Sunday, January 30, 2011

Other Events: (Follow Up) New Monthly Drum & Bass / Dubstep night in the DMV

Hats off to Joe who I believe is the force behind all this goodness. As he ran around for most of the night trouble shooting the booth, checking the sound and getting his own dance on toward the end of the night.

CJ Weaver
and the another that I missed

Cheers to everyone involved for pulling out some old DnB heads out of the wood work.

See you all next month.

-The Librarian

Friday, January 21, 2011

Randomness: Questlove – Amoeba Records Interview

Amoeba Records the only record store I've ever walked into and was over saturated with so many options I walked out with nothing but a smile on my face.
-the Librarian


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

FTA REPORT: Turnstyle Record Shop in Richmond Virginia

This little write up is long, long over due. Some where about 6+ months ago I was desperate for a record store. With the death Yoshie Toshie, Capital City Records and finally DJ Hut. The DMV was looking wicked bleak for my vinyl addiction. Sure, I could roll to Crooked Beat, Som Records, or even CD Depot but their I would only be able to fine a record possibly two. This was starting to really force my hand to looking at Digital DJing as a real alternative. Then some where on a DJ forum I found a mention to a record shop called Turnstyle down in Richmond.

Now at the time my reaction was probably similar to yours, how long is that going to take me to drive? Especially when driving 6 miles in DC can take up to 45 mins depending on the time of day. Yea, I was little apprehensive, however one day the need for new tunes was just to great. After a coffee and a quick stretch, I was off on fine Saturday morning!

The drive was a breeze, finding Turnstyle on the main drag was easy, and parking was like shooting fish in a barrel. EPIC WIN.

A brief run down of the joint...

Turnstyle is a boutique electronic vinyl record store with a moderate injection of clothing & art work. Just thinking about this store puts a smile on my face. Joanna and Jessie the owners of Turnstyle have to be the nicest people I've meet in ages. Seriously, their comradely, costumer service and excitement for the dance community is infectious. This combined with a sick DnB/Jungle selection makes it totally tops as far as I'm concerned.

If your in need for scratching that vinyl itch. Take the time, make the drive and go visit Turnstyle. You will be glad you did.

102 West Broad Street
Richmond, Virginia 23220



Tuesday - Friday:

-the Librarian

Randomness: Amazing Album Promo Site. Hats off to Hospital

Hospital Records
does it again with the freaking coolest promo web site i've seen in a hot minute. Nu:Tone
-the Librarian


Breakers FX
9715 Fairfax Boulevard, Fairfax, VA 22030

Other Events: NEW Monthly Drum & Bass / Dubstep starting in the DMV area

DC DnB are starting a monthly D&B / Dubstep night at Alley Cat Restaurant and Sports Bar [MAP] on the last Saturday of every month.

Current line up includes:
CJ Weaver

Booking/Future Details:
joeparties at gmail

Whooo Hoooo! Spread the word. This could be a lot of fun! Either way I'm always down to support local junglist.

- the Librarian


Monday, January 17, 2011

Thanks for Coming out to the Ghosts Guns Girls Gallery Show on Saturday

Thank you to Terry & Lyntha Eiler for providing me with these photos. Thank you to 410 Goodbuddy Gallery for being a gracious host. Thanks to Chris Bishop my artiest in crime and finally big Big BIG respect to everyone that came out checked out some amazing art and some great jungle tunes.

Next Event I promise more DANCING!

Friday, January 7, 2011

MUSIC: Edward The Librarian: Social Lubrication V:016

Cross genre, Platform, Radio Show LIVE from the Annex Studio 312. Join Edward the Librarian & Scarlet on a musical conversation. This show will be interesting as no media outlet will be speared(vinyl,CD,MP3 & YouTube). Note Buffering speed on YouTube Videos does effect BPM. DUH!

Edward the Librarian & Scarlet
Podcast Link:
Download Link:

TBA... someone not me is typing it out. LOL