Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Randomness: (Follow Up) DJ Set Ups

So As a Follow up to my previous "DJ Set Up" post (HERE) where I got all inpsired by what everyone else was doing I started plotting my own DJ Booth for the Annex.
Lets review the old and busted. Really it was not busted but it was cramped and did not lend itself for expansion. Really its a perfect mobile DJ set up... on crack.

Being the designer geek I can be I measured everything out and started mocking up the floor plan in Adobe Illustrator... this was good but lacked an good understand of what I was building or wanting to build.

Then I discovered Google Sketch Up. (Insert choir of tattooed angles) BOOMSTICKS! 3D Floor plan all with in an hour.

Since the Google Sketch Up community have already mapped out and recreated the entire IKEA catalog it was a dream to snap together components to build my dream IKEA DJ booth.

$153 dollars later and presto!

The Annex is ready for action... now if I could just unpack the rest of the house and find my tooth brush.

- The Librarian


TGRdnb said...

Hey Librarian! Did you have to drill holes for the bookshelf to table rods? I've got my eyes on this design! Biggups =)

Edward the Librarian said...

I screwed in the legs to the top of the ikea bookshelf. I can take follow up images of that underside if you like?

Miguelon said...

Hi, I also really like your DJ booth desing and wonder if you can post the list of Ikea items you bought. Also I tried to find you in Google sketch community forums but couldnt. I am newbie please any help will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.