the whole night will turn out. If a warm-up does a good job, you can feel it in the air, and then usually 99% of the time, it's an amazing night."

The opening DJs biggest challenge is to program a set that will seamlessly sync with the DJ who will go on next. "The opening DJ has a huge responsibility; they can dictate the entire mood of the party," says Magda, of Minus Records. "You have to think about who you are opening for and how they play in order to avoid overpowering their sound." Each headliner has a definitive musical style that presents a unique programming challenge to the opener. "If I open for Theo Parrish I definitely will not be playing the same records as opening for Richie Hawtin. That's the fun of it though," she explains. "It's a challenge to get the different crowds worked up while complementing the main act at the same time."

At Club2Club, Theo Parrish was Magda's opening DJ

A good opener must have two things: an attenuated awareness for the musical progression of the night, and an extremely large and eclectic record collection. Craig Richards would concur. With a ten year residency at Fabric, London's most respected club, Richards is highly regarded as one of the best opening DJs in the world. Warming up a room is a position Richards fully embraces, "Over the years I have often opted for the warm-up slot. I find it a wonderful challenge which if played properly can result in maximum musical fulfillment."

Great opening DJs know their music and the subtle effects each record transition will have on a dance floor. DJ Yousef, the DJ and promoter behind Liverpool's legendary party, Circus, says for a DJ to successfully warm up a crowd "they need to be aware that the tempo, the groove, the energy and even the texture of every record must be seriously considered." This sensitivity to the way music influences the crowd allows the opener to begin the patient task of drawing people to the dance floor.

Dirtybird's Christian Martin describes it as such: "Your job is to peel people away from the bar, and keep building upon that small nucleus of early dancers that will eventually become a packed dance floor. It's important to pay attention to the mood of the floor and adjust the direction of your set accordingly, without going overboard too early." Martin's last point brings up another extremely important trait of great openers: restraint.
"I've [sometimes] had to kill the
music altogether to reset
the energy." - Lee Burridge

"I know a lot of my fellow DJs feel the pain on so many nights from an inappropriate, overly energetic and mostly far too big warm-up set," Lee Burridge laments. With over 25 years of experience, Burridge is universally recognized as one of the world's most talented DJs. He says great warm-up DJs "understand where the guest DJ starts from—not where they are two hours into their set. The energy needs to be left at a point where the guest DJ can comfortably continue from." Burridge told me that in many cases the opener plays records of such high intensity "I've [sometimes] had to kill the music altogether to reset the energy."

"I've warmed up for many big names over the years and I realized a long time ago that the night wasn't about me alone," Burridge continues, "This seems hard to accept for a lot of upcoming DJs as they want the attention of the people. This attitude totally disturbs the gradual build of the night as a whole." Many young DJs see the opening set as their chance to show what they've got, but the result of this enthusiasm is exactly the opposite. Yousef states when an opening DJs set is "hitting them over the head with an iron fist" of uptempo, peak hour tracks, it "will always result in not getting another gig."

But there is more to opening a room than just keeping the tempo under 124 bpm and playing deep music. The signature of a great opener is defined by a devotion to the music he or she is playing. As Lawler explains, "you can tell when an opener is someone that has just gone onto Beatport's Top 100 [to buy their] Deep House [tracks] and is trying to do it, as opposed to someone who loves and collects the music they are playing. You can always hear passion in a DJ's set."
Lee Burridge and Craig Richards: The ultimate warm-up duo

Craig Richards takes it one step further: "I'm absolutely certain that the music lovers, not the DJs, are fit for the job—the people who can forget themselves for a moment and deliver a groove, a beginning and a sense of belief." The best openers are in many ways the people who are true music lovers, the ones who obsessively collect obscure and eclectic music for the simple joy of it. These DJs know their music so well they intuitively know there is a right track to play in each moment for any audience.

Opening a room requires the ability to step outside what you want to play and, instead, to be conscientious of what the crowd is willing to accept. "As a DJ you have to find the middle ground of being yourself and being mindful of what you think will work on the dance floors of the world's clubs," Yousef explains, "I always play the music I love but I'm experienced enough to enjoy a broad selection of electronic music." Each DJ I spoke with emphasized the need for an opener to have an extensive range in musical tastes and, most importantly, the patience to hold back, and to slowly build the tension in preparation for the headliner.

