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10.28.09 Rusty Junglist Volume 003: Spare Parts

Spare Parts
Rusty Junglist Volume 002
Edward The Librarian
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001) Scrambled Eggs - Roni Size
002) ?UNKNOWN? - Chronic 17
003) Terrorist - Renegade (Dom & Roland Remix)
004) Chopper 2005 - Bladerunner Remix
005) Electrico Boogie - Dillinja
006) Space Funk - GFS Feat. J.Smooth & JG (12" Version)
007) Remember - Mathematics & Tactile
008) Space Pigs - SKC
009) Help! I'm Stuck to the Dancefloor! - Exile
010) Dog Hill - Danny Byrd
011) Hurricane - K.O.T.P.
012) Shadow Play - Dkay & Rawfull
013) Destroyer - KC
014) Moshpit - Audio & Mackie
015) Cold Rocka Party - Dome Ammo Feat. Tali

Background Story:
Looking to thin out my Drum & Bass collection after some poking from my wife. She was actually shocked when I told her I was doing it. I've made a pull that I'm willing to get rid of, now its just a matter of finding a vendor, collector or a young gun who need to flush out their DnB crate. lol. Anyways what your listening to is all the track I'm keeping... mind you not all of them but you get the point.

10.28.09 RE:Issue V001 - DJ Twelve7nine: Demo 2002

RE:Issue V001 - DJ Twelve7nine: Demo 2002
Jumping into a the way back machine with mix tapes from my DJ past. Recently in my excursion to the great annex in the South East, I found a missing cache of demo tapes tracking from 1997 to 2005. I'm pleased to present to you a fine selection of sounds from our raving past. For my old school fans who can remember these tunes, you probably did not partake as much in the 90's as you thought you did.

Edward the Librarian
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001) Never Gonna Give you Up - Red 5
002) True Born (VIP Mix) - The Prisoners of Technology
003) Cold Blooded (Pay Up Mix) - The Prisoners of Technology
004) The Message - Shy FX
005) Spy Hunter - JG of GFS
006) Jungle Brothers - Jungle Brothers
007) Hype The Funk - EPS & 2-Vibes
008) 5,4,3,2,1 - The Penguin
009) How High - Aphrodite vs. Method Man & Redman
010) Trick of Technology (Remix) - The Prisoners of Technology

Background Story:
In 2002, Karen Brtko and I had just received our most recent vinyl record purchase from NYC. At the time I was still a House DJ and Karen was just starting her collection as an intelligent Jungle DJ. Nick Pierce was over at the house and I was killing time playing Karen's records. At some point, Karen and Nick both look over at me and note that I seem very natural playing jungle music. I have always enjoyed Jungle music but back then I always imagined it to very difficult to mix. Go Figure.

Around this time period, Nick, Karen and myself were all up in Columbus Ohio visiting a mutual friend Doug Schwartz. Doug is a talented House DJ, who originally got his start in Jungle. Many of my early years in the electronic dance scene was shaped by Doug, Universal Groove and later Headroom. At the time of our visit Doug was thinning out his collection and offered me to take some records to help fill out my very small jungle crate. His collection of Jungle was roughly based from 1995 to 98, very heavy, high rolling, old school tunes. I did more then just help him thin it out I almost walked out of his house with his full collection. I'm sure he was not expecting that, and how he let that happen or why he allowed me to do that I have no clue. Looking back on it I feel a bit sheepish for my actions as I did take advantage of his generosity. To this day those records still are the foundation and definition of my old school sound.

Since then I've tried to live by Doug's example of generosity, I've given away more records then I care to think about and tried my best to help out young guns that I've met over the years. Whether it was a fluke or not I owe a lot to Doug. So cheers,This ones for you Doug.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

10.11.2009 Who Sampled... Who?

Site Description:

" is a community site for exploring and discussing sampled music and cover songs. Anyone can submit information about a sample or a cover and subject to approval it will be published on the site to be discussed by the world. WhoSampled was created out of our love for sampling and music production. It aims not only to be the most comprehensive and accurate database of samples and covers on the web but also a fun and engaging place to be at. This website is all about the discovery of new and old music, the exploration of musical influences and the sharing and discussion of music."


