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FTA MUSIC: Edward the Librarian: From The Annex: Episode #38 [12.29.16]

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This is episode #38. I call out to the community to see what your tracks for 2016 were, I got some great submission from DMV DJ community. Here are the players that sent in their tracks.

A DC native and D&B devotee who has immersed himself in the world of Jungle/Drum & Bass since 95 by both performing and promoting the sound. He is pushing things forward with his monthly D&B party SubDistrick. SubDistrick is all about showcasing and supporting local DJ’s, producers, and record labels.
SUBMISSION: J Kenzo - Skatta VIP

A classically trained producer/DJ from Richmond VA. The diversity in his production style is due to the vast musical influences he's been exposed to over the years. Miles acquired his love of Drum n' Bass from his friend Kjell Anderson(who is half of their production duo Style Control) back in 1994. This quickly led Miles into DJing the following year, and into Drum n' Bass production in 1998. Having played all over the U.S. and across the Atlantic, he has honed his craft and can move any crowd. He returned to his home state of Virginia to DJ alongside friend and Style Control DJ iLL Omen.
SUBMISSION: Bassman, Serum, DJ Sly - Quarterpounder Bass (Serum Remix)

First gig was in 1995. Joined the Snowball Collective shortly after. Was the first resident at DC's first all jungle/D&B weekly event: Wild Things. DJ'ed through 2001. Took a (long) hiatus. Back now DJing and the mixing / mastering engineer for TRADE CRAFT AUDIO.
SUBMISSION: Nucleus & Paradox - Videoman

Spinscott is a DJ, producer, and lifelong drummer who combines advanced mixing skills, classic and original tracks, and 100% loop-free real-time drum machine action to deliver unique performances.  In addition to his Youtube channel, he also plays a weekly radio show and does live sets at various venues and events.
SUBMISSION: Spinscott - The Greeting

Again big ups to these players for sending in their tracks for 2016. Mine of coarse you can hear at the end of the program. No as for the rest of the show my inbox was chalked full of fun tracks this week so HAPPY SOLSTICE to me! WINTER IS HERE, and this sub woofer is keeping me warm.

001) Dragonfly - Demonolate - ELM Imprint
002) J Kenzo - Skatta VIP
003) Bassman, Serum, DJ Sly - Quarterpounder Bass (Serum Remix) - Higher Stakes
004) Nucleus & Paradox - Videoman
005) Spinscott - The Greeting
006) Jaybee - Definition Of A Roller - ELM Imprint                                                                       
007) Jaybee, Dave Owen, Dlo - Wasssup - ELM Imprint                                                                       
008) DJ Zinc - Super Sharp Shooter - Ganja Records
009) Jamalski & Rocker T & Mr Live - Put It On (Liondub & Bluntskull remix) - Liondub International    
010) DJ Krome & Mr Time - Mad Funk - Tearin Vinyl
011) Spinscott - No Control - ELM Imprint
012) Spinscott - 69 Rock - ELM Imprint
013) Bonk - Another World - ELM Imprint                                                                                  
014) Firefox/4-Tree - Warning (Serum remix) - Philly Blunt

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