Thursday, October 10, 2013

FTA MUSIC: Edward the Librarian: Rusty Junglist: V024


Sometime pay no attention to the DJ on the mic, this is episode 24 not 23. Ba Ha! This was just a warm up for a much longer session I'm planning on doing. My aim is to put all the tracks I love, that got me hooked on this sound or just bring back good memories all into one epic set. So consider this the warm up.

Host: Edward The Librarian
Date: 10.08.2013
Time: an hour and change
Web Link:


1) The Wildlife Collective - Champion Love
2) Origin Unknown - Truly One
3) Freestylers - ENTERTAINER
4) JFB - Five On It
5) DJ Zinc - Ready or Not 2003 Remix
6) Ed Solo, Stickybuds - Joker Smoker
7) Ed Solo, Stickybuds - SMOKE THE WEED
8) The Wild Life Collective - Bad Bwoy
9) Aries & Murda - Ganja Farmer
10) Dope skillz - No Diggidy
11) Aphrodite - Listen to the Rhythm
12) MA2 - Hearing Is Believing
13) Serial killaz - Worries Inna Dance (Rockers Mix)
14) Pato Banton - Nice Up The Session (Dub Pistols Remix)
15) Conguering Lion - Code Red (Serial Killaz Remix)
16) Ed solo and deekline - Man Down
17) Rack N Ruin - Soundclash (Deekline & Ed Solo's Jungle Cake Remix)
18) Danny Byrd (feat. General Levy) - Blaze The Fire (Rah!)
19) Blak Twang Ft. Congo Natty - Rebel Emcee (Interface Remix)
20) M-Beat - By Sweet Love

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