Wednesday, May 27, 2009

05.27.09 Rough Drafting Round Two

The notion that too much freedom is a creative hindrance is so very true.

I've got the equipment, I've got more records then I can remember, and I've got a job that gives me enough time in the evening hours to indulge in my vinyl addiction.

Last weekend, I was all geared up to throw down and create my next mix. Emilia would be gone for the weekend (COUGH taking her kids on a backpacking trip COUGH), I was not scheduled for work at my second job and all my friends were out of town on climbing adventures. It sounds like a perfect set up for making a pot to black tea, burning some incense and throwing down the wicked Jungle Massive.

However, every time I passed my wheels of steel I was just uninterested in getting started. This lack of interest was disconcerting to me. Am I feeling alright? Am I getting depressed? What the in blistering blue blazes has got me stalling out?

I'm partly willing to blame the wicked hot temperatures outside for my sloth like behavior towards my second favorite past time. However it was after Tuesday intense rain storm and the wicked soaking I received that I started feeling back in my usual mood. Then it was a part of a conversation that I caught with Mr. Eagle that got me thinking. Is my expansive freedom the hindrance that is plaguing me?

After a 3 hour session at the climbing gym and a relaxed dinner with Emilia, I lumbered my tired bones into the Annex. If limitations is what I needed then limitations is what I will give myself. I pulled out the "high grade / dancehall drivers" from the stacks. In all, I think I had about 20+ tracks.

As I've been typing this entry I've been listening to the 60 mins of music that was produced from this session. I'm willing to call it a rough draft, (such an odd term when my mental association of this term is with massive educational literary works). But its true I will continue to listen to this rough draft and rearange tracks, edit tracks or make notes about other tracks I want to add.

All of this makes me sad that I have such a disconnect with my annex. When I was younger I did not have half the records I own now and those days were a lot simpler. Wake up, watch cartoons, play video games, go to class, play some records, do home work, go hang out with friends (play more records), and go to bed.

So here is to limitations, and getting reacquainted with old friends.


Friday, May 15, 2009

5.19.2009 Notes from Rusty Junglist Volume 001: Hey Soundbwoy What You Got?

So its been a while, since I've released a mix for public consumption. I hope you all enjoy and please feel free to leave me feed back so I can improve.

Tracked and Itunes Ready:

Untracked Single Track:

Podcast Link:

Album: Hey Sound Bwoy What Do You Got?
DJ: Edward The Librarian (ETL)
Track Listing:
  1. What is a Selector- NPR: Session Spotlight: Michael Franti & Spearhead
  2. Hem Dem- General Malice
  3. Champion Sound- Q Project
  4. Every Man- UK Apache & Mir Crew
  5. Ragga Youglist- Jamalski
  6. Man of Experience- Oscar Da Grouch
  7. Studio One UK- DJ Krome & Mr Time
  8. Champion DJ- Rebel MC Feat. Top Cap / Potential Bad Boy '95 Remix
  9. Peace, Love, & Unity- DJ Hype Feat. MC Fats