Monday, November 29, 2010

11.29.10: AudioQuest K2 terminated speaker cable - UST plugs 8' (2.44m) pair

If this is not enough to make you snicker read the reviews: HERE

"This review is from: AudioQuest K2 terminated speaker cable - UST plugs 8' (2.44m) pair (Electronics)
When I bought 3 of these 2 months ago I had no idea they were capable of so much, I only wanted them to listen to my jazz music in SuperMegaUltra High Definition

I noticed to my surprise when I hooked them into my Mole-Richardson 4-Phase Warp-Drive power amp (hand built by a guy in india called Gandhi) The "gain" knob directly modified the temperature of the sun, which was very impressive.

If I used these cables in conjunction with a 15-watt Marshall practice amp, My Guitar and a wah-wah pedal I managed to control how many revolutions the Earth makes a second. i didn't feel like i had to play with this too much as that might ruin people's lives

Suggested use : Flux Capacitor interfaced to a Mr Fusion(tm) to handle the 1.21 gigawatts required for time travel

Also useful for : Power conduit-cabling for a Stargate (commonly used to bend space time creating a stable wormhole and cross the galaxy instantaneously)

Highly Recommended!"
- Mr. Kyle G. Savage-lowden (Inverness, Scotland)

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