Thursday, August 25, 2011

OTHER EVENTS: Konkrete Jungle NOVA: Saturday, 9.3.11 at Jaxx Nightclub

Welcome Konkrete Jungle NOVA, congratulations on opening a new chapter opening up in Springfield, VA!!!

For those not in the know, Konkrete Jungle is the longest consistently running Jungle/Drum and Bass event in the world. Konkrete Jungle got it's start humbly in 1994, at a little bar on Chrystie street in the Lower East Side of New York City to hosting events in some of the hottest clubs in the city and the nation, Konkrete Jungle has been an influential event for Dj's, producers, and "Junglists" who want to play, hear, and dance to quality Jungle/Drum and Bass. The history of Konkrete Jungle is a story of triumph, defeat, and rebirth; a story of memorable times, and way more to come.

Konkrete Jungle is upping the ante yet again, as a new chapter in the history of New York City Jungle/Drum and Bass fires up, Konkrete Jungle NOVA!!! Jaxx Nightclub, will never be the same.

We will be keeping everything super cool with two 42" industrial floor fans in the pit as well as some stellar Deco! Prepare yourself for an all out rinse out!

Line Up:
[San Francisco-based DJ, producer, and record label owner who has contributed to dozens of recordings in the drum and bass musical genre.]

Hyx & Houston
Render One
Bella Bounce

Doors open @ 9:30pm
Tickets are $15::Click here to purchase:: [HERE]

Jaxx Nightclub
6355 Rolling Road
Springfield, VA

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