Monday, March 14, 2016

Randomness: EDM - Yea or nay?

Yea or nay?

EDM is an industry term used to homogenize various styles of electronic music into a generic and soulless soup that many of us who have been in the scene for a long time despise. It represents the appropriation of our culture by an industry who couldn't give a shit about our values we have fought so hard for. Call it electronic music. EDM is offensive.
- Dre Morningstar


This came to me this morning over my first cup of coffee. I've known Dre for years... longer then I've known most anyone else in my the DJ community. Because we grew up in the same town, we were skaters, punk rockers, artist long before we found the music that would reshape our lives. So to get a question like this out of the blue was a nice bit of mental stimulation.

Strong Statement. I think its similar to all industry classifications of music genre. 

Rock is punk, metal, rockabilly, northern, hardcore, pop, ect. It has the same lack of sensitivity to the many variations in the styles of sound.

In the early 1990's (in the Midwest at least) everything was "techno", if it was electronic and House was still thrown into the "rap" section of the record store. This misclassification or over simplification of music has been an issue long before EDM. 

To that end my answer is FUCK YEA. The homogenized classification system that the music industry has created to make marketing to the public easier is epically annoying. 

However the key here is "marketing". I will say that the rising interest in Electronic Dance Music (EDM) in America has been nice to see. Especially, after a bit of a dark spell. So is this because of the hard marketing push by the majors... maybe? 

Or is it because the majors bought into the American Dub Step craze, which had the ability to very its BPM wildly, thus making it adaptable to multiple genres of Electronic Dance Music? So why not rise all boats and call it all EDM? Who the fuck knows. 

What I do know is Jungle / Drum & Bass in the Nations Capital has seen a nice uptick in events, fan base, and new blood in the scene. Did it come in because of the EDM all encompassing umbrella? Maybe. Did they then find their sound and eventually learn about its history? I hope so. Does it make them buy music and dance their ass off? I hope so other wise they are doing it wrong. I guess I can't get bent our of shape about this if it means people are dancing.
- The Librarian

Follow Up over IM:
I'd also like to add that most people I know from the LA underground differentiate EDM as being separate from the music we play. What the industry calls EDM generally refers to dubstep, glitch, hard house, electro, hardstyle, moombahton, and even drum and bass. Yet, it does not represent any of those styles, which all are worthy of respect in their own rights.

I'd say EDM generally refers to open-format mixing of top 40 electronic music. You want a real mindfuck, listen to the Beatport Top 10 and try to figure out what these tracks have in common.
- Dre Morningstar

oooooh. Beatport Top 40 you say? Ok now I'm curious. Heading there for a bit of fun.
-The Librarian

What do you all think? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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