For both Lawler and Burridge, each sees the role of the opener as important as his own role as the headliner. Lawler tries and takes an opener with him to gigs, "so I know the energy and vibe will be right when I go on." But they each tell me it is often the promoter who chooses a DJ not fit for the role, or sometimes, Burridge says, "The promoter has been known to come into the booth and tell the warm-up to pick it up." In either case, it reveals a lack of understanding in how a night develops. Whereas a nervous promoter wants to see the dance floor packed with people pumping their fists in the air from the start, all the DJs I spoke with saw this as detrimental to the night as a whole. As Richards put it, "There can be nothing worse than an over-enthusiastic start—a soup that burns the mouth or curtains ripped open to let the light in."

But this ultimately leads to one question for the promoter: If you are going to spend the money to fly in and accommodate a world-class DJ, why not spend the extra time and money to get your guest a proper opener? With the high risk inherent in throwing an event coupled with a lack of understanding about the role of the opener, DJs who are picked to warm up a night are often inexperienced and more often than not, underpaid. A promoter can spend thousands of dollars on a headliner, and to rein in costs, will often only spend a couple of hundred on an opener.

So obviously, great opening DJs aren't in it for the money. Instead, these DJs are perhaps the purest music fan in every sense of the word. Since the opener's artistry is built upon subtlety, they rarely receive any accolades. The media often overlooks good warm-ups, instead focusing on the headliners, and only knowledgeable crowds will recognize the skill that goes into the nuance and restraint of slowly building the tension in a room. This often leaves only the headliner's gratitude as any sign of appreciation.

In fact, the biggest reward an opener receives is the opportunity to explore musical territory a headliner often cannot. Playing opening sets "gives justification for buying records that you know will only sound right at certain times," says Craig Richards. "The chance to hear these records loud was and still is my driving force. Playing deep, quirky, delicate tunes at a time when they make sense is an utter pleasure to the man who seeks the truth for the music not the limelight." Successful venues and events have always recognized what a proper opener provides: The atmosphere that is the foundation of any event.

Published / Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Notes from the Librarian:
Special thanks to Freddy Wils for pointing this article out to me. 

I would like to point out that this is true for any DJ (not in the headliner slot). Each slot of the night requires its own restraint and homework. DJ's should not only read the crowd but also the other DJs in the line up. If your the DJ in the middle, you need to know the style of the warm up DJ and the style of the headliner DJ. Find them on soundcloud, mixcloud, facebook what have you and listen to their sets. Then pull for your own set to create a bridge between the two. That on its own takes a special sort of finesse.

.2 cents deposited.

Respect to Jack O'Shaughnessy and Resident Advisor.

Monday, July 29, 2013

RANDOMNESS: The Great Vinyl Debate: DJ Hype - Is Vinyl Dead?

Ahead of The Great Vinyl Debate on 12/07/13 we caught up with Drum & Bass pioneer DJ Hype of Real Playaz and asked the question: 'Is Vinyl Dead?'..

What do you think?

Join the discussion as a panel of industry professionals and DJ's discuss all things vinyl / physical format. Streamed live from Google Campus at on 12/07/13 (from 20:00 GMT).

Press contact:

 Head over to the site to apply for free tickets to the event and for more announcements and video discussion! ||

Thursday, July 25, 2013

FTA MUSIC: Edward The Librarian & Freddy Wils: Social Lubrication V:024

Description: Cross genre music show where everything goes. This show is what happens when 2 friends get together and just play music, not planning just putting on tunes for our own enjoyment. This is random chaos at its best!

Freddy Wills & Edward the Librarian



Download Link:

(BA HA not this time)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

RANDOMNESS: Red Lion Junglist International

We just shipped our first Red Lion Junglist shirt to Hamburg Germany! Junglist Massive worldwide! Respect.
- The Librarian

Monday, July 22, 2013

RANDOMNESS: Craigslist I love you at times...

Ever had one of those days, where mister blue bird is singing on your shoulder and you just had an unstoppable urge to dance like a fool?

After the come down of SK8 JAM where I baked in the sun, played on CDJs and skated for long enough to remind myself that I'm old. I was in a great mood.
SK8JAM 2013

I woke up late and made waffles for the misses. We were enjoying the nature in the backyard over coffee, when I suggested we go hunting for a dog or cat to add to our family. 

waffles + coffee + shopping for a new pet = EPIC DAY!

And it was an epic day. Although we came up short handed on a new 4 legged friend, there is nothing better then hanging out with puppies and kittens all day. ba ha
"Little Kitty" yea maybe not

So what does this have to do with my title about craigslist?

We were just settling into the idea of making dinner then I checked my email, and received a notice that someone in Dale City had just posted a CURB ALERT for 3 crates of Jungle records.


So I picked up my wife, who was considering a nap on the couch and we jetted out to Dale City to see what I could find. Sure enough there on the curb was 3 crates of jungle records, one flight case and an additional crate of hip-hop, motown! HAPPY FUCKING DAY!

