Monday, September 26, 2011

RANDOMNESS: Red Bull Music Academy with Zinc

"DJ Zinc may have named himself after a mineral, but he's always got lots of gems to share. Swept away by the acid house movement as a teen, Zinc rose to fame as a top DJ and producer from the advent of drum 'n' bass, and it's a position he has yet to relinquish. A globetrotting selecta and renowned producer via his own Bingo label, he watched the d 'n' b genre evolve from its house and old-school gene pool, grow through its ragga and hip hop-inflected phases, to the now-tangled web of styles that is today's bass music. As part of Ganja Kru (Parousia), he rolls with like-minded renegades Rude Bwoy Monty, DJ Hype and Pascal. He also bangs it out in collaboration with Dope Skillz on Hype's True Playaz imprint. Ever the innovator, Zinc toyed with tension with his LP Faster, a blazing LP which accelerated in bpm's with each track. He's also responsible for the Crack House parties, twisting his style to explore raw funky templates. Also a vital player in dubstep's continued march on the mainstream, when the beats roll like dis, you really have to Zinc on your feet!"

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