Thursday, April 28, 2011

RANDOMNESS: PBS loves you back! (Did I mention my day job is awesome.)




"So where do I find a job working for pbs?
Cuz my parents always told me I could never truly contribute to society in a jack daniel shirt, safari hat, and rugged beard."

"The hell is up with the dude in the middle? half Hunter S. Thompson half John Belushi with a jack shirt and a FUN toy.

"My favorite is the suit jacket/ camo cargo pants combo."
- KlaatuBaradaNikto

"VFFs (or any toe shoes) are heaven for your feet while walking around and working or if you enjoy running. The man has some serious taste."

"Looks like Professor Elemental - the man responsible for classics such as Cup of brown joy"

"Yes! Are those his Fighting Trousers?"

"Is that Professor Elemental?!"


"I really hope you're not joking."

"I just like the Jack Daniels shirt in the midst of all the kids stuff"

"I'm slightly envious. The people in that photo really look like they love what they do for a living. Keep up the good work, PBS."

"Sweet pith helmet."

"They look like some genuinely fun, smart people. Hats off to PBS!"

"The guy in the middle has a pair of vibram fivefingers!! You guys are all super awesome - please don't sell out like the History channel did! <3"

"Dear Dude in the Pith Helmet: Continue to give nary a fuck."

"Those are some proper nerds."

"Who else wants to party with the guy in the middle?"

"It's Jack Daniels a PBS sponsor? hah, still lots of love to PBS, my daughter loves you stuff!"

"That's the entire staff of PBS? No wonder their shows are so weird..."

"I fucking love that guy's Jack Daniels shirt."

"I didn't know the hunter from Jumanji worked for PBS."

"I am going to be the guy in the pith helmet for Halloween. It's settled."

"The dude with the awesome pith helmet is wearing what appears to be Vibram FiveFingers. This man, is the epitome of awesome."

"Noun: A large body of water. Hello from Small, Ohio"

"I dont mean to alarm anyone...but im pretty sure the jungle hunter from Jumanji is standing in the middle of this photo.."

"Everything about the guy in the Jack Daniels shirt/pith helmet/other fabulous accessories screams "ADVENTUREPARTY!". And, that is something I'd like to do with him. Among other things.
On a less creepy note, PBS = win. Thanks for doing your awesome thing."

"The guy with the safari hat looks like the hunter from Jumanji. Someone buy him an elephant rifle."

"I wish i could wear a Jack Daniels shirt to work :)"

"When I think of PBS, I think of growing up watching shows like Arthur, Zaboomafoo, and the like on my local PBS station (KERA). I guess that's why I was so utterly appauled when I saw that the dude in the pith helmet was wearing a Jack Daniels shirt. On further thought, however, I guess it means PBS grew up with me. Keep on rockin', you crazy old folks."

"You Sir, in the middle there; I don't know who you are, but you are made of awesome.
(Also, being a male, {insert obligatory digital catcall re. the stunning attractiveness of the females in the picture}.)"

"I've never felt as if I need a pith helmet until this very moment. Glorious!"

"I like the guy in the Jack Daniel's shirt. He looks like he knows how to party with viewers like me."

"<3 Keep on keepin' on, PBS. <3

(P.S. Please tell Professor Elemental's cousin that there is a huge contingent of internet nerds with a crush on him... and his cousin! Thank you :) )"


I don't often talk about my bad job here but I thought this was just to good not to share.

To all of those that donated & to all those commented. Thank you for your support.

- The Librarian

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chris said...

man i know the guy in the pith helmet and he dose know how to PPPAAAARRRTTTYYY