Wednesday, August 20, 2008

08.20.08 Blowing windows with my sound...

LOL. Well that's sort of the case. More like I just did not pack my speakers well enough thus it cost me roughly 500 quid to have my back windshield replaced. Needless to say this did not start my Sunday morning off well.

On the flip side, I have been in the business for 9+ years and this is my first car casualty. I guess that's just the way life rolls some time.

Now why I was hauling speakers around? The day before I was playing a gig at my local climbing gym chain. Sport Rock Sterling, has an annual climbing comp called Beat The Heat. This is the forth year and thinking back on it this may have been the 4th year I've spun. I'm not willing to be held to that statement but I know I can vouch for the last three years. :)

Anyways playing for Beat the Heat is always inserting. As a DJ, I pull my inspiration and my feedback from the crowd. If the crowd is jamming then it gets me excited and I start really jamming. But at a climbing comp besides the few bobbing heads and Scott K randomly breaking into liquid dance... there is not much feed back. In this cause I turn inward and if I'm having to play live music for 8 hours I make it the best 8 hour practice sessions I can make it.

When it was all said and done I got a lot of positive feed back and a few interested people in my next mix cd. The only draw back is all my gear is now coated in chalk dust... so canned air and some long hours in the Annex for me.

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