Monday, October 25, 2010

10.25.2010: Big Thanks to all those that came out

Caption: "Look mom no Serato."
Photo: Addison H

So for those of you that missed this evening. Yea you missed it. LOL. Huge thanks to Kyle at Mid City Caffe for having me out. LA Johnson your work is freaking crazy! Jeanna and Lionel you both made my night. JC & Anca seeing you two out their was a delight. Carter thanks for stopping off at my house and picking up some additional records and feeding the cat. Granite I'm sure was highly appreciative of your valor.

Have not cracked into the the recording of that night but if I made a good bootleg I will post it up later on this week.

Again Mad Props to Mid City Caffe, and lets keep taking about that "Records in the Attic" Idea.

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