Thursday, March 15, 2012

RANDOMNESS: Another Year

Photo Source: Ocean Eiler

Another year has passed and its time to give thanks to all of you. Thank you for supporting the music, this web site, my crazy rants, and everything. Skateboarding into work this morning I realized just how fortunate I am. Golden light shimmering across the blacktop, the wind at my back and not much of a care in the world. Thank you to my family for raising me to do whatever I liked (as long as hit was scene through an artist lens). Thank you to my friends for always being around in good time and bad. Thank you to my fans for making me want to dig just a bit deeper in my crates of wax. Finally thank you to my wife for your love support it means the world to me.

I will leave you with this final bit. Dream of a future that is bright, new and beyond what your can imagine. Take that dream, and add a touch of your musical roots, then give it to the people. Because the world and America needs a new dream, not one of sustaining and surviving but one of NEW fantastic heights.

Don't live in the lines media and the public have painted for you. PAINT OUT SIDE THE LINES!

Keep Smiling. One and All

The Librarian

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