Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Annex Shop is Closed... But shirt are still for sale

Currently looking for a new shopping vendor.

In the mean time if you interested in buying the "Red Lion Junglist" t-shirt. Email me ( the size you would like, how many, and if you would like them shipped. If so please add your zip code so I can calculate shipping.

Illustrated by Ocean Eiler for From the Annex.
In 2012, Ocean started this project to illustrate Jungle / Drum & Bass. After many attempts including eagles, bears and classic music hardware he settled on the lion. Strong, caring, fierce and wise these are all characteristics of the scene & the music we love. Also its a strong icon for both England & Jamaica where this music was born & got many of its influences from. The drawing itself had to be complex, simple, bold and calming. He also wanted to give a nod to some of his favorite skateboard illustrators from the early 1990's.
In Action!
Because I'm not having to deal with shop mark up now. The Red Lion Junglist shirt are $29 each. Thats right only $29 (+shipping).

Keep Smiling

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