Thursday, August 9, 2012

FTA MUSIC: Edward the Librarian: WRIR 97.3FM : 08.11.2012

Edward the Librarian, live on WRIR 97.3 FM [Richmond] from 9-11pm on Saturday August 11th 2012.

Been really excited to let the Richmond massive get taste of the Drum & Bass vinyl I was able to dig up from my adventures in Scotland. As always big ups to Turnstyle & WRIR for having me come down from the DC area to supply the Richmond listening audience with a taste of the Annex style.

The Librarian

PS- I will be in Turnstyle for most of the day so swing by and say hello, its always great to meet new people and hang out with old friends.

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Addison Helmke said...

I will be listening! can't wait - got it on already so I don't miss anything :)