Friday, March 1, 2019

FTA NEWS: Look who is a Featured Drifter

Big up your chest Beat Drifters for adding me to your "Featured Drifters". Totally made my afternoon when during Straylight in the Daylight w/ A1-Voodoo - Moving Shadow Special he pointed out that I was a bring highlighted. 

Now what is Beat Drifters? you may ask. Well pulling from their web site:
The Beat Drifter’s Mission:
We are creating a community of travelling artists who connect with regional promoters beyond just their local areas. Audiences will now be able to experience fresh talent from around the world while artists and promoters establish an international following!
If you’re a travelling artist looking to introduce yourself and your talents to new areas, or if you’re an Event Producer with a show to book and want to spice up your line ups without all the regular costs…

Beat Drifters will help make the connection!

I took one look at that and said hells yea! Sign me up. As I'm getting back into the game its a no brainer.

Keep smiling fam

The Librarian

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