The crazy thing is all the records look amazingly well maintained and like they've never been DJed with. I'm just starting to wrap my brain around these titles, artist and labels. 

Thus an epic day got even better.

Heres to Craigslist and the mystery person in Dale City that just made the 21st of July totally awesome.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

FTA EVENTS: SK8JAM Wakefield Skatepark [07.20.2013]

Live Music from:

    Edward the Librarian
    Blaze One


Bo Jankans 
Watermelon (NYC) 
Aaron Crawford & The Bad Cards  
And What Army  
(and more...... )

Check out the new gear from vendors like DK Skate Shop | Bad News Boards | Little Creeps | Gorilla Fist | And more...

Gates open at 2pm! Live Music | Rito Loco Food Truck | Live Music from Local bands | Local Vendors | Contests | Raffles and Prizes |

**Rain Date is set for Sunday July 21st

8100 Braddock Rd, Annandale, Virginia

Thursday, July 11, 2013

OTHER EVENTS: Transit: Women Do It Better [7.10.13]

9:00 - 10:00 ~ General Motors ~ [Breaks/Electro] - Bansheez Gen.
10:00 - 11:00 ~ Moody Moore ~ [Drum & Bass] – Bansheez
11:00 - 12:20 ~ Joanna O ~ [Drum & Bass] – Turnstyle II Richmond
12:20 - 1:30 ~ Jungle Jessi ~ [Drum & Bass] – 3D Productions, Tribalistix

 I want to start out with an apologies to General Motors, I was a little late to the show because the "disco nap" I took was just a little to powerful. ba ha

On to the night! After making my mad dash to Redzone, I was greeted with an ear full about how good General Motors set was.  Which is impressive as it was her first time playing out. Mad Props.

Moody Moore at Transit in Fairfax VA throwing down the 10lbs jungle sound. Photo Credit: Ocean Eiler
 The evening continued with Moody Moore, (General Motors mother)... nope you did not miss read that. My immediate reaction was A) THAT'S FUCKING AWESOME! Followed up by I totally want to be that style of parent. Moody Moore's set started out on a Jazzy almost Intelligent Jungle note progressing into a harder, darker Drum & Bass sound by the end of her set. Often times making it hard to choose between shooting photos or dancing my ass off.
Moody Moore at Transit in Fairfax VA playing that Jungle sound. Photo Credit: Ocean Eiler

Moody Moore being photo bombed at Transit in Fairfax VA. Photo Credit: Ocean Eiler

Moody Moore at Transit in Fairfax VA., switching gears and bring the hard Drum & Bass tunes. Photo Credit: Ocean Eiler

Moody Moore at Transit in Fairfax VA. Photo Credit: Ocean Eiler

Moody Moore & General Motors at Transit in Fairfax VA. Photo Credit: Ocean Eiler

Joanna O. at Transit in Fairfax VA starting her DnB set. Photo Credit: Ocean Eiler

 Joanna O... I'm just going to let that name float out there for a second. Much like her music it makes you take a step back, breathe, and roll into a Jazzy almost lounge set. I adore her track selection because just as your have settled into a rolling groove Joanna O takes your on a music Drum & Bass journey. Respect to Joanna and the Richmond scene.
Joanna O. at Transit in Fairfax VA cuing up another hot jungle tune. Photo Credit: Ocean Eiler

Joanna O. at Transit in Fairfax VA. Photo Credit: Ocean Eiler

Joanna O. at Transit in Fairfax VA. Photo Credit: Ocean Eiler

Joanna O. at Transit in Fairfax VA. Photo Credit: Ocean Eiler

Jungle Jessi at Transit in Fairfax VA starting out her Drum & Bass set. Photo Credit: Ocean Eiler
 Jungle Jessi. The queen of the night, rounding out the final hours of Transit with what seemed like boundless energy. I first saw Jungle Jessi open up for Aphrodite almost a year or two ago. At the time I was spell bounded by her selections and tonight's set did not disappoint. Each DJ bears a little bit of their soul when they play music for others, and this was a exploration in the Drum & Bass sound strung together by with a heavy groove.
Jungle Jessi at Transit in Fairfax VA playing that Jungle music. Photo Credit: Ocean Eiler

Jungle Jessi at Transit in Fairfax VA cuing up her next Drum and Bass selection. Photo Credit: Ocean Eiler

Jungle Jessi at Transit in Fairfax VA. Photo Credit: Ocean Eiler

Jungle Jessi at Transit in Fairfax VA... I love this photo. Smiling . Photo Credit: Ocean Eiler
Thank you to the Give Productions for bring these ladies together for an evening of broken beat that I will not forget for a while.

Keep Smiling.
The Librarian