Tuesday, April 21, 2009

04.21.09 An untangable evening

I started working on one of my goals for the year.

Actually djing with Rane Scratch Live. Up till now I've been using it for sampling and toying around with it.

A hand full of things I've learned.

1) you can have to much music. From what I can tell my 500,000 song library in iTunes seems to crash the "build overview" function.

2) you can't read the coded records to tell you how much time you have left. I never realized how much I used this in my DJ practice. Thus I kept running out of track. This in no way is a problem with the program... More a learning curve as I start to use this new format.

So why now? Sure it's a goal of mine to start moving this direction. But the spark came from the closing of the DJ Hut. The last of the exclusive dance music record shop. Sure the are heading online... But every DC record shop that has gone on line has failed. Yoshie Toshie, Capital City Records both fizzled out and from what I understand Dj Hut is not looking to improve their already poor user interface and information architecture.

I hope the DJ Hut proves me wrong, I hope the dc DJ community continues to support DJ Hut during these new and rugged times.

***NOTE: i would like to comment that I will continue to buy my records from DJ Hut. However this means they are put in the same level as Juno.co.uk, hardtofindrecords.com and all the other online record stores. I have local pride but I have that pride because of my interactions with the staff and patrons of DJ Hut.

This lack of interaction and personalize emotion that I experience with online shopping is very much like the impersonal emotion I feel about playing mp3s. I guess this is just another learning curve.

So here's to the future and here's to old friends. Catch you on the flip.

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