Monday, October 25, 2010

10.16.2010: WRIR 97.3FM in Richmond Virginia: Two Hour live set

Going a little back to the future.

On the 16th of October I finally got to meet up with the now infamous Joanna O from Turnstyle. I say "finally" because I've been talking with her now for a little over 6 months about tunes and playing in Richmond. Then a week prior the stars aligned, my tea leaves looked like a 45 adapter, and I got sent to Richmond for work. Joanna O was pumped and told me to bring some records because their was a slot opening up on WRIR 97.3FM on Saturday night.

Needless to say I packed a fine smattering of Ragga, Old School Amen and Classic Jump-Up.

After a few hours hanging out with Joanna O and her friends at Turnstyle, we walked over to see Jessie playing for a WRIR fundraiser. There I got to know Chris, Norman & Eric, who I instantly felt at home with, talking social politics, music and life.

Then it was time to get on the airwaves. Can I comment that playing and hearing Jungle music on the radio if totally freaking awesome.

Chris, who was my mic man for most of the night was an amazing wealth of Jungle Knowledge. The 2 hour set was spent playing old school tunes and the two of us singing the hook lines to these songs booming out of the monitors. It was totally freaking brilliant.

Then they gave me this sweet write up on

"Man for those of you who got to hear this set on the night you know and for those of you who for some reason didn’t you need to find out. This guy who hails from DC got this name for one very obvious reason. His deep crates are full of volumes of classic Jump Up Jungle tracks. You should also check out his awesome blog called From The Annex for all sorts of musical tid-bits"

As I left for DC that night the Fringe (from Fredvegas) guided my car back home. Again Jungle or in that case Drum & Bass on the FM dial is fucking amazing. America we need more independent community radio stations, so we can get some true music variety to the masses.

Huge props to the WRIR family, Chris, Norman, Eric and Mad hype, hype, hype to Turnstyle (Joanna O & Jesse). You all made me feel so at home. I totally look forward to visiting the Concrete Jungle Capitol more often.

Edward the Librarian Live on WRIR 97.3FM: Download

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