Monday, July 22, 2013

RANDOMNESS: Craigslist I love you at times...

Ever had one of those days, where mister blue bird is singing on your shoulder and you just had an unstoppable urge to dance like a fool?

After the come down of SK8 JAM where I baked in the sun, played on CDJs and skated for long enough to remind myself that I'm old. I was in a great mood.
SK8JAM 2013

I woke up late and made waffles for the misses. We were enjoying the nature in the backyard over coffee, when I suggested we go hunting for a dog or cat to add to our family. 

waffles + coffee + shopping for a new pet = EPIC DAY!

And it was an epic day. Although we came up short handed on a new 4 legged friend, there is nothing better then hanging out with puppies and kittens all day. ba ha
"Little Kitty" yea maybe not

So what does this have to do with my title about craigslist?

We were just settling into the idea of making dinner then I checked my email, and received a notice that someone in Dale City had just posted a CURB ALERT for 3 crates of Jungle records.


So I picked up my wife, who was considering a nap on the couch and we jetted out to Dale City to see what I could find. Sure enough there on the curb was 3 crates of jungle records, one flight case and an additional crate of hip-hop, motown! HAPPY FUCKING DAY!

The crazy thing is all the records look amazingly well maintained and like they've never been DJed with. I'm just starting to wrap my brain around these titles, artist and labels. 

Thus an epic day got even better.

Heres to Craigslist and the mystery person in Dale City that just made the 21st of July totally awesome.

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