Thursday, August 4, 2011

FTA EVENT: Scales & Wax Saturday Aug. 13th

Scales & Wax:

Dance Party / Art Show.

Edward the Librarian and Mal Jones would like to invite you and your friends to a night of great Drum & Bass, live painting, art, beer, and dance.

This event is the brain child of good music and a few brews.

Edward the Librarian sets the mood with his Drum & Bass*** selections. As people come together, they bring their own energy and enthusiasm. This energy is what I will be looking to harness and guide them through out the rest of the night. Mal Jones will be capturing the nights progression of transpiring energy through his painting prowess. These paintings will be on large canvases that will be easy for spectators to see and enjoy.

The goal is to have an evening where music and art creates a continual energy loop that will snowball through out the evening, putting smiles on attendees faces.

Similar art vs sound events have been done by the artist Jim Mahfood, where we have drawn our inspiration for the event.

Come out Saturday August 13th from 7 to 10pm at the 410 GooDBuddy (410 Florida Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20001).

Snacks, music and art are provided. Please BYOB, and dressed to sweat.

Finally the event is FREE!

(All proceeds from the sale of Jones paintings will go to Walker Whitman in DC).

*** The full 4 hours will be spun on vinyl, no laptop DJ here. Nothing but the full unbridled frequency they way the tracks were meant to sound. Respect.

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