Tuesday, August 27, 2013

FTA Events: Transit "TEASER" [ Sept 4th 2013 ]

Gearing up to bring some ruckus Jungle / Drum & Bass to Transit in Fairfax, VA. Here is a little teaser of what Wednesday, September 4th 2013 is going to be about. [Facebook Event]

TRANSIT is located at
10560 Main St., Fairfax, Virginia 22030

As I'm only one part of this evening of D&B delights let me tell you about the full cast of characters I'm playing with:

Tyler Nimz
(Smash Bro'x/Charlotte NC)

(Koncrete Jungle, Las Vegas)

(Dirty City, Paradox Music: DC)

I'm not sure what I'm more excited about, the new tunes I have in my crate or hearing these guys play their records.

Edward the Librarian
(Faction Digital Recordings, VA Pressure, From The Annex)
12:30 - 1:30

This brings us to me...

In case we have not been acquainted, I'm a Jungle / Drum & Bass DJ, who more often then not fines a more ragga vibe in my track selection. If you like what your hearing bounce over to http://www.fromtheannex.com for more and do come out to Transit and say hello. I would like to give a shout to Transit, VA Pressure, Tribalistix, Faction Digital Recordings & my wife for supporting me. Thank you.

I hope you all will be in attendance. Here is a little intel on on Transit & REDZONE Grill:
Nine years ago, Give Productions created the idea of a weekly EDM party in the heart of Fairfax that grew beyond expectations. We raged! We partied! We had fun! We also hit a few speed bumps along the way... A couple in fact. Fire, snow, floods, city codes...you name it, forced us to change venues a few times. We dealt with the good, and the
bad... yet felt a responsibility to keep things going, no matter the challenge.

Now we are back where all this effort began. The space that was once "Bridges" is back with a face lift!

Admission - FREE
*21 + Only* - MUST HAVE A VALID ID!!!!

TRANSIT is located at
10560 Main St., Fairfax, Virginia 22030

RedZone comes packed with:

*A HUGE Dance Floor
*Over 40+TV Screens w/ the hottest Music Videos & Sporting Events
*VIP Lounges with Leather Couches
*Pool Tables
*Air Hockey Table!
*AND Coming Soon- A HOOKAH Lounge


Keep smiling,
-The Librarian

PS - On a tech note. This was shot with a 2 camera set up ( iPhone & iPad ), so I'm aware of the movie magic / inconstancy (smiling). But for being shot and edited on my devices it only took a whooping 8 hours to make something that looked decent. ba ha.

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