Wednesday, August 29, 2012

RANDOMNESS: An Evening with RobOne & Surface Noise Productions

I spent an evening with Rob One from Surface Noise Productions, during which made a few things abundantly clear.

A) I'm a DJ not a sound engineer
B) I can have a great idea and have all the ground work started but I will need people like Rob One to make the most from my sound.
C) I really need to give Logic a second look. Ba Ha

Rob One gave me a preview of Logic and "scratched the surface" of what it can do evidently. From everything I saw Logic is a beast of a program with a lot of power. Especially when it comes to drilling down on a track and isolating the bass sounds that are overloading the mix. BA HA.

By the end of the evening we made a few tweeks to the track ended up spending a great deal of time just catching up and referencing books, records and talking about the use of major and minor chords in Jungle / Drum & Bass tracks. Which was totally needed as my brain was swimming from all the new program data I was trying to take in.

Big Props to Rob One at Surface Noise Productions for having me out and tearing apart my project.
- The Librarian

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