Monday, May 7, 2012

FTA EVENT: (follow up) Back 2 Back Richmond VA!

Seeing Turnstyle is always makes me smile.

 Edward the Librarian at the G40 Summit Closing (101 Broad, Richmond VA). Thanks to Chis Grow for taking the photos. However Chris I really need to teach you how to focus. BA HA.

 Edward the Librarian in the mix at 97.3 WRIR Richmond Independent Radio. Learned a great life lesson. Don't multitask while DJing, example updating facebook while being in the mix. Bad idea. ha

Final a shot out to WOUB's Below the Salt, found an old recording of the radio show I based my Social Lubrication podcast off of. Respect to Athens Ohio.

For all those that I meet this weekend mad love. Ruff and Smooth massive its nice to put faces to names. To the G40 crew thanks for having me out. And a Big Big love to Turnstyle & 97.3 WRIR, you always treat me like family when I'm in town. Much respect.

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