Monday, March 14, 2016

All Crews: Brian Belle-Fortune Audio Interviews on MixCloud

All Crews by Brian Belle-Fortune is over 10 years of journeys through the Jungle / Drum & Bass scene and features interviews with the music's top artists. However, it also delves deeper and looks at the pirate radio stations, labels, crews, promoters and ravers that form the backbone of the scene.
Since graduating from Sussex University in 1994, Brian Belle-Fortune conceived and co-produced One in the Jungle, Britain’s first national Jungle program for BBC Radio One. His TV credits include BBC South, Channel 4 and MTV where he specialised in underground youth culture, particularly Jungle.
He was also label manager for DJ Ron's London Some ’Ting Records and London pirate radio stations Rude FM/Ruud Awakening as DJ Zy:on.


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