Wednesday, January 15, 2014

FTA MUSIC: Edward the Librarian: Rusty Junglist: V025


A review of the 2013 Faction Digital Recordings (FDR) catalog. I wish I could have played you all their tracks but the warm cup of brew I made wore off after my second recording of this podcast. I'm very fortunate to have the opportunity to bring you this fine collection of tunes. FRD's music is a little slower (at times), darker and non jump-up, totally not my usual style. With that said its good to get out and the stretch the ears a bit to new styles.

On a momentary somber note I lost a mentor and friend recently. So find those that you love and hold them close and tell them so, you never know when your going to lose them. RIP Carderock Geoff.

ILL OMEN's Bass Drive show is on Tuesday Nights!!! ba ha not Wednesday. Pay no mind to the MC he is trying to DJ and talk at the same time.

Host: Edward The Librarian 

Date: 1.15.2013 

Time: 01:32:26

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001) This World - TopShotta

002) What's Up - Dot45

003) Big Crack - PropaP

004) Tonverdacht - Garuda


006) Unexpected - Garuda

007) Revival - Patrick Currier

008) Global Phases - (Patrick Currier Bootleg Remix)

009) John the Densist - Global Phases (Patrick Currier Remix)

010) Intraterrestrials - Bonk

011) Deeper Side - Thing

012) Vex - Patrick Currier feat Nubias Finest

013) Machete - Sonik

014) Channel black - Will Miles

015) Organics - Bonk

016) Memories - Thing

017) Ghost Hunter - TopShotta

018) Ride the Fire - Anthony Paul (CBRN remix)

019) BRASS LOVE - Dcision & Shotz

020) Scheduled Panic Attack - Avoiding Silence

021) One Side - Amphetamine Virus
022) Cement Poisoning - Amphetamine Virus

023) Chain - End User and Patric Currier

024) Stop Wi - CBRN

025) A Room with a View - Aaron Bianchi

026) Live Or Die - Subbase
027) EZZZ - Peligro

028) The Innocent Ones - Sonik

029) Scandalous - Venture Brothers

030) Emporer - Konztant

031) Avoiding Silence - Aaron Bianchi

032) Trusted - Patrick Currier
033) My Sound - Peligro

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