Friday, September 2, 2016

FTA MUSIC: Edward the Librarian: From The Annex: Episode #21 [09.1.16]

From The Annex w/ The Librarian on 96.7FM WERA Arlington VA.

Thursday nights from 10pm - 11pm, broadcasting Jungle, Drum & Bass, Dub, Dance Hall and whatever else is going to make the Nations beltway go bump in the night. We also inspire to bring you Event News, DJ Spotlights & Locally Produced Music.

This is episode #21 of From the Annex. Universal DJ lesson #5 always keep your track of your playlists for sets you record. If you fail to do this always keep your records piled up around you so you might be able to piece it together 2 months after the fact. hahahaha Here is an older set I had in the wings, as currently the studio is missing its mixer while Pro-Tech in Silver Springs MD brings her back from the dead.

001) Wyclef Jean & Kenny Rogers - Dub plate Featuring Pharoahe Mooch - Columbia
002) Q Project - Champion Sound (Total Science Hardcore Will Never Die Remix) - Legend Records
003) Freestylers - B-Boy Stance (Mulder's Urban Takeover Mix) - Mammoth Records
004) DJ SS - Player Haters - Reformed Recordings
005) LL Cool J / Vinyl Syndicate Vs. Wu-Tang Clan - Untitled - White Label
006) Tekniq ‎– One Style - Formation Records
007) Goldie ‎– Digital (VIP Mix) - FFRR
008) A Sides & Randall ‎– Turn It Loose - Eastside Records
009) Substance - Home Boyz - Ruffneck Ting
010) Timebase - Funky - Tearin Vinyl
011) Capone ‎– Soldier - Hardleaders
012) B Jam ‎– Col Rok Stuff - Smokers Inc
013) D'Cruze ‎– The Funk - Eastside Records

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