Me being me, truly enjoys digging for beats, but more importantly learning the history of where those sounds originated from. As more and more music producers sample each other its fun to run down the original drum breaks that these producers used.

For instance the The 30 Greatest Hip Hop Drum Breaks & Samples of All Time! As noted by Crate Kings dot com, this includes:
• Melvin Bliss – Synthetic Subsitution
• The Honeydrippers – Impeach The President
• Skull Snaps – It’s A New Day
• Little Feet - Fool Yourself
• Billy Squire – Big Beat
• Al Green – I’m Glad You’re Mine
• The Soul Searchers – Ashley’s Roachclip
• Power of Zeus – Sorcerer of Isis
• Kool & The Gang – NT
• Isley Brothers – Footsteps In The Dark

Slowly I'm working on collecting these breaks, not because I have dreams of being a producer... by any means. Instead I want to enjoy the same tracks that inspired these producers to make their great hits. I want to know the history of a track so the next time I'm digging next to a young gun who is going off about how Nas track "I Can" was so mind blowing, I can refer him to the The Honeydrippers – Impeach The President to find the original source for that drum break.

How will we ever to progress music if we don't know where we have come from?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

10.7.2009: The world’s most important 6-sec drum loop

Video explains the world’s most important 6-sec drum loop

Video Credit: Nate Harrison

10.7.2009: Hump Day Intervention


10.07.2009 From The Annex is on iTunes

Just like that & if I have it right... you never have to visit From The Annex again (for new music updates). You will miss my fun banter, interesting music links and what not but but like playboy I'm sure your not reading my blog for the words.

If you have issues with this drop me a line this is new territory for the Librarian.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

10.06.2009 Notes from Rusty Junglist Volume 002:Everything I Love

Everything I Love

Rusty Junglist Volume 002

Edward The Librarian
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001) Feeeeeeeel - The Prisoners of Technology
002) Enta Da Dragon - Dj Red
003) Dragonfly v.i.p - A Sides & Lemonde
004) Moonway Renegade - Noisia & Mayhem
005) Ninja - Concord Dawn
006) Adult Robot Kung Ku - Terravita
007) Breakdown - Drumsound & Bassline Smith
008) Grand Theft Auto2 - Drumsound & Bassline Smith
009) Spy Hunter - JG of GFS
010) Can U Fix It - Rob The Builder
011) Moshpit - Audio & Mackie
012) Pacman RMX - Ram Trilogy
013) 1up - Supernova

Note: This is Ninjas, Kung Fu movies, Anime, Video Games and Jungle Music. Nothing but finest high grade DnB for my listeners.

As noted by the title I'm rusty, so cut me some slack and watch me improve. Thus noted also their is only one thing missing to this mix if its to be truly everything I love, however she is off getting an eduication leaving me to play with the wheels of steel.

The Librarian

Monday, October 5, 2009

10.04.2009 DC Record Fair

Comet Ping Pong
Som Records, DC Soul Recordings, Smash Records, J.Malls, Gee's Records, Red Onion Records & Books & a bunch of Richmond Private sellers(Sorry for those not mentioned).

It was 9am and I just arrived out side of Mister Wilson's place of residence. Mister Wilson is a vinyl consumer, I would call him a consumer because he has all the traits of a vinyl junkie but with more control. The sun is pleasantly warming my face as I doodle on some scrap paper. My phone blows up, "I'm looking at you" Wison's texts. I write back "I'm looking at a tree, I think I have the better view".

Eventually I move from my spot in the grass and walked into his humble abode. Due to a miss communication he had double booked himself, soccer or records... soccer won. However I landed a free ride to the fair out of it. The Librarian was pleased.

10:32am we arrive at Comet Ping Pong, $2 at the door and presto change-o its on. I walked to the back of the venue to get an idea of what I was getting myself into. First off their was a lot more people then I was expecting on a sunday morning, second Comet Ping Pong is an awesome venue, and finally there are RECORDS GLORE!

Wiggling my way into a crate I started the dig but also carefully timing my dig with the individual beside me, so we could either bump down together or swap crates. I almost circled the whole back room in this fashion.

In this time I met the guys from Smash Records, the pittsburgh crew (possibly linked with Jerry's Records "mecca") thank for the record track advice J.Malls, The men of Som Records, who are always glad to see you. Then scattered between in the front and back was a huge number of Richmond private sellers.

Now I'm a Junglist at hart, but I was stupefied at the lack of club-house-electronic-techno-anything at this fair. I was not expecting to find a wicked cache of Drum and Bass, but hell I was half expecting to see the left overs from failed DC record stores of my past (Yoshitoshi, capitol city records, dj hut).

Which only begs the questions if a private seller was looking to minimize his Annex of dark, classic, and vocal Drum & Bass would it sell? Seeing that my wife gave me some hell for being a vinyl junkie and I'm running out of space to hold the records that I'm actually spinning in my set... maybe its time to think about narrowing down my collection? More on this thought in a later. But really where are all those secret caches.

In the end I came out with an awesome old school hip-hop set and a few fun picks:

Urban Dance Squad

The Grey Album | Danger Mouse

Boom Shalock Lock Boom | House of Pain

Doin Our Own Danc | Jungle Brothers

Stressed Out | A Tribe Called Quest

Fu-Gee-La | Fugees
History of Hip Hop | DDS & Bman
Jungle Brothers | Jungle Brothers
Bonita Applebum | A Tribe Called Quest
Quality Control | Jurassic 5
Turn it Out | Jurassic 5
Labor Days | Aesop Rock
Rebirth of slicks | Digable Planets
Let the Rythem Hit'em | Eric B & Rakim
Wild Style Sound Track
My Adidas | RUN DMC
Check the Rhime | A Tribe Called Quest
Internet MCs | Akrobatik
EPMD | You Gotts to Chill
Future Development | Del the Funky Homosapien
Moonshining | Junior Samples
Burnin' | The Wailers
Rastaman Vibration | Bob Marley & the Wailers


About ten 45 records mostly Reggae and hip hop

Mad props to all the vendors and the people who put on this event. Of which I'm guessing the Vinyl District Blog had some part to play in all this, mainly because I ran in to a bunch of people associated with it. This includes a woman who popped a photo of me with my loot.

Thanks to you all for making me a happy librarian.

so any thoughts on if my records would sell if I attend the next DC records fair as a vendor?

Friday, October 2, 2009

10.02.2009 Review of DJ Ramza - Get Yourself Together (Featuring: Natural Black)

Review of DJ Ramza - Get Yourself Together

I'm a collector of sounds this means digging high and low for tracks. I've recently been frequenting Ragga Jungle dot com, trying to keep my the pulse of up and coming producers. It should be noted their is a lot of crap out there and although this review may seem brutal I don't review anyone I think does not have massive potential.

DJ Ramza - Get Yourself Together (Featuring: Natural Black)


Light, summer merriment, with a 8-bit video game twist. The ragga audio by Natural Black is an excellent touch. But something is missing, a lot of the right parts are there but its just slightly off. In its current form its a mid grade track, one that I would own if pressed but I would not naturally grab for in a set.

Vocals are dead on, don't change a thing.
The Drums are solid in my opinion. (should be noted I'm a sucker for the old school drum lines.)
3:30 WTF is that break! I like it but where is the rest of it. You gave us a taste of something then took it away. :)


0:55 Rough patch just feels like it jumps the gun a little bit.
The horns are a little reminiscent of a video game.
The Bass is average on the verge of unimaginative I think you have a lot of room to play there.
The Keyboard influence is suzuki, long sustained chords don't really add to the merriment of the track. You might try a different keyboard style.


The second coming of this track has excellent potential. I'm stoked to see what this ottawa native brings to the table next. Cheers

The Librarian

These are my opinions take what you like, and leave the rest