Wednesday, August 20, 2008

08.20.08 Resources from my Annex to yours

I've been around for a bit and over the years I've found a few sources that I've really enjoyed.

WEB SITE Tutorial Training:

Most recently I've discovered a web site called DJ Tutor. Now by no means am I a wedding DJ but Brian Redd is a refreshing human, teacher and promoter. "Refreshing" in that he is a normal guy that tells it how it is, and has created a small empire on helping other DJs better their craft. Hats off to you mate. PS- Great source for DeskTop DJing- check out the micro mixes on his site.

WEB SITE Record Stores:

Hometown favorite, I have to admit. But with shipping prices going through the roof from the UK. DJ Hut continues to surprise me with the selection they provide. Especially in the genera of Jungle & Drum and Bass. Wicked Props to the DJ's that keep that place up and running. The site is great place to review what they have in stock and listen to mp3 audio samples of the track.
If your looking for Jungle, Drum and Bass, or Speed Garage... this is your best bet. Juno is single handily the best online record store, period. Everything is well organized, the site is easy to use and search and all the records, CDs and MP3 are complete with mp3 audio samples. Thank you Juno for setting the standard for everyone else to be measured against.

Satellite Record Store
... long time NYC record hot spot. Currently site is down but if your a club DJ this is the place to do for multiple house generas, trance, techno. But they usually have shit for Jungle & Drum and Bass... plus if you ever have to talk to then to correct an order they really suck. Sorry to say but this is why I wrote then off in the mid 90's

Planet X USA
When I wrote them off I moved on to Planet X, a now defunked online record store. I miss my Planet X. Their Jungle selection was modest but they would bend over backwards to find me tracks I was looking for. RIP.

WEB SITE Equipment:

Pro Sound & Stage Lighting
They have been around for ever. Their online store front is easy to use and if you ever have an issue with their products they are amazingly helpful on the phone. Also if you find a better price on the web they will match it.

BOOK Training / Tutorials:

How to DJ Right: The Art and Science of Playing Records
Originally I was wicked skeptical... but I was over visiting a buddy of mine and it was laying on the coffee table. I started thumbing through this booked and was totally hooked. Written by Frank Broughton in an easy and humorous manor, I given this book to a lot of friends and all of them have totally agreed that they wish they had had this book back when they started.

BOOK History:

Last Night a DJ Saved My Life: The History of the Disc Jockey
Currently I'm reading this book. I will let you all know what I think if it in the end. Currently its an interesting view on DJs through out history. I'm not fully sold on
Bill Brewster's writing style but for a bit of mental candy so far its been worth my time.

**These views are mine and mine alone. I invite you to go out and explore for your own, change my own and comment away.

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