Wednesday, February 6, 2013

FTA MUSIC: Edward the Librarian: Rusty Junglist: V021

2013 has been of funky so I went digging in the annex to reflect that fun. Armed with the vision of looking forward & vintage at the same time. I present to you my soul put out on wax. I will however apologize I upgraded my computer and its affected my audio compression tools so I'm sorry for any additional sound artifacts that seem to be sprinkled though out this mix. In the mean time Virginia, DC, Maryland & the world turn your radios up cause its time to get down with this jungle sound.

Edward The Librarian

001) Greg Packer VS. Soul Drop – Hawaiian Groove
002) Heretic – Heads High
003) GFS - Spacefunk
004) Nu/Tone – e.Spresso
005) Rayner – De Funkt
006) Tekniq – Shark Food
007) Juju – The Streets
008) The Untouchables - Western
009) Knowledge & Wisdom – Neguastnegus
010) Mark XTC - Keys
011) Alpha – Access Code #1
012) Nu/Tone – Chupa Meus
013) Dynamic Duo – Same Old Thing
014) JB & DJ Spice – Me Myself + I (Featuring Dark Angel)
015) Rogue Unit – Secret Motion
016) E-Z Rollers – Science Funk
017) Drumagick – Bazuca Do Mal
018) Adam F - 8Ball

If you like what you hear let me know. If your a promoter and you want to book me my schedule is filling in but hit me up I'm sure I can make some room for your gig.
- The Librarian

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