Thursday, October 10, 2013

FTA MUSIC: Freddy Wils & Edward the Librarian: Social Lubrication V:025 [09.27.2013]

JamBrew After Party | 2013 September 27th | Carpool - Herndon, VA

Immediately following the conclusion of the 2013 JamBrew series, the festivities will continue as we celebrate the wrap of another great year of concerts. Tribalistix Movement will host the official JamBrew After Party throw down. And if you've been to any of Tribalistix parties, you know how this will go down! Special guests will be popping up here and there to play music, tell jokes or demonstrate their particular talents in art.

Edward the Librarian & Freddy Wils
"Social Lubrication Live: Audio Conversation in SKA"

This was our first time bring Social Lubrication out to the public, and besides the fact that I needed to be the designated driver afterwards. Now we just need to find a quality dive bar in DC, Alexandria or Arlington to host Social Lubrication from on a regular basis.

Big ups to BlazeOne, Tribialstix, OSO-FRESH,Vico, and Carpool for having us out, and making us feel at home.

Freddy Wills & Edward the Librarian
(An hour roughly)

(BA HA not this time)

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