Saturday, February 6, 2021

DC Spotlight Session: Andy "2Tuff" Cerutti

Here is the first of a series of interview sessions we are hosting to talk about the past, present, and future of the DC DnB scene. 

I recently had a moment to sit down with one of the early founders of the DnB scene here in DC. Andy Cerutti or Andy 2Tuff as he is commonly known. Promoter, Manager, Teacher, and lover of the music. We delved into the history of the man who helped DC be such a massive juggernaut for the American DnB scene. Sit back, grab a beverage and get ready for a musical journey into the life of Andy 2Tuff.

Shouts out to all those in the Twitch chat, asking questions, bring up memories, and just sending love. Big ups. 

Here are some additional fliers we did not get to share in the interview but I figured you all would appericate.

Sound Clash: DJ Trace, Karl K, Slant, DJ Stress, MC Dub 2 

2Tuff 10-year party with Shy FX

SoundClash2: See-i, Slant, Jahwei, Bjoo, Peter H
Doc Scott, DJ Slant, Stress, Bjoo & MC Mecha

Give Thanks: DJ Slant VS Bjoo, Ray Casil VS Dan Soda, Harry Ransom VS IllEffect, Version Sound VS Blaze One & MC Mecha

10 years of 2Tuff: DJ Friction

Urban Space: DJSS, Eshin, Diggadee MC, Slant, Deinfamous, Joel Transit & Steve Eternal, Seven, Eastcoast boodiemen, Ink house, Charles Martin, Vanniety Kills, Zuzuka Poderosa, Empersarios, DJ Underdog, Maracuyeah

20 years of 2Tuff: Slant, T.R.A.C., Bjoo, Freefall
DJ Slant

Cadence: Bailey, T.R.A.C, Slant, Seany Ranks, Joel Transit VS Seven, Rex Riddem, QDup, Jey One

The Legends of Drum & Bass: Jumping Jack Frost VS Bailey, Slant, Ken Lazee

Cadence:  Goldie, Seany Ranks VS Vannity Kills, Keenan Orr, Oso Fresh, Slant

Goldie, Bailey, Slant

The Rudebwoy Shuffle

The Big Boom: See-i, Nappy Riddem, Fort Knox Five

Forward DC: Rob Paine, Jahkey Chalice & Papa FZ

Rockers International: See-i 

Rockers International: See-i, Dub Traffik Control, Eddie Turbo, Gematria

Rockers International: See-i

Jungle Fever: DH Hype, Trace, MC Daddy Earl, Homemade Weapons, Slant, Donvega

Jungle Business: The Insiders, Joanna O, Slant, High Tolerance, DJ Seven

The Rudebwoy Shuffle:  Bailey, Flight, Slant

The Rudebwoy Shuffle: Slant & Jahwei

The Rudebwoy Shuffle: 

The Rudebwoy Shuffle: 

A Sides, Diggadee MC, Slant, Brothers Brau, Rogue State, IllEffect, Julez

Urban Space

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