Monday, May 23, 2011

Ok if I was going to ever open a Records Store I would be taking a cue from the kids at Vinylism

Be A Punter Get A Gig

"One of the things that make vinylism different from your classic Indie record shop is our Be A Punter Get A Gig scheme in which the people coming in and supporting the shop with their vinyl purchases get a chance to show their stuff at an allsorts gig. Then beyond that get a chance to become one of our Residents and then be included in all the exciting plans we have for our artists.

BE A PUNTER GET A GIG..... if you spin vinyl or would like to spin vinyl get down to the shop and buy some choons.... as a punter you will get the chance to play at one of our Allsorts events."

This is freaking Brilliant, support the store the store supports the community and helps feed the community! Vinylism has figured out how to be a working and successful ecosystem. Now if only the DMV could figure this out. LOL

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