Tuesday, September 22, 2020

FTA NEWS: The Librarian (USA)* is on Beatport


So you all have been asking about this for a while. Where can I buy the music your playing. Over the years I've sent people links, and posted playlists here on the blog. But today I would like to share this bit of news. From here on out if I can find the tracks on BEATPORT I will be adding it to my weekly chart playlists. 

Now, do I get a revenue share? No. But if I can help the artist get paid. It's worth it now. 

Would I appreciate a cut for the time and service? Hells yeah! At least provide a discount on my monthly music bill. I say all this to be clear I'm not affiliated with Beatport currently.

From The Annex w/ The Librarian #104

From The Annex w/ The Librarian #117

Through all this, I've also learned there is another Librarian DJ, who also plays Bass / Drum & Bass music. FREAKING WILD. Who knew?!?! I love the internet. So I guess in the future I'm "The Librarian (USA)".  What a crazy world. 

Till we catch each other in the chat. Keep Smiling

The Librarian (USA